Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My simple dinner

Monday usually nothing much to prepare for dinner …
Thus, I’ve decided to make simple dinner like this ….

Fried ‘yee mee’ & ‘pei tan sau yook chook’.

Ingredients for ‘Yee Mee’ are as follow –

2 bundles of yee mee
Sotongs (squid)
Chicken meat

1st, fried garlic till fragrant and dump chicken meat, prawns, sotong into the wok.
Follow by yee mee, and add some soya source, a little bit of sugar to balance the taste…

Wola … here comes my Fried Yee Mee…. Nice or not?

As for the ‘Pei Tan Sau Yook Chook’.
1st, you must soak the rice for half an hour.
Cut pei tan (century eggs) into small small cubes.
Seasoning the mince pork meat with salt and a little bit of sugar.
Oh ya, do add some salted eggs, it will make your porridge very tasty.
Hmmm… yummy yummy ….

After cooked, add on ginger, Chinese parsley, that will make your porridge very nice tempting looking.

Tempting?? Delicious?

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