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El Faro Tapas Bar & Wine

It has never been easy to find someone that has the same interest as you, or someone that can click or rather we term that as chemistry. But I guess I do have a group of friends that loves food. Whenever we are out for dinner with our superior, we will definitely love the food that we had. Be it is something high end or low end or even simple comfort food. I guess it’s the company that counts.

Sometimes, we can laugh things out without realizing we are disturbing the other table. Sometimes we take that opportunity to share out our working problems, or even family matters. I treasure every moment we spent together even we do have dispute at work. Well… who doesn’t have right? As long as one could think rationally and let go without keeping everything in the heart, I believe any friendship would be stays strong and firm. And am sure everyone would agree with me that that’s the way we build the friendship.

El Faro… a place where I discovered long time ago, and couldn’t find enough of food lovers to join me for “walloping”, “slurping” and  “gluttoning” till this day. You know when you enter to a place where you are not sure what to have and what to order, best to find someone to recommend their specialties to you.

We were lucky that time to have a chef that came to us and recommend us a few signature dishes from them. The best is their dessert. I know I shouldn’t be writing dessert before the main course, well… as a dessert person, you just can’t resist for not writing anything about it.

2014-07-17 El Faro (44)a 2014-07-17 El Faro (45)a 
Am sure you will be wondering why? What’s so special about their dessert. I was having a very skeptical thought when they recommend me the strawberry tiramisu. A tiramisu without any liqueur, would you call that tiramisu? I wouldn’t, but after tasted, to my surprise, that tiramisu honestly surprises me.

2014-07-17 El Faro (4)a 2014-07-17 El Faro (5)a
In El Faro you can choose your dishes in either tapas or main course serving. Main course serving would be a bigger portion, tapas is more of like an appetizer kind of serving. But in El Faro they are will specially designed many different tapas and combine them to make a full meal for their patrons. And that kind of serving definitely designed to encourage our conversation, laughter and ‘photo shooting’ too.

2014-07-17 El Faro (14)a 2014-07-17 El Faro (18)a 
Boquerones – Spanish white anchovy served on top of the juicy watermelon with a splash of olive oil and sea salt sprinkles on it. Honestly, it was a perfect combination.

2014-07-17 El Faro (6)a 2014-07-17 El Faro (8)a 2014-07-17 El Faro (9)a 
Caviar on Angel’s Hair – it’s like a beautiful picture that you wouldn’t want to spoilt it, really do not know how and where to start when I first look at this.

2014-07-17 El Faro (19)a 2014-07-17 El Faro (20)a 
Anchovy and eggplant mash on top of the light toasted bread – for those that do not like eggplant, you may not able to taste that out, it was nicely done up and never regret to have it.

2014-07-17 El Faro (29)a
Patatos Bravas – Potato that is deep fried into a low heat oil and served with Bravas Sauce, a special sauce that the chef created.

2014-07-17 El Faro (21)a 2014-07-17 El Faro (22)a
Spanish Bacon – whoever see this will definitely commented high cholesterol, don’t have it frequently, it’s oily, later you will be guilty and so on. But, if I were you, I will wallop first, cuz, you will not regret and it’s not even oily. It’s like so nice with the splash of lychee salsa that they created for this special bacon.

2014-07-17 El Faro (35)a
Seafood Paella – it was sent to us by mistake. Thanks to our camera to have the food first, else, it will straight down to our belly. By looking at it, you could tell the chef is a serious chef that make sure all the ingredients are fresh. How I wish we could eat that.

2014-07-17 El Faro (33)a 
Gambas a la Plancha – Fresh prawns that charred with the sea salt when it served it was piping hot. It looks so delectable.

2014-07-17 El Faro (27)a 
Tomato Salad – for the green lovers. It was rocket leafs with 2 types of tomatoes, eg. cherry tomatoes, and another type which is rather costly according to the chef and the dash of Balsamic vinegar & olive oil. The chef was telling us taste it with your quiet mind, you should be able to taste out the sweetness of the tomato that she was commenting about.

2014-07-17 El Faro (41)a 
Seared Chicken Thigh.

2014-07-17 El Faro (16)a
Ham platter comes with 4 different types – Bellota Ham, Serrano Ham, Lomo Iberico & Salsichon, and to have it with bread that serves along.

2014-07-17 El Faro (15)a 
Chorizo Sausage and Sofrito Sauce – Sofrito is a sauce used as a base in SpanishPortuguese, and Latin American cooking. Preparations may vary, but it typically consists of aromatic ingredients cut into small pieces and sauteed or braisedin cooking oil.
In Spanish cuisine, sofrito consists of garliconionpaprika, peppers, and tomatoes cooked in olive oil. This is known as refogado or sometimes as estrugido in Portuguese-speaking nations, where only onions and olive oil are often essential, garlic and bay laurel leaves being the other most common ingredients. Source Wikipedia.

2014-07-17 El Faro (34)a 
Sautéed Baby Octopus.

2014-07-17 El Faro (39)a
Clams with Chorizo & White Wine.

2014-07-17 El Faro (25)a
Stewed Mushroom with Rosemary – The mushroom is nicely done up, it was good to have a bread dip into the sauce. That was absolutely perfect.

2014-07-17 El Faro (31)a
Truffle Parmesan Fries – Fries that won’t make you feel guilty but wallop lot more.

2014-07-17 El Faro (43)a 2014-07-17 El Faro (47)a 
Last,  another plate dessert which I can’t recall but it’s equally good that shouldn’t be missed.

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Friday, November 29, 2013


2013_07_08 Ben's 027a  2013_07_08 Ben's 026a 2013_07_08 Ben's 028a
Many things had have happened in my personal life and in my working career recently, I guess if I want to share about it, it would take more than few pages to share. But writing it down it’s not that I want to talk bad about a person but more of pen down to remember what has happened, what measure to take to improve. Sounded very operational, huh? Well, basically that’s life!

In life, you will tend to meet all sorts of people, people that are selfish, taking people for granted or even very kind and straight forward, some are even very very … extremely ignorant, some are naïve. When you encounter such person at work, how would you deal with them? Do you give them more opportunity to learn, to change for a better person or you would actually fire them?

In a management stand point, I believe an organization will either coach you thru and developed you or they will fire you after a time of period like 6 months or a year. That’s the reason why there are many companies down the road are practicing probation, however, there are companies like American Multi-national companies that I know do not practice that. One main reason is due to they give the trust to their employees and they empower them that could do the job.

So?? Probation is a better choice or not?? I know some management are struggling to keep this type of employee, and in fact, when the time has come, like performance appraisal time, that’s the time the management will rank the employee with a very bad ranking. And some organization will require some kind of improvement plan for the particular employee that doesn’t meet the expectation. This is more of a management to come up with a even distribution between the bad, the good and the best.

I seriously came to know a colleague with such attitude or rather character. Not that that particular colleague is not able to work, some how he’s missing something. That something could be the logical sense, or rational thinking where many of us needed in work or in personal.

I believe you would be furious boiling when your staff is not listening carefully and give you a result that’s not what you want. Or, answer the wrong questions, or not giving the right attention to the question,  and so on. When comes to such situation, what would be the better advice? Fire him? Coach him? But, again… with current pace, each of everyone needs to be fast in making decision and waste no time. Would you a manager spend more time on coaching him or send to human resource department to guide him?

This sounded like a dilemma kind of situation, uh? Well, there’s always the situation in many organization that I know off. Some even think that you’re not able to perform, however, in another new organization, they think they have hired a right attitude employee that proven good results.

Honestly, with all the management talk, that has nothing to do with this post on Ben’s.  But, think through, having you pen down how good is the restaurant, how good is their service and food, why not writing something out of it like management talk, political view, personal thoughts, etc. I don’t am a good write or blogger in this field, and not to see that am changing from one to another, but, with the recent work load, I am truly writing everything down regardless on food, on recipes, on work, on management, on organization or even on EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

Ok, back to Ben’s in Paragon. Heard a lot of about Ben’s, a bistro type of café from KL has expanding its wing to the northern region, Penang. With that has caught many bloggers or many reviewers’ attention and wanted to spare their thoughts on them. Some has written their food was just like any other ordinary café, but it’s on the high side. And some even thinks that nothing to shout about. But, their service was something that made me ponder.

Many places right now win many customers with their attentive and excellent service, regardless you’re Michelin graded or fine dining restaurant. But, anyone of them are arrogant and yet not attentive, no matter how good is your food, end of the day, you’re basically draining off your revenue down to drain.

I was told and shared that they were like rushing their customers out from their restaurant. Serving food very fast, before you could finish your bowl of soup, your next plate of main course is on the way to serving.

My personal experience was, if you’re late for 15 minutes, they will straight away remove your reservation. Though they told you up front when you make your booking. But, my question was what if am stuck in the traffic where Friday is a chaos day in Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone area. Guess what the manager told me, or rather the person in charge, … he said then why don’t you leave your work place early or you make your reservation at a later time. I was like, oh my god, is that your service?? The best advice would be find sometime to take up your phone to give your customer a call whether are you on the way so that I can hold your reservation. Unfortunately, no one has such personal touch anymore in the food or rather service industry now. Agree?

Anyway, too much of management topic and service debate could make anyone of us not digest right now. Let’s see what are the damages like, ok?

2013_07_08 Ben's 042a 
Steak Frite (RM52.90), char-grilled sirloin with black pepper sauce, its tender and juicy.

2013_07_08 Ben's 056a 2013_07_08 Ben's 050a 
Grill Lamb Rack (RM59.90), lamb is my all time favourite, it’s a matter how the chef cook it and present it. But somehow, I’ll whack it without 2nd thought.

2013_07_08 Ben's 033a 2013_07_08 Ben's 030a 
Teriyaki Salmon (RM39.90), a bit too Asian to me to have it in such westernize bistro. Well, taste and preference is always subjective.

2013_07_08 Ben's 041a 2013_07_08 Ben's 008a
Grill Chicken Breast (RM39.90), from the outlook it looks so dry, but the 1st bite was absolutely amazing and unbelievable. How can I not give the praises to those back in the kitchen that made such a wonderful dish for their customers?

2013_07_08 Ben's 040a 2013_07_08 Ben's 029a 
Pasta Mushroom Mascarpone (RM25.90), this is something that I find it nothing special nor ordinary, though sounded a bit contradicting, but truly this is what I feel.

2013_07_08 Ben's 036a 
Chicken Ranch Salad (RM23.90), big serving for a salad. More like for a 2 person’s consumption.

2013_07_08 Ben's 035a  2013_07_08 Ben's 031a 
Chunky Mushroom Soup (RM14.90), some said nice some said nothing to shout about. To me, a bit too creamy but consider pretty good to slurp it down to the throat.

2013_07_08 Ben's 014a
2013_07_08 Ben's 063a 
Macadamia Caramel Sundae (RM11.90), dessert…. How can I not commenting anything about desserts!! Desserts in another word is stressed!! When you’re stress, you need dessert to distress it! Don’t you agree?? When I have 1 spoon 1 spoon munching it, sipping it or anything that you can name it, honestly it makes you feel like floating in the sky. Just 1 word – HAPPY!!

2013_07_08 Ben's 073a
Berrific Sundae (RM11.90), BERRIFIC?? Another new word, huh?? But what can I say more?? Just wallop it!!

2013_07_08 Ben's 071a 2013_07_08 Ben's 074a
Classic Chocolate Cake (RM11.90), chocolate is my all time favourite, regardless it’s a moist choc cake or cheese cake or anything. Who doesn’t love Chocolate?

2013_07_08 Ben's 003a   2013_07_08 Ben's 068a
Lemon Meringue Tart (RM10.90), after all the heavy duty food and desserts, you definitely need something sour, acidic desserts to balance up whatever you’ve eaten.

After all the gluttons wallop all the food on the table, and with a big satisfy grin on the face, honestly, I find it a bit gross. Anyway, enjoy while you can!

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Kaffa Espresso Cafe

2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 063a
2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 061a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 062a
Exactly 3 months I didn’t take any food photograph, the last I took was in July and not even post anything in the blog too. The last I blog was sometime in May, and that was like coming to 6 months ago?  Though I did not lose the passion of writing nor photo taking, but time has never been on my side, apart from busy work schedule, busy business trip, hectic meetings, night calls / teleconferences, basically am living in a NO LIFE kind of situation. Not that am complaining about it, nor am enjoying it. But I know I am putting more effort in this job to make myself successful and not to let my superiors down. Life has not been easy, things are not that easy to handle too, you just need to pay more attention to it and make it happen.

Because many people blog about many café, eating outlet and restaurants, that’s how I found this place – Kaffa Espresso Bar in Green Hall. When I got to know the location, I was skeptical, skeptical in a sense that the location like that basically hard to attract any customers, and after working hours there isn’t any other crowd around that area. But, with the help of blogging sensation, this is widely spread in the market. When I reached the place, I could see many young people enjoying their coffee, their breakfast down there.

I was rather impressed with the outcome from the speculation and broadcasting from blogging. Not to mention, am part of that, that’s all bloggers’ passion.  After neglecting it for 6 months, I rather miss it, miss blogging.

Don’t know why I miss Big Breakfast these few days, I just want to have something like that, but if you’re a rational spender, you will definitely not having such breakfast like this. But, hey, bonus time… why not right? Once in awhile you need to pamper yourself and have something sumptuous. Reward yourself with good food, good spa, good shopping or good breakfast, of course you know very well, this doesn’t happen all the time.

2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 033
A plate of big breakfast that consist of half tomato, turkey ham, turkey sausage, scramble egg, hash potato, and sauté mushrooms, and a toast bun. Big enough, huh?? That costs RM18.90, without a cup of coffee.

2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 032a
An ordinary toast and scramble egg that costs RM9.90 and an add on hash brown potato, RM2.00 it’s about RM11.90, all above before Government & Service tax.

Having a sumptuous breakfast without a good coffee will never be completed! Don’t you agree, coffee lover?

2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 021a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 025a
2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 018a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 019a 
Thus, we both have a cup of Cappuccino that is RM10.00 and a cup of Long Black RM8.00 that made our morning filling.

Burp…. Ooops… excuse me! Guess that’s too full. Well, it’s not a bad place for a good breakfast, and for a cup of coffee to wake you up for the day!

2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 058a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 057a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 054a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 053a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 050a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 49a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 046a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 045a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 042a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 041a
2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 009a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 015a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 036a 2013_10_26 Kaffa Espresso Cafe 043a

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