Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home Cooked Fermented Bean Paste Pork Belly 豆酱炒豬肉

What would you do when comes to weekend? Do you do all the cleaning like mop floor, wash car, wash clothes, wash toilets, wash drying area, clean your stove, basin, bathrooms, etc. I guess many of us, the working wife or the working mother that without a maid will do this house chores right?  And do you turn on the TV and not watching but carrying on all the work?? Sounds familiar huh? I was basically doing all these when comes to weekend,  I even ‘listen’ to the movies instead of sitting down and watching it! So, I guess am not alone of doing such weird stuff right?

One shot, listened and watched X–Men series … didn’t realize the whole movie was talking about human and mutants how to fight for staying in one planet. Anyway, the entire movie, can see these super heroes how to fight with the bad ones and so on. Though it isn’t that dry, some how, can never able to understand the entire movie story line, it’s just like the other movie named Transformer. I guess I am that kind of person will never spend such money to watch such sci–fi movies in the theater. I rather spend the money to watch movies like The Iron Lady, The Lady, The Green Mile, Dancing with Wolves those movies.

Because of the different movie interest, most of the time, I know my better half is accompanying me to watch those movie which he always called the dry one. And, I can just never ever sit with him to watch anything like thriller, or horrify movies. Ended up, he would have to invest into home theater, and buy some good movies to watch at home. Come to think of it, I am kind of unreasonable, huh?
Weekend is my only 2 days that I don’t have to cook, the only thing that I have to do is to do some marketing for the week. So when comes to Friday, will have to plan out the entire week dishes, whether is noodle, porridge, 1 pot dish, etc. 

Fermented Bean Paste fry Pork Belly is my favourite, and because of the way my mom fry it that become hubby’s favourite too. When comes to weekend, mom will cook this dish for us, and I can never ever learn the way she fried it. I guess I will have to master it. The ingredient is rather simple.. I believe each house hold will have a few things at home… things like garlic, onion, fermented bean paste, oyster sauce, etc. This dish is something easy to prepare and need not to have a lot of fancy things to cook.

500g pork belly
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of dark soya sauce
1 tablespoon of chopped garlic
6 chili padi (chopped)
1 tablespoon of fermented bean paste
½ cup of water

  1. Cut the pork belly into thin strip, approximately 1cm
  2. Marinade the meat with 1 tablespoon of dark soya sauce and 1 tablespoon of sugar for about 20 minutes
  3. While marinating, best to kill the time by cutting the chili and the garlic.
  4. Heat the wok with some oil, don’t pour too much, cuz, pork belly do release oil when you fry it.
  5. Once the wok is heated, fry the fermented bean paste, garlic and chili till fragrant.
  6. Then add in the meat, let it stay in the wok for few minutes, then fry it.
  7. Make sure it’s high flame, the wok is hot.
  8. In order to make the meat is fully cooked, best to cover the wok with the wok cover on and off and fry it again. That would make the dish real tasty and fragrant.
  9. Once cook, dish out and best to serve with steam rice.
DSC_0525 DSC_0526
You must be wondering why am I not adding in any sugar, based on what I’ve tried, 1 tablespoon of sugar is sufficient. However, if you find it too salty before you dish out, you can still add a dash of sugar. Mom normally cook this dish without adding any water, that makes this real dry and normally she will add in ½ tablespoon of chili boh. But I prefer the chili padi that make the dish has a bit of spiciness, hence I use chili padi instead.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Evergreen Café Koay Teow Th’ng 永茂茶室粿条汤

DSC_0478 DSC_0459
Whenever people tells us they are going for Hutton Lane Koay Teow Th’ng, many of us will think of the Fook Chiew Café Koay Teow Th’ng. Well, how many of us think of this?

This is my first time visit and I noticed their soup base is definitely a thumb up for it. Not that I find the others not nice or what, however some stall just not too consistent in making their soup. At times it’s just as bland as normal soup with MSG.

This coffee shop is easy to recognize, it is same row as the Eden Coffee House, and it used to be so famous that you ought to call for reservation. And it is also opposite the MPPP multi–storey car park too.

Apart from what Sin Chew Press has written about this stall, hubby also got to know a little history about it, this was originally established from the old tau keh 40 to 50 over years ago. It was operated by a small trishaw behind the back lane. And from there, they have built their regular customers and the business grew from there.

Currently this is managed by the second generation and it has become one of the favourite spot for many people that come here for breakfast.

The soup is sweet in nature, I believe it is boiled from what many Chinese said big bones (大骨) or Cantonese called it 豬頭骨. Other than that, I believe they have other ingredients that make the soup sweet and delicious.

Why should I say more about it… let the pictures tell the thousand story, right?
DSC_0476 DSC_0470 DSC_0468

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Address & Contact Number
No. 11, Hutton Lane
10050 Georgetown

Operating Hour: 7am to 1pm
Off Wednesday

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Home Cooked Hakka Nam Yee Meat Stewed 客家炸肉

DSC_0521 DSC_0520
This is my first attempt of making this Hakka dish, in fact, it has to make the Hakka Nam Yee Sauce before hand. However due to time consuming, I have cutting it real short and also due to health reason I decided not to deep fried the pork belly which the recipe said it’s required.

This Hakka Nam Yee Sauce is also can be used for Hakka Steamed Pork Belly with Yam (芋頭扣肉). Head

Let’s start with the sauce, ingredients were easily obtained from the market, in fact, I did not blend it as I do not have a food processor, … how I wish to have one now… and it would be absolutely perfect if it’s a Kitchen Aid brand. Ok, to cut it short,…. Here’s the ingredients –

a.       8 pieces of nam yee / fermented red bean curd
b.      3 tbsp chopped garlic
c.       3 tbsp chopped shallots
d.      1 tsp chopped ginger
e.       2 star anise
f.       5cm cinnamon stick
g.      3 tbsp oyster sauce
h.      2 tbsp sugar
i.        1 tsp sesame oil
j.        2 tbsp Shaoxing wine (绍兴)
k.      500ml water, 100ml oil

Method –
Heat up 5 tbsp oil, sauté chopped shallot, garlic and ginger until fragrant. Add in the remaining ingredients and bring to boil until thick. I excluded the Shaoxing Wine as hubby just couldn’t stand the taste and the smell, though we know wine can be evaporated.

Once the sauce is cooked, rest it to cool and keep in the airtight container and store in the fridge as and when needed.

Here’s the dish that I’ve tried to cook from this Nam Yee sauce –

Ingredients –
a.       600g pork belly sliced thickly
b.      100g black fungus, soaked
c.       2 tbsp Hakka Nam Yee Sauce
d.      1500ml water

Marinade –
2 tbsp Hakka Nam Yee Sauce
3 tbsp water
1 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp corn flour
5 cups oil for deep-frying

Method –
1.      Combine pork belly with marinade and marinade for 2 hours
2.      Heat up oil for deep frying, put in pork belly and deep fry until brown. Dish and drain.
3.      Put in all ingredients and water into a stock pot and bring to boil.  Lower the heat and continue to simmer for 45 minutes or until the pork is tender. (serves 4 to 5)

DSC_0518 DSC_0517
Happy cooking!!

Source: Hawker's Fair Sauces