Friday, July 31, 2009

Sim Corner Lok Lok

The famous street in Chai Leng Park is Wai Sik Kai… from all kinds of hawkers food to eatery outlets… there are many for us to choose.

From a stall at the beginning of the street to a shop, it’s something encouraging. That shows that the food there is fresh and price is reasonable. That’s how it attracts more and more customers to patronize them.

And this is it… Sim Corner Lok Lok. This shop is managed by the wife, and the one at the beginning of the road is managed by the husband.

Food here is absolutely fresh and variety to choose. You could choose from deep fried items like fried wanton, to assorted vegetables, mushrooms, fish/meat balls.

Apart from the food, I think this is the only place where you could find so many sauces for you to dip. And all sauces are home made by the boss.

Places like this is best for a few friends gather around… nice food to eat, a great company to have.

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Address & Contact Number
Sim Corner Lok Lok
No. 55 Lebuh Kurau 5
Chai Leng Park
13700 Prai
Tel: +6016-4638 698

Business Hour:
5pm to 11pm

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friend's Noodle Café 六誼餛飩麵茶飲中心

When we had our breakfast in Chin Kang Hu the other day, we spotted another shop which is selling noodle and rice next to them.

We both were agreeing to come back here again for the this shop… and here we are.

The shop is rather simple, chairs and tables lining up for the space maximization. Kitchen is open, and simple setup. A stall that placed all the noodles like any other Wan Ton Mee stall.

Since we are new to this place, we just being conservative and order something that is familiar to us.

Hubby was having a plate ordinary Wan Ton Mee…. Char siew, bean sprouts and some greens. Hubby was complaining that the Char Siew is rather dry. He finds that any stalls in Penang island is some how better than this.

I was having a plate of Curry Chicken Noodle, of which noodle is basically is Wanton Mee but added Curry Chicken and bean sprouts. Noodle was not springy at all, and taste was too bland.

Both plates of noodles are complimentary with a bowl of wanton soup… only miserable 2 wantons.

However, am sure there’s always some space for improvement. Shall visit them again, of course not so soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Made Pineapple Enzyme

Do you notice enzyme making is kind of like ‘talk of the town’ lately? People are making all kinds of enzyme at home, whether is garbage enzyme, or fruits enzyme.

But each of everyone knows that whatever it is, it’s good for the earth and our health.

1 week ago, we have 2 ripe pineapples… and since nobody at home eats this, I decided to make pineapple enzyme.

Steps are easy… cut the pineapple into small cubes

Peel the lemon skins, and slice into thin slices.

And add on rock sugar. For this case, I bought this crystal tiny sugar from supermarket.

As for what’s the ratio like, seriously I was not taught about the ratio… but 2 medium size of ripe pineapples, I have 3 medium size of lemons and 2 packets of crystal sugar. And I make it layer by layer, for example 1 layer of pineapple, 1 layer of lemon slice and 1 layer of rock sugar.

Let it ferment for 15 days, if you see white layer of mold on the surface, that’s fine cuz, those are the live yeast.

But on the other hand if you see black dots, it’s advisable to throw away. Cuz, it’s spoil.

After 15 days of fermentation, you can harvest it and put in a small bottle for consumption.

Best to have it after meal. Enjoy!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

4th Bloggers Gathering

Coming August 15th is the 4th Penang Bloggers Gathering in Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant in Penang.

If you’re interested to meet all the bloggers in town and network with them… this is the best opportunity.

Kindly RSVP with the following –

By: 31 July 2009, Friday (with name, blog address & number of attendees)
Price: RM40 nett per person (pay at registration counter at the venue)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Straits Kitchen Restaurant

Straits Kitchen has been flashing my mind for some time whenever I passed by this place. Finally I told hubby let’s go there for lunch. Apparently the owner is a lawyer, and he turns this into an eatery outlet.

A restaurant that caters for Western Food, Asian Food, Nyonya Food & Indian Food, before it changed name to Straits Kitchen it was Indian Fine-Dining Restaurant I was told.

We were one of the 1st customer, and service was attentive. Set lunch was written on the board for customers to choose… from Asian Cuisine (2 pax for RM45) or 1 pax at RM25, or Western Cusine RM35 per pax or Indian Tandoori RM30 for single pax and RM50 for 2. Nyonya Cuisine price was the same as Asian Cuisine.

We didn’t go for Indian food, but opted for Asian Cuisine instead. And we were there too early, one of the dish Smoke Chicken was not ready at that time but replaced with Spicy Garlic Stewed Pork Ribs.

What we chose was basically consists like Pepper Prawns, Bok Choy, Fried Fish Cantonese Style, Spicy Garlic Stewed Pork Ribs, Steamed White Rice, Ice Lemon Tea + Dessert.

What I like the most is the white rice that served in a pot, it was absolutely unique.

I would have to literally mentioned down here, what serves though are not impressive, however taste wise isn’t that bad. But hubby finds it a bit pricey for the food given.

Pepper Prawns…. Pepper fried with capsicum, onions, gingers. Slightly salty.

Bok Choy…. With garlic oil and oyster sauce.

Fried Fish Cantonese Style….. garnished with red chili and spring onion. Light soya sauce was added.

Spicy Garlic Stewed Pork Ribs… typical Hakka dish. My mom has been cooking this for us, and preference will of course go to my mother’s cooking.

What was very miserable was the dessert given… 4 pieces of Chocolate.

All in RM45 for 2 pax inclusive of drinks and no service or government taxes were charged.

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Shorts & Slippers

Address & Contact Number
No. 1, Green Hall
10200 Penang
Tel: +604-261 8585

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant 玉宮海鮮酒樓

Jade Palace is the place where my dad used to bring us when we’re small. From City Bayview Hotel to now in Choo Plaza, we’ve been patronizing them and this is also the place for us to host our guest for dinner or lunch.

Used to be a very famous place for many business associates, am sure right now also.

Recent Father’s Day we had a family lunch down there which is organized by my sister-in-law. To all of us we were pretty disappointed with the food quality and the surrounding too. Seriously a renowned restaurant like this, honestly need some proper maintenance, the room that we were there was a bit stinking.

We have Peking Duck for a start… it has to wrap with a fresh spring onion, cucumber and some Hoisin sauce for the duck skin. This food is rather famous in many restaurants, and it used to be their signature dish.

The duck meat will be stirred fry with spring onions, ginger and celery as a second dish.

Special Homemade Beancurd with Steamed Egg White & Mince Seafood (玉带豆腐) is a simple dish, best for toddler and old people. It’s always best to served with steam rice.

Deep Fried Kailan is not only Thai Food specialty but also Chinese Restaurant’s food too. This is seriously disappointing lots of us, cuz, it’s very oily.

Stewed Pork-rib ala Jade Palace served with Buns (红烤招排骨) is my father-in-law’s favourite. This must have been cooked for sometime, the meat is tender and juicy. They also added some fried mantau (deep fried bun) for sauce dipping.

Cantonese Steam Cod Fish can never go wrong, unless the fish is not fresh, right?

Last … assorted fruits to end the lunch that we treated our father-in-law.

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Address & Contact Number
Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant
3F Choo Plaza
No 41 Abu Sitee Lane
10400 Penang
Tel: +604-227 5758 / +604-227 57 59
Fax: +604-227 5755

Business hours:
12.00 noon - 3pm
6pm - 10.30pm

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kozue Japanese Restaurant

Gurney Plaza has now come up with a lot eatery shops, down from Chinese to Japanese, you could see lots of these outlet full of customers.

When you see there are many eatery shops out there and you tend to list it down for your own, and Kozue is one of them in the list.

Rather a small place that next to Kim Gary in Gurney Plaza, but it can house a few tables of customers. And was told it has built up solid regular customers since day 1 they opened. From all these recommendations, am sure they serve quality food.

All these while I either have sushi or sashimi, but this time I have something different and I opted for Pork Sukiyaki. Not many people like Sukiyaki, probably it tastes too sweet, but down here is slightly less sweet and the ingredients that they served are basically generous.

A Tempura Bento was served with steam rice, cawanmushi, salad, miso soup and fruits.

Teriyakki Salmon Bento was appetizing too.

I had order a Salmon Sandwich as well… it’s something different and unique. And I saw mostly tables will have a plate of this too. I guess it’s one of the famous dish to order.

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Address & Contact Number
Kozue Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Gurney
10250 Penang
Tel: +604-226 9336

Monday, July 13, 2009

Old House Café 老房子

It has been raining the whole day that Saturday and we didn’t get to step out from the house, and that made us craving for some typical Penang food, like Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee and all that.

Since it’s a gloomy weekend, we both decided to drive down town and take our parents out for a quick bite. While driving around town, we spotted this heritage green house and I told hubby I remembered I saw this in one of the local Chinese paper. Without second thought, hubby said let’s check it out… perhaps I was too busy to read blogs lately, I didn’t realize Cariso had actually reviewed this place.

Anyway, having the 2 old folks with us, they were happily walked into this heritage building with us.

We were impressed with the decor and the design in the shop but not the traditional ancient long wooden kungfu bench, as it’s a bit inconvenient for the old people to sit on it as it has no support for the back. In fact, before it turns out to be a café, it was once a residential house and the far end corner lot was a coffee shop.

When we were handed the menu, I told hubby newspaper did features some local delight of this café, and one of them is Hokkien Mee. Thus, hubby had a bowl of that (regular size RM7.50), that consists of a prawn and a pork rib.

And I was craving for some Char Koay Teow, without second thought this was my order. (regular RM7.50)

Parents have Braised Meat Rice and Koay Teow Th’ng each for themselves (RM7.50).

And some side orders like spring roll (RM2.50) & vegetarian duck meat (RM5.00) to add into the savour.

Since the Old House Café decoration represent an olden days Chinese Tea house, we choose to savour a pot of Pu Er Chinese Tea (RM12.00) as it is linked with older tradition of Yum Char which has its root back in the ancient Silk Road where people stop for rest and this is why teahouses were established along the roadside. It is also said to aid digestion after an oily meal.

Append below some photos for viewing pleasure… oh ya, I spotted a customer using Nikon D60 for photo shooting.

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Cariso Delicacies Corner

Address & Contact Number
Old House Café
145-153 Kimberly Street
10100 Penang
Tel: +604-2622 113

Business Hour:
12pm to 3pm
6pm to 10.30pm
Close on Tuesday