Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Cooked Fried Noodle 自家炒麵

2012_07_09 Home Cooked Noodle (4)a 
I used to fry noodles when I am not in the mood for rice. And, all these while I only fry Lou Shu Fun aka Silver Needle Noodle (銀針粉). When I was small I was learnt this noodle as Lou Shu Fan as in Rat Noodle if you translate it directly (老鼠粉); and along the years of my growing age, I got to know it’s also call Bee Tai Bak in Hokkian dialague (米篩目/米台目). Frying Noodle especially we called that Yellow Noodle is my 1st experience, we got to wash off the alkaline (鹼水) before we fry. I have never ever know how do we wash it off, cuz, all the time I only know to blanch it before we eat, just like the normal Ko Lo Mee (乾捞麵).

100g to 150g of yellow noodle, I told the trader I only need 1 person serving
Bean sprout, again… 1 person serving
1 egg
1 tablespoon light soya sauce
2 teaspoon dark soya sauce
2 teaspoon of chili boh
2 to 3 cloves of garlic, chopped

1. Wash the yellow noodle under the running water for about 5 to 10 minutes
2. Then after, leave it aside to let it dry off
2. Heat the wok on high flame
3. Add in the garlic and fry till fragrant
4. Follow by the yellow noodle
5. Then keep stir frying it and add in other sauces like dark soya sauce, light soya sauce and chili boh
6. Once all sauces blended well, add in the bean sprout
7. Add in the egg and blend in the noodle
8. Stir fry it for couple of minutes and dish out

2012_07_09 Home Cooked Noodle (7)a 
Though this is my first time, I wouldn’t say it’s delicious, but it isn’t that bad, most important thing is the flame that has to control it well. 

2012_07_09 Home Cooked Noodle (1)a

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Bungalow

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 018a 2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 168a
Recent event that we had organized was pretty successful; at least I know our fellow colleagues enjoyed themselves very much down here, in Lone Pine Resort, a boutique hotel along Batu Feringghi. Before Lone Pine was acquired by E&O group, it was one of the 1st hotels in Batu Feringghi; it was one of the oldest hotels down here too. After the acquisition, the entire hotel was under a massive renovation and it was a total change then after. However, their signature restaurant – The Bungalow still remain unchanged. In fact, added a store upstairs and named The Gerai, that’s selling local items like sarongs, rattan basket, hats, and some local delights, etc.

Always like to visit this place, 1 is because is very much well shaded, 2 is because their food has their unique way of presenting to their customers and their in house guests, 3 this is one of the shooting venue for the E&O Celebrity Chefs competition, if you remember, there was a scene where all the participants have to cook with the children, and they were cooking one of the simple dish and that’s pancake.

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 164a 2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 197a 2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 159a
The event that we had has consists of 1 lunch and 2 tea breaks. And we have 2 sessions down there with 2 different sets of menu. Of course the 1st session that we had was something unique and it’s The Bungalow’s signature – The Tiffin Lunch. The Tiffin Lunch is their ever popular Oriental styled lunch that served in the traditional Tiffin carrier… in fact, The Sarkies from the E&O Hotel was having the same concept as well.  However, some of my colleagues find it a bit awkward as during their lunch down there… wonder why were they serving their food in the Tiffin carrier.

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 180a 2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 179a 2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 163a 2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 268a
Anyway, lunch was served with Hainanese Spring Roll first as an appetizer and the Papadum as snacks. Sharing the mess ... that picture could tell how enjoy we were!

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 184a
And, followed by the Vegetable Tom Yam Soup. This is definitely a kick for me! Cuz, it’s spiciness and sourness is definitely up to my preference. Of course, it can never be able to compare to the authentic Thai’s Tom Yam if you really want to compare it.

Here now the Tiffin Carrier… which consists of …

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 194a 2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 188a 
Stir Fried Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 192a 
Assam Fish

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 189a 2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 193a
Foo Young Egg (芙蓉蛋)

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 195a 2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 190a 
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 218a 
Last, but not least… the dessert, Sago Gula Melaka. Many of my fellow colleagues were telling me the Gula Melaka was very fragrant, and wasn’t that sweet.

The 2nd group food menu has a total change; the food is more Cantonese style and mellow down too.

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 234a 2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 235a
Appetizer was served with Kerabu Mango & Turnip with Gui Fei Abalone Sliced.

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 237a 2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 239a
Followed by the soup, Egg, Seaweed and Vegetable Soup.

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 245a 2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 246a
Onion Chicken with BBQ Sauce

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 253a 2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 254a
Kong Poh Squid

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 248a 2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 250a
Loh Hun Vegetable with Tang Hoon

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 256a 2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 259a
Fish with Thai Sauce

And, all served with Steamed Rice

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 271a 2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 275a
And for the dessert, it was given Honey Dew Sago with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was creamy and cooling for the current weather.

Oh dear, how can I forget that, they can even arrange vegetarian food if you have a Vegetarian participant/guest. And this is what we have, it was a special thought that Lone Pine hotel arranged it for us.

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 182a 
Vegetarian Salad.

2012_06_22 QA Teambuilding 186a 
Sweet & Sour Chicken Set.

Anyway, the whole event that we have and the place that we chose is a perfect venue for creating memories that never to be forgotten.

2012_06_29 QA Teambuilding 017a
Address & Contact Number
The Bungalow
97, Batu Ferringhi
11100 Penang
Tel: +604-886 8686