Thursday, January 31, 2008

Taiwan Bull, 台湾公牛

“Beef Noodles – originated from Chinese Tang Dynasty and created by the tribe of Hwei can be traced back to a rich history exceeding centennial. In the year of 1949, it was originally introduced into Taiwan by the expelled Chinese soldiers in order to sooth the feeling of homesickness towards their far-off homeland the consumption of Beef Chunks signifies not merely the satiable filling of stomach but also carries the meaning of remembrance towards their love ones with a mixture of affection. For Taiwanese, Beef Noodles has proven to be a taste of perfection and magnificent flavour and is namely inseparable in the mainstream of Taiwan food culture. Thus, it considered beyond the significant of “Street Snack” simplicity. Throughout the years, the scrumptious culinary & tastefulness of beef noodles has managed to penetrate to the heart of Taiwanese but also aiming to trigger the taste bud of peoples from all over the world.”
The above short and brief history illustrated by Taiwan Bull that located in Lower Ground of Queensbay Mall in Bayan Lepas. In fact, I have not been there, but hubby went there once and thought of taking me there and let me try out their stone rice.

Their specialty is actually Beef Noodle, but due to my religion, I can’t take beef thus I ordered a Stone Rice for myself.
When I see this Stone Rice, it reminds me of Korean drama “Dae Cheung Gum” (大長今). Cuz, it does look like Korean food. Though am not any Taiwan cuisine fan nor any Korean cuisine fan… but this Stone Rice does look like one that I see in Dae Cheung Gum drama.
Ok, apart from that, taste wise, so so… like I said, perhaps am not any big fan of Taiwan food, thus, I don’t know how to appreciate it. But, this is something that I think I should give it a try, right?
Hubby ordered the ordinary noodle, “Tan Tan Noodle”. Comparatively, I prefer 600cc way of making this noodle.

Well, as you all know everyone taste bud is different, thus, food taste is very subjective to everybody’s liking, right?

Needless to say more, do check it out yourself whenever you have the time.
LG-45 & 46, Queensbay Mall
Persiaran Bayan Indah
Bayan Lepas
11900 Penang
Tel: 04-644 0090

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ipoh Wooley Foodcourt

It was a pleasant holiday after Pangkor Laut, we drove all the way to Ipoh for a weekend break.

It was 4 something and hubby was feeling hungry, thus, we stopped by this Wooley Food Court which is located in Ipoh Garden, if am not mistaken it’s some where near the Shell petrol station.

I remembered clearly they used to have good ice kacang before they renovated last year. But then after, it is not as good as it is before. I was a bit disappointed.
Probably I was yearning for it for a long time. They used to give toasted ground nuts and not those pre-packing one, which is salty and the taste is not fresh. With that, I have actually downgraded their ice kacang standard.
Hubby was having their Wanton Noodle. According to him, it wasn’t that good at all… he rather go for Penang Wanton Noodle instead.

Isn’t this meal a bit disappointing?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dome Café

From now till Feb 7, you’ll see lots of people in shopping mall with 1 objective, and that’s buying new clothes for Chinese New Year. Of course, am one of them in the crowd.

Good thing about shopping mall is, everything is under one roof, café, departmental store, Cineplex, book stores, slimming centre, hair salons, boutiques, etc.

By lunch time, you’ll see another crowd of people going into café, food court or even restaurants, chain food store for food. What we had was, something simple and yet many of you have blogged about it too.

What strike my mind to go to Dome for lunch? I actually craving for their vegetarian pasta, and I didn’t realize that they have changed their menu. And I don’t want to try other than pasta, so I ordered their Spicy Olio but Vegetarian style.
It was spicy and I quite like the taste of it. It is something different and special, unlike the normal one with tomato sauce. I realize nowadays many outlets are trying new food, new cooking. I guess that’s the way to lure more customers….

As for hubby, he was a bit conservative, he ordered Dome’s famous chicken and mushroom pie. I know many people like this dish very much, I wasn’t that fancy over it. Normally I’ll have the puff pastry and leave everything to hubby. [LOL]
Again, not to miss, hubby’s favourite Garlic Bread.

He just loves garlic bread. He’ll order regardless whether it is good or bad. Well, for this, I’ll give it a thumb up.

Address & Contact Number
Block 170 Lot G 41
Gurney Plaza
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang
Tel: 04-2295 105
Fax: 04-2265 276

Operation Hours
9am to 12am (Sun – Thurs)
9am to 1am (Fri – Sat & Public Holidays Eve)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gelatissimo, The Garden-Mid Valley

Gelatissimo – The Real Taste of Italia Ice Cream

Last year Christmas as in the recent Christmas, we had our family trip to KL for holiday. Basically the trip wasn’t like what we normally did, but makan instead.

2nd day in KL, we decided to visit The Garden, a new phase of Mid Valley, a high end shopping complex in Mid Valley. I believe their anchor tenant is Isetan and Robinson, well, I may be wrong.

Anyway, while we were walking to The Garden, I saw this ice cream counter at the entrance. Then I look at my sister, she was suggesting why don’t we give it a try. Cuz, we have tried Baskin Robins, Häagen Dazs & Lekka-Lekka, but not this.
By looking at the choices, do you think we could pick our favourite?? All of us were struggling what to choose.

Taste wise, it’s kinda similar to Lekka-Lekka, cuz, both are Italian Ice Cream. Flavour wise, I guess I still prefer Lekka-Lekka compared to Gelatissimo.

Anyway, who cares right, … as long as am not paying for it… [LOL] cuz, you know what, ice cream alone it costs us RM80+, expensive huh?!

Just like anyone say, who cares, enjoy first… after all it’s Christmas!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Padang Hawker Delight

When you yearning for supper and yet you do not know where to head to. Well, let me introduce this place to you. This place no stranger to anyone in Penang. It’s a big football field that in between Jalan Dato’ Keramat & Jalan Anson. This football field is actually next to a BhP petrol station.

What’s famous down there… well, there are a lot of food down there. Even they have stall selling dim sum, char koay teow, hokkien mee, koay teow th’ng, and so on.
We took one of our dinner at the ‘padang’, and that night hubby and I were extremely hungry, first get our seat, second hubby quickly went and ordered 2 bowl of wanton mee and a bowl of wanton.

The noodle is tender, and it is not soggy at all; but slightly oily to my liking. And I could see lots of lards in the bowl of noodle as well as the wanton.

富貴麵, I don’t know what is it… and this stall actually caught my attention. Without second thought I actually asked hubby get the order for me.

Tada… guess what? It’s actually Lam Mee. Some of us will call it birthday noodle, but I wonder why富貴麵? So, if it’s direct translate, that would be Rich and Honor Noodle? [grin] What’s make a good Lam Mee? Of course, the broth and the sambal belancan chilli, both of this accommodate with the taste well.

Well, will your saliva drip down from your mouth??
Will this make you hungry?? [wink]

Monday, January 7, 2008

Chinese Recreation Club (CRC)

I think many have heard about CRC Restaurant, the Chinese Recreation Club in Jalan Padang Victoria. I only know this restaurant cook delicious Cantonese Cuisine, and also Teow Chew Cuisine. One of their famous is the Lobster Birthday Noodle. That plate of noodle at least costs RM100 and above minimum.

Anyway, I didn’t order that expensive noodle, but something simple and nice. It was after viewing the E&O show houses, all of us, were hungry and didn’t know what to have for late lunch. Suddenly, all of us craving for Chinese Food, then, my sister suggested this place for lunch.

So, how simple is simple for the lunch?? [grin]
Simple as in one steam fish.

Chicken Dice in Claypot with Salted Fish.

Stir Fried Green Spinach.

And, a plate of Steam Beancurd with Mushroom and Chicken Dice spread on top of the beancurds.

The dishes that serving are delicious, and big serving. Especially the Chicken Dice in Claypot with Salted Fish, it was such a nice smell when they served. The beancurd was smooth like “Tau Foo Fah” (in Cantonese), or “Tau Hua” (in Hokkien).

As for the fish, they steamed it within the right time frame, cuz, the fish meat is so soft and juicy. It was indeed a good meal for the day.
Though salted fish to many people may think it’s an inexpensive stuff, but it blends well with other dishes like that. The aroma was making everyone even more hungry.

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Address & Contact Number
CRC Restaurant
Chinese Recreation Club
Jalan Padang Victoria
10400 Penang
Tel: 604-2299157 Fax: 604-2299157

Friday, January 4, 2008

Teow Chew Meng 潮洲铭小食馆, Chai Leng Park

When it comes to some time you have no idea what to eat anymore, will you go for something that you've not try before? Well, I would!

I've tried Teow Chew Meng before but not this main outlet in Chai Leng Park. And since, Dad and Mom have not try this before, tonight was the first time I brought them here.

I was told this is the main outlet before those branches were opened in Penang Island. I was told they even established a branch in Petaling Jaya also. According to the owner, that branch was manned by his sister.
What's famous in Teow Chew Meng??? Of course is their Mee Sua Tao (Wheat Vermicelli 面线糊).

And their Seafood Porridge (海鲜粥), the porridge could go up to RM50 per bowl. Reason is because they add abalone, sea cucumber, and other good stuff.

I was skeptical that Dad & Mom didn’t like the Mee Sua Tao, glad that they both like it.
Apart from the two signature dishes, we also ordered a plate of TCM Fried Rice (潮州铭炒饭).
Apple Salad Bean Curd.

Three Tastes Oyster.

And, steam vegetables.

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Address & Contact Number
Chai Leng Park Main
Jalan Gan Chai Leng
13700 Perai
Tel: 012-438 5288

Bayan Baru branch 40,
Persiaran Mahsuri 2
11900 Sunway Tunas
(Open daily) 10:00am to 10:00pm
Tel: 012-4728186

Georgetown branch
22B,Krian Road (8 Row)
10400 Georgetown
(Close on Monday) 11:00am to 11:00pm
Tel: 012-4282208

113 Lorong Selamat,
Georgetown, Penang
Mobile: 012-4728387

Petaling Jaya Branch
33 Jalan SS2/30
Petaling Jaya
(The row of shop houses behind New Formosa Restaurant)
Tel: 03 - 78779298

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Häagen Dazs, Auto City

Happy New Year!!! Happy 2008!!!

So, what did you do on 31st Dec 2007?? Were you at the count down party? Were you spending quality time with family? Were you staying at home doing nothing but sleep? Well, never mind, just think what you think is worth the value for you, no matter you were staying alone at home sleeping or attending count down party down the streets, right?

Well, hubby and I are old enough to join the young ones for that party, but, we had good time having ice cream.

Since its New Year Eve, we took a slow drive across the straits and landed in Auto City. Thought of land in any café or bistro for a drink that’s what we thought to do so. While we were looking for a place to settle down, we both saw this outlet in Auto City.
Yup, that’s right! It’s Häagen Dazs Ice Cream.

This is indeed a good news for all Häagen Dazs fans in Butterworth. With this outlet, people in Butterworth or rather mainland need not cross the straits anymore. Isn’t it good?
Without second thought, hubby and I walked in and start order our ice creams. The place is bright, well arranged, clean and tidy. The staff there were friendly, and helpful too.
There were a lot of flavours for us to choose, and since I just had chocolate flavour the other day with my close friend and her family. So, I chose a different kind of taste, I chose Melon with almond flakes and cracks cone pieces as topping. Hubby picked Tiramisu flavour with the same toppings.
It was heavenly nice and cooling when I first taste it. Nice, deco?

I realize the deco from each outlet is different from each other. This outlet for single scoop ice cream will land on a wafer like a bowl. Where as in Penang, the Bellisa Row outlet is place on an ice cream glass.

So, do you find this quality time spending for a New Year Eve??