Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rainbow Modern Western Cuisine

It’s hard to find any place where they do not serve MSG, artificial flavouring but only spices & herbs.

Well, I found one in Penang, and it’s located in Tanjong Bungah, same row as Mom’s Kitchen where I’ve been before.

It was a hot Saturday after visited the Canon Fair in down town, we both decided to drive around and see what to have for lunch. In fact, I’ve totally forgotten about this place where I’ve been receiving email invitation from them.

When we reached it’s about 2 something, the place is quiet and all tables are empty. We both were a bit skeptical about the place, but still stepped into it.

Look thru the menu and we realize most of the food that recommended is pretty reasonable and affordable even though taxes are charged.

First, we have a plate of Garlic Bread (RM3-30) which served about 10 tiny pieces and the garlic butter which is home made or rather made to order.

Followed by a bowl of Carrot & Pumpkin Soup (RM4-50). The soup base is fragrance, it’s full of spices, and it’s also come with a toast too.

Then hubby’s Carbonara Chicken (RM7-90) is served. I could smell the cheesy cream, and presentation looks pleasant.

And here comes my sandwich – Roasted Chicken Sandwich (RM8-30). Hubby finds their bread is not any ordinary bread, he believes is home made. The bread is toasted with some greens, tomatoes and grilled onions accomplished to this lovely sandwich. Absolutely yummy!!

Hubby also order one of their signature drinks what comprises of Pineapple, Orange, Apple & Watermelon. 4 types of fruits blend together that only costs RM4-90.

Total damage for both of us is only RM30-35 (incl 5% Government Tax).

Address & Contact Number
Rainbow Modern Western Cuisine
26, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4
11200 Tanjung Bungah
Tel: +604-899 5190 / +6019-441 2979

Business Hour
11am – 3pm
6pm – 10.30pm

Close on Monday

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wang Chau Jun 王昭君酸辣魚頭米粉

Many have blogged about this Sour Spicy Bee Hoon in town, and many had given good comment. I myself have been here for couple times on couple of occasions. And because of that, I insisted hubby should give it a try.

Brought him there once on the weekend for breakfast. And he wasn’t really fond of cuz, that’s not his favourite and it’s not something like KTT or CKT kind of noodle.

And guess what,… after he tasted a few spoon of the Sour Spicy Noodle Soup, he immediately fell in love with that. So, you can imagine how good is this pot of noodle!

Second dish that I’ve ordered was the Steam Flat Noodle with Fish Meat. This is also another incredible noodle that no customers will miss this.

Hmmm… a satisfying breakfast that we had!!! Yummy yummy!!! Thumbs up!

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Address & Contact Number
Wong Chau Jun Restaurant
73, Jalan Rangoon
10400 Penang
Tel: +6012-555 9046

Business Hour:
8.00am to 2.30pm

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Him Heang 馨香餅家

What causes heavy traffic in Burmah Road??

Nope, it’s not the schools that along the road… not even road side stalls’ customer that causes that too!!

The actual fact….. is this…. Him Heang!!

Him Heang is a place where many tourists will swing by no matter how busy their schedules are. What are famous down here are their Tau Sah Peah (豆沙餅), Beh Teh Saw (馬蹄酥) & Phong Peah.

They used to use lard as one of the ingredients, perhaps nowadays people are more health conscious and they are now using vegetable oil instead. I was told Him Heang was established in 1948, can you imagine it has been here for 61 years already.

When I first bought the Tau Sah Peah, was only selling at RM5, then increased to RM6-50 and RM8-50.

Guess how much per box are they selling now??? It’s RM9-50 per box, and yet, you could still see the stream of customers flowing into the shop.

Happened that this is the box that I bought, there’s a defective one…. See!!

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Address & Contact Number
No. 162A Jalan Burmah
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-2286 129 / 130
Fax: +604-2288 286

Map as follow -

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Burmah Road Wanton Mee

I think everybody knows there are a lot of good foods along Burmah Road in this beautiful island. Whether is at night or day… well, am going to share something about for the day.

Think you are not finding the Chinese Pan Cake (Apom) stall that next to Union Primary School any strange. Well, do you know the Wanton Mee stall that next to it is equally good and famous??

Hubby told me its brief history in fact, before they shifted to Burmah Road, the stall was actually located at Bawasah Road and Nagore Road back lane. If you remember there was a funeral parlor down there which is next to Penang Plaza. Some how that funeral parlor shifted place and this stall also.

When you’re out of idea what to have for lunch, you will tend to look for those comfort stalls, for example, this Burmah Road Wanton Mee.

Since it’s a road side stall, you don’t get to see lots of tables and chairs. You will have to grab whatever it’s available for that point in time. Tables and chairs are all line along the shops corridor also.

What I like about this stall is they are serving the noodle with those olden days bowl. If you remember we used to hear people call Wanton Mee as Tok Tok Mee… reason is because we hear them knock on the bamboo, and shout ‘Tok Tok Mee… Tok Tok Mee…’

Ok, back to the Wanton Mee here, noodle was served with stew mushroom and chicken, some vegetables and char siew. Though the char siew isn’t that impressive, but overall the taste is satisfying.

Some extra dishes like …

Vegetables and,

Wanton soup.

Absolutely a satisfying lunch!!

Note: the stall is manning by an old couple, and the stall is next to Union Primary School. Operate from 11am onwards.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Canton-i Restaurant 香港粥麵家

Every Friday Penang Bridge is always a nightmare for many people that want to be home early. And nobody is exception from this traffic madness, even with many Penangites had filed a complaint to the designated authority, some how, this problem just can’t solved.

Well, for people like us best is to divert traffic and either go down town for a simple dinner and start the journey again or divert the route to the nearest mall for dinner or have a window shopping.

Well, we both chose to have a simple meal in the mall. But then, come to think of it, it ain’t any simple anymore when you got to know we are actually having our dinner in Canton-I Restaurant, a truly Hong Kong cuisine restaurant.

Of course, we didn’t go for anything pricey like Abalone Porridge (鮑魚粥) that costs RM38-00 per bowl. Instead, we have simple Wanton Mee and Rice.

Hubby is always a gourmand person, he will sure order extra, whether it’s an extra plate of noodle or snacks.

But this time, he had Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling (鮮蝦燒賣) that costs RM9-00 for only 4 pieces.

And my favorite Signature Egg Tart (招牌蛋撻) 3 pieces for RM5-00. Well, compared to Imbi Palace, think I prefer the later one. At least less sweet and the pastry are much crispy.

Two Combination of Meat with Rice (燒味雙併飯), guess that’s direct translate, right? Costs RM12-80 per plate. This is absolutely heaven for hubby! He just loves the Char Siew (叉燒) and the Roasted Pork (燒肉), he said it’s crispy and the sweetness of the Char Siew is no word to describe.

And I have a plate of their Signature Prawn Wanton Noodle (鮮蝦雲吞麵), costs RM12-80. I honestly don’t quite like their Wanton Noodle; reason is because I could taste a very strong Alkaline Water. In fact, the Wanton Noodle manufacturer needs Alkaline Water (which is one of the ingredient) to make this noodle. As for the Prawn Wanton, honestly it’s like Hong Kong Wanton style, big and juicy.

I believe striking pink and white is Canton-I’s corporate colour, as you could see every branches is having this colour in their outlet. Seriously, I like the way they deco the outlet, but again, how long and how well will they maintain it?

We both didn’t have any cold beverages, but to order a pot of Jasmine Pearl Tea (RM10-00). At least it helps us to wash off the oil. I personally like the saucers and cups that they served. Very nice indeed!

Total damage due to the madness traffic jam – RM59-35.

Address & Contact Number
Canton-i (QM) Sdn Bhd
Part of GF-12 & GF-13
(Part of GF-12 & GF-11)
Queensbay Mall
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-645 6688
Restaurant Manager: Yvonne Ong Siew Leng

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mr. Pot Coffee & Toast

Seriously, you have no worries if you are starving in this island – The Pearl of Orient. Well, guess nobody will care for what am going to explain why… reason is just so simple, you can find food anywhere in the island, and you can have it around the clock.

Now that Wi-Fi has become many households’ requirements, and certain bistro & café also get it fix due to customers’ requests. And you’ll see more of these people eating at these outlets too.

Not sure is this the first outlet that serving 24 hours food for gluttons and surfers, but this is one of the hot spot for us who wants food and surfing at the same time.

Let’s cut the craps, … it was late afternoon after running the weekly errands, hubby and I running out of idea what to have for lunch, in fact a late lunch.

It’s just happened that we drove passed this place and have never ever thought of trying. But this time, it was so spontaneous, we both just parked our car outside the outlet and walked in with starving belly.

Though late lunch, we didn’t want to torture ourselves by having something miserable. So, we have 1 Wantan Hor (滑蛋河) for myself and, Hokkien Char (福建炒) for hubby.

We both were impressed with the food taste, and it’s full of Wok Hei (鑊氣). And the amount of food that serving isn’t miserable too.

Well, since it’s late lunch we also have an extra toast to keep us fill up, otherwise, as you know a hungry person is an angry person.

A toast with a cup of Mr Pot’s White Coffee, something to keep your mind occupy by enjoying the coffee aroma.

I wasn’t in the mood for coffee that afternoon, but a glass of Mango Juice instead. Well, isn’t that bad at all after all, it does help in cooling you down on a hot weather!

I’ve not been the Gurney Drive outlet, but this outlet will definitely not easy to miss, just check out these babies on top of the wall. Got that?

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Address & Contact Number
Gurney Branch
124C, Persiaran Gurney
10350 Georgetown
Tel: +604-2288 303

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Citrus Wine & Dine

In my recent visit to Ipoh, we had a great lunch in this place called Citrus Wine & Dine. I believe this is nothing to compare to the famous Indulgence which is owned by Julie Song.

Well, not going to elaborate with Indulgence but this Citrus. I was told many pharmaceutical personnel, doctors, like to hold functions or company event in this place. Probably the price is reasonable and also quality food.

It’s hard to find a place like that nowadays, it’s either food is lousy and price is high, or food is absolutely fantastic, and it’s pricey.

Well, this is the place that caters for quality food and reasonable price – Citrus Wine & Dine.

In fact, it’s a big group of us having lunch down here, thus, we didn’t order any of their Ala Carte food, but to go for their Set Lunch instead. In fact, their Set Lunch is satisfying, the food that serves are reasonable good, price is reasonable!

For that matter, think I’ll go back again.

Here’s what we have…

Soup of the Day – Broccoli Soup, the soup is creamy and fragrant.

Again, we have something extra, the Garlic Bread. Well, I gotta admit that the Garlic Bread is definitely can’t beat The Eclectic.

Main Course is either Aglio Olio Pasta with BBQ Chicken or Grilled Chicken with Thai Salad. But this Aglio Olio pasta is absolutely drooling, the serving is big… the BBQ Chicken is tender and juicy! Just fantastic!

Others are having BBQ Chicken with Thai Salad. They commented the BBQ Chicken is just too good to have it in the tummy. The meat is tender and juicy, and the time that they have marinated must be the key factor of making this BBQ Chicken so delicious.

After all that, what was served was the dessert – The Panna Cotta with Strawberry Sauce. I never know what is that, but only know this is good, nice and you can wacked it all out! Well, am a dessert person, what else could you ask for, right? By the way, from what I know Panna Cotta is actually an Italian Dessert, made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar, mixing this with gelatin and letting it cool until set.

Last… either Tea or Sprite. Well, some of us op for coffee, that’s something should have after a nice, satisfying meal, isn’t it??

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Address & Contact Number
Citrus Wine & Dine
No. 38-46 Laluan Ipoh Perdana
31400 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +605-545 1010

Business Hour:
11.30am to 3.00pm
6.30pm to 11.00pm
Closed on Monday