Sunday, June 29, 2008

Buffet Dinner at The Taste, Westin Langkawi

After a long walk at the beach front, that will definitely boost up the appetite for food. In fact, when we sign in for the Dream Holiday Package in Westin, it comes with 2 complimentary breakfast as well as 1 buffet dinner for 2.

So, here it is the complimentary buffet dinner that we are going for.

Do you realize, I kept taking the desserts pictures?? The desserts really really caught my attention. It’s colourful, and it looks delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, you wouldn’t want to miss anything out of it. Right?
Oh my God!!! Look at the chocolate fondue! Too bad, they don’t have many fruits to dip into it, what they offered is marshmallow and butter cakes. If you have dined in Spies Garden in Rasa Sayang, you would definitely compare this and that.
Here are the seafood section, where they have flower crabs, prawns, mussels. All these are got to accommodate with these sauces, pickles, lemons and so on.

The ice cream area where mostly children will eye on it. Look at the ice cream cone, isn’t it creative?
I realize one thing, I don’t see papaya in their fruits choices. What they offered is basically honeydew, dragon fruit, pineapple, watermelon and pamelo.

For the hot dishes counter, you will see a corner on noodles. That night was a beef noodle, however the soup base is chicken stock according to the hotel. Thus, I have one for myself. The taste was unexpected awful. I can’t even tell is this Penang Lor Mee or what?
Hot dishes area are offering mixed vegetables, garlic prawns, coffee chicken, black beans steam fishes, etc. I didn’t quite enjoy it, that can tell from the plate that am taking.

However, hubby is enjoying every food that he took from the buffet line.

Oh yes, how could I miss this out. They also have starter before the main course. And these starters are mini in size, cute and tempting. I particularly like the shred duck with green chilli, that taste good.
Another mini starter is cut tomato, capsicums, and other shredded meat. That taste like salsa.

Chicken wrap (chicken lobak) with red chilli is something unique too.

And this bean curd skin wrapped with fish meat, also another unique starter.

Apart from these mini starters, they also offered a variety of salads, I believe this is a must for many buffet dinner. As well as soup section. That night they have 2 types of soup, one of them is the shark fin soup. Taste wise, that can be compared with big restaurant like Overseas in Imbi Road.

Overall, I don’t find this buffet dinner is value for money, as it costs RM98++ per person. But with this price, you could have variety of food in Sharkies Corner of E&O Hotel & Spies Garden of Rasa Sayang Resort. Well, am not bias, am sure many agree with me.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Teo Seafood Restaurant 潮海鮮飯店, Langkawi

After visited Four Season Resort in Tanjung Rhu area, we gotta rush back to Westin and return the car rental which we supposed to return and also attend the SPA appointment that we have made a day before.

So, before returning, we had a quick lunch in Kuah Town again.

This time, we had something really really simple. I had a Langkawi Char Koay Teow, which is similar to Penang one; except the fact that they are a bit oily. As for ‘wok hei’, Langkawi one is very much better. After eating for nearly 15 to 20 minutes, the plate of CKT is still burning hot.

Hubby ordered a Pork Ribs King Rice (排骨王飯). It was good and simple.

We actually wanted to order some other dishes, they even have lobster, geoduck, crabs, mantis prawns, prawns and many others.

Unfortunately, we are time up for returning the car and SPA appointment.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Breakfast at The Taste, Westin Langkawi

We both have had lots of luxury hotels & resorts buffet breakfast, and one that could really have us enjoying it, I would say is Mandarin Oriental Hotel in KLCC. Well, too bad at that point in time, I was over enjoying the food and totally forgot about taking pictures of it.

Well, this time, I’ve learned the mistake and here are the pictures that I’ve taken from my recent trip in Langkawi. Buffet breakfast is charged RM50++ per person in The Taste Restaurant.
A very nice environment, where you could enjoy your breakfast with over looking the sea and the 2 swimming pool, that’s one infinity pool and one baby pool.
Buffet line that will consist of all types of corn flakes and milk.

A line of fresh fruits.

A line of fresh yogurts.

A line of fresh fruit juices, waffle, pancakes, and also some smoothies, cheese corner.

A line of freshly bake breads, and some butter & jams.

A line of hot dishes like nasi lemak, porridge, egg corner, and so on.

I have never come a cross a corner where they serves cold meat for breakfast. Well, down here they do, and together with Japanese rice and noodles.

I always enjoy a bowl of corn flakes with lots of milk for a start. And, follow by others, egg omelette, pancake with assorted berries.

But this time, I have something really light for the day, cuz, planned to go for a Spa session. [wink]

Hubby will never miss some breads.

An egg, a chicken sausage and his favourite baked beans will be his second round.
And, of course his cup of coffee and chocolate milk to accommodate all these wonderful food.

A quiet environment for a healthy breakfast like this, it’s definitely a must for any holiday. Right?