Saturday, September 29, 2007

Swensen's Café

It was a very unpleasant evening that I spent in Auto City today. I was not happy and was not satisfy with the respond that the waitress that gave me that they only accept credit cards only if the total bill is above RM30-00. Even so, there’s promotion on Citibank which you dine in this place, you’re entitle for 10% discount.

But to my surprise this is their outlet policy where they do not accept credit card below RM30. And my total bill was only RM29-33. What if I was being stubborn and nasty that I don’t want to pay cash? Are they supposed to accept the credit card and also give me a 10% discount?

That’s not the money matters me, but the principle of a consumer. They can’t even give me a proper answer why they can’t accept credit card even it’s Citibank promotion. In fact, one gave me an answer that you can present your Citibank card and they will waive 10% discount, if your total bill is below RM30, then you would have to pay cash. On the other hand, the other waitress said, even if you present your Citibank Card, they will not waive 10% discount cuz, it’s below RM30.

Well, I believe those of you that read this will find this completely unfair to a consumer point. I mean correct me if am wrong, doesn’t mean all bills that above RM30 that only allow to waive 10% if you pay by Citibank Credit Card? Do you find it fair? I personally don’t think that’s fair!!

Oh ya, this outlet that I went in Auto City, they are actually segregated an air-condition outlet and an open space with giant screen. When we stepped in, they stopped us and wonder are we coming with our family. I was puzzled for a moment and didn’t quite understand what were they trying to address. The waitress said, the air-cond area are meant for group customers or those with family and kids, the rest are advised to take a seat at the open space area.

At that point in time, I wasn’t happy with that, and of course, I didn’t bother to query further, after all, I was just company hubby for a dessert that’s all.

After we called for the bill, that was where and when the anger push up.

I shall not talk about it any further…

Sticky Chewy Choc
Gold Rush
Anyway, it was a hot weather and hubby kept telling me that the weather is hot and he would like to go for something cold, that’s where we ended up for ice cream. And a coffee lover like him will definitely order a coffee ice cream. He ordered a Gold Rush which is a coffee and a chocolate flavor. Where else I have a Sticky Chewy Choc which they claimed is their all time favorite.

Beside ice cream in Swensen’s, they also serve other food and beverages, eg. Pasta, baked rice, salads, sandwiches, etc.
They also have another outlet in Queensbay Mall, and it’s next to Sakae Sushi outlet. They also arrange birthday party, if needed in Auto City outlet. Do drop by any of this outlet whenever you feel like it.Here are the quick shots on their menu ... colourful and attractive.

Address & Contact Number
Swensen’s Café – Auto City
1821-G3 Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange
13600 Prai
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-502 2850
Fax: 604-502 2821

Swensen’s Café – Queensbay
2F-50 Queensbay Mall
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-6466 593

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wanton Mee, Chai Leng Park

If you're happen to be in mainland, any part of the area... do drop by this place Chai Leng Park for food. Cuz, you can find many good food down here. And this Wanton Mee is one of them, especially their home made chicken leg.

I know not many people like chicken leg, some would think of the hygiene factor, but, to them they were not known that they actually remove the skin of those legs and boil it first before they cook for others dishes. A very good example would be the man at home... been telling him don't know how many thousand times, the process of cooking chicken leg, and his expression to me is always the same.
Anyway, this stall used to man by a married couple, now that they are getting old, their son will help them to continue the business. Some how or rather their characters are inherit from the parents. Why I commented that?

Whenever they have many orders, they seem to lost track of all the orders and they can completely forgotten about it and didn’t even serve at all. That’s what I said so. There was once, they forgotten my order, and noted that they have given a new customer after me. When I went back to them, they realize they have forgotten about it.
Honestly, I don’t deny the fact that their noodle is really crunchy, and even if they over cook, it doesn’t look soggy.

This place is easy to find, it’s actually next to a clinic, and it’s in the corner shop. Also, same row as Teo Chew Beng as well. If you know the way to Pearl View Hotel in Chai Leng Park, you will know how to get in here, … it’s simple and easy.

Hope you enjoy exploring.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hock Lye Seafood Village, Jelutong Expressway

Delicious seafood restaurant food would normally packed with people during lunch or dinner. Getting away from packed houses, we asked ourselves, where else can we find a place without the hassle waiting and looking for parking as parking these days is also a problem for some places.
Well, finally we found a place situated in a big piece of land adjacent to the Jelutong Expressway at Bridge Street Foreshore, going downtown from bridge towards town. When approaching the first traffic light in front of the traffic light junction into Harbour Trade area and also the Kew Ong Yeah Temple (Nine Emperor God Temple), you will need to turn right. Immediately after right turned not far from traffic light, make another right turn into a lane and drive all the way to the end. You will notice a signboard of this Hock Lye Seafood Restaurant. Turn right and drive a short distance, you will see Hock Lye Aquarium and Hock Lye Seafood. You will find a big compound enough to cater for 50 to 60 parking lots.
It is an open restaurant with roof tiles sheltered. Cooling fans are installed all over the place but the place is cooling despite the afternoon hot sun out there. Once you are in there, the restaurant helpers or the Tau Keh Soh (boss’s wife) would bring you into the aquarium area to pick fresh seafood of your choice, there are fresh lobster, prawns, fish, clams, and so on.
We ordered 300 grams of prawns, a fish and vege since 2 of us are taking the lunch.
Not too long, there comes the hot wok food delivered to our table. The drunken prawns soup was mouth watering, a little of the wine added that makes it a perfect soup, the “Cheng Ching” in Cantonese or “Cheng Choi” in Hokkein steam fish was another dish perfectly steamed.

Here comes the bill for 3 dish, ie vege, drunken prawns soup and a steam fish all totaled RM65-30. Give it a try if you decided to get away from the hassle of packed houses and limited parking at other good food restaurant. You would love this place as many still not aware of this seafood restaurant existence.

Address & Contact Number
Hock Lye Seafood Village
130A, Jalan CY Choy
Bridge Street Foreshore
10300 Penang
Tel/Fax: 04-262 7524

Monday, September 17, 2007

Chicago Rib House

How would you react when your husband keeps nagging you that he wants to eat something and you think that’s not the right time, as you’ve cook dinner?

Oh boy, hubby has been nagging me on this Chicago Rib House and it’s a new eatery outlet in Auto City, Juru. Happened that it has been raining for the past 3 days, and I didn’t get to cook, so to please my ATM, I’ll better say yes to him.
Ok, we have Tony Romas in KL and Singapore now we have Chicago Rib House in mainland!! Am sure Chicago Rib House is equally good as Tony Romas. For those ribs’ lovers you’ll have another place to dine…

Honestly, I have no idea how long will this place last, before this Chicago Rib House, this outlet was a fine dining restaurant, guess the outlet was too secluded, and not many people noticed, it closes few years after it opened for business. I really hope this would last long.
As you know rainy days normally no one could eat a lot, so, we only ordered 4 dishes and shared among the family. We ordered their signature dish, BBQ Pork Ribs Original and BBQ Pork Ribs Hot & Spicy, another combo set brother ordered and dad & mom thought of getting BBQ Chicken Pizza.

2-D effect...

Now that the old folks worried not enough food, they ordered 2 bowls of potato soup. I have not tried that before, but when it was served, the soup looks very creamy and has lots of chicken meat in it.
While we were waiting for food, I was busy shooting around…. I like those signboard, it does looks like overseas pub, bistro which catches ones eye. Those waiters and waitresses didn’t stop me from taking pictures, in fact, they made ways for me to take pictures…they must be proud of their Ribs House. Hahahahaha….

Hmmm, I guess they know that’s free advertisement, hor?

We actually ordered the original taste first and found out that it may not enough thus we ordered extra plate, but this round we went for the spicy taste. To our surprise, the spicy one is more delicious. As for the Combo set, it consists of BBQ Ribs, Fried Shrimps and 2 additional side orders ie mashed potato and coleslaw salad. Overall the food isn’t that bad, the only thing that isn’t satisfying was the food was not steaming hot enough when it was served. We did highlight to the waitress and hopefully she will convey the message to their chef.

Cranberry Lime Juice + Orange Juice

Vanila Shake

All in all, we spent RM233-10 including drinks. They should have given us an opening discount, on top of that, they informed us that their credit card machine is temporary out of service and they only accept CASH.

So, this would be another place for hang out with friends and dine with family. To be more specific, this outlet is located behind Auto City McDonald & Secret Recipe.

Other Review

Address & Contact Number
Chicago Rib House
1688-G8 Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City North-South Highway
Juru Interchange
13600 Prai
Tel: 04-501 3939
Fax: 04-501 3938

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sai Toh Lim - 西刀魚丸粿條湯

What to have on Sunday morning, when you see raining clouds and weather gloomy and drizzling lightly?
The best is to have a cup of coffee, enjoy reading newspaper and a toast. Well, that will not satisfy a glutton’s stomach, thus, we decided to drive out and look for food. Kekekeke….

Honestly, to find something good and famous in Butterworth, you can only get it at night, during day, it’s hard to find one as mentioned. At first, we thought of going to 7-Long Koay Teow Soup (七廊粿條湯) in Raja Uda, and I remembered very clearly that there’s another shop like that behind them. Perhaps their competitors? So, I told hubby that’s let’s go to the other shop and try.
We sat down and we saw couple of tables ordered the dry koay teow, so, we both ordered 1 soupy base and the other bowl dried koay teow, order a plate of vege and a plate of chicken. Total came out to RM11-00, which I think that’s reasonable, cuz, bigger bowl they are selling at RM3-00.
Anyway, I don’t quite like the fish ball, cuz, it’s kinda gigantic to me. Hubby said taste wise not too bad, I guess I prefer 7-Long better if you ask me. Of course, compared to Penang Koay Teow Th’ng, I prefer Penang one la!!!
I believe this shop is specialize in Sai Toh Fish Ball (西刀魚丸), Sai Toh is a type of fish (errr… don’t know what to call in English) that made good meat balls.
I saw lots of people ordered dried koay teow, I supposed the chili is kinda good, cuz, dried koay teow has to accommodate by the chili, that will make the dish perfect.

Serving time was satisfying but not the cleanliness of the shop if I would compare to their competitor 七廊粿條湯.
Well, if you happen to visit Butterworth, do drop by this place, Sai Toh Lim 西刀林.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kings Bay Restaurant

Now that business is so competitive, lots of eating outlet offers lunch set or dinner set. With this offer, the most beneficial would be the consumers, or the gluttons like us. Right?

Friday lunch hour is normally slightly longer than any other days, and I took this opportunity to take my staff out for lunch for the project completion and also for an appreciation to their contribution and hard work.

As everyone noted that Queensbay is a booming place right now, and it’s near to factories Free Trade Zone, during lunch time, this area will see lots of people coming out for food.
I received an email circulation on this Kings Bay Restaurant and wonder the food is it good. Since, the price is kinda reasonable, no harm give it a try.

We ordered the Business Set Menu F which consists of prawns, fish, ribs, vegetables, chicken fillet, etc. I will thumbs up for the Marmite Chicken and the Baked Fish in the Clay Pot. The fish is fresh and marvelous taste, as well as the Marmite Chicken, the chicken was crispy and the sauce are tasteful.

Thai Pak Prawns

Baked Red Lion Fish in Clay Pot

Cripspy Chicken Fillet with Marmite Sauce

Curry Pork Ribs

Fried Abalone Slice with Broccoli

Append below is the direction and the address to this place. Do drop by if you’re around that area.

Address & Contact Number
Kings Bay Restaurant
24-G Persiaran Bayan Indah
Bayan Bay, 11900 Penang
Tel/Fax: 04-645 6623