Friday, December 31, 2010

Chocolate Lounge

2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (3)a

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Drafting this post at One World Hotel, and had my desserts at the Chocolate Lounge. Something that where am longing yearning about. Who can resist chocolate, can you?? I honestly can’t. No matter how full am I, I will surely find excuse to have bite or even a sip.

How nice if this is opening another outlet in Penang, uh?? Wouldn’t be good for all of us, especially the chocolate lovers!
Can you resist these chocolates?? Ouch… don’t pinch me… I know you can’t, and neither can I. But I am too excited to share these with you.

Not to forget, Happy New Year to everyone!! Good Health, Happy, Stay Positive, Good Luck!!

2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (16)a 2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (17)a

Chocolate Nuts & Sultane Crèpe (RM15-90)

2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (7)a 2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (8)a

Princess of Iceland (RM10-90)

2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (10)a 2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (12)a 2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (13)a 2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (14)a

Ms Coco Mocha (RM9-90)

2010_12_31 Chocolate Lounge (9)a

Little Jane (RM9-90)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Home Cooked - Rustic Grilled Chicken

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 034a

Know what? I am so so so happy today! Not that my water heater is fixed nor my bonus is in the bank. But I can now connect to the internet. Can you imagine, living in here for 3 days, I can’t really settle down with books, or any other activities. Well, what else, apart from cleaning, unpack the boxes.

Another thing that am really looking forward is tomorrow dinner with my family, and this time I am going to cook for 8 people which included hubby and myself. Last year, we were away to Kuala Lumpur for a short break, and my sister was the one that cooking the Christmas sumptuous dinner for everyone at home, and this year, I would be the one doing this job.

First, I feel thrill, and second thought I am equally tense about the food that am going to prepare. Being a perfectionist, many times, you will just want to do your best to accomplish your task. In fact, for the past few days, I was busy searching recipes in the web, and surfing thru some famous bloggers’ website to learn their way of cooking.

And tonight, I managed to impress hubby by making this. It’s actually Dutch Girl Cooking Rustic Roasted Chicken, well, I did make a minor change to Rustic Grilled Chicken instead.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 004a

2 chicken thigh
1 large capsicum
1 large onion
2 medium size Australia Chat Potato (which I got it from Cold Storage)
5 clove garlic
5 slices of bacons
1 chicken cube
½ cup water
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon sweet paprika
Lots of black pepper
Salt to taste
3 tablespoon vegetable oil

I didn’t manage to find my wine opener, thus I omitted the white wine for this dish, which is required ½ cup. And also didn’t manage to get a large carrot for this as well. Anyway, it does impress hubby I guess I can’t ask for more of such compliments from him.


First, combine the oil, sweet paprika, dried thyme and black pepper into a small bowl, and a teaspoon of salt.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 010a 2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 012a

Brush on the chicken thigh and let it marinated for about 30 minutes.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 014a

While marinating, cut onions into cube size, though in Kay’s blog, she was using shallots instead, since I can’t remember to get this, so I replace that with onions.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 015a

Follow by potato, cut into cube size.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 016a 2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 017a

And, capsicum as well.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 018a

Place the 5 clove of garlic randomly in the tray as well.
Once done, place these ingredients on the baking tray and I put the potato underneath the thigh
so that it could not cook into the juices.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 019a 2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 021a

Since I don’t have a wok nor a frying pan, I used my pot and heat up, added in those bacon that had cut into stripes, and cook till it’s golden brown.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 023a

Then pour in the ½ cup water and also the 1 cube chicken stock.

Bring it to boil and let it simmer for couple of minutes. Then pour into the baking tray which had placed the marinated chicken thigh.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 028a

Grilled the chicken thigh for about 50minutes, at 200ºC.

2010_12_24 Rustic Grilled Chicken 030a

Once done, I served it with grilled mushroom too, that’s what we had for Christmas Eve.

Would like to take this opportunity wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bella Marino

2010_11_27 Straits Quay 028a

If it’s not my friend that sent me a text yesterday, perhaps I won’t be visiting this place. A mall by the sea – Straits Quay.

My 1st time stepped foot into this place, immediately it was a love at first sight kind of feeling, I like the colonial design, and also the pleasant feeling it gives me. It was a pleasant surprise that we have in this place. Not to mention is around the corner for Christmas, but it’s something that any Penangite would proud of this piece of ‘art’.

While strolling around, we were excited to see so many food and beverages outlets down here, and we told ourselves, we will surely visit this place more often.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 022a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 005a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 002a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 001a

Bella Marino was our first outlet to try out while others were under some renovation. I was told there are many more outlets to check out, apart from Dome, Blue Reef, Starbucks and so on.

Anyway, after a quiet days and weeks, am going to start off with this simple post, at least am not completely out of the blogging world, but just too busy and too loaded with work. When you down in such place, you would not go wrong with pizza and pasta… and that’s what exactly we had this afternoon.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 017a

Le Zuppa (Soup) – a home made fresh cream of mushroom soup that starts with today’s lunch, RM12-80.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 015a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 012a

Followed by Le Pizze (Pizza) - Pizza Con Pollo that has roasted chicken meat, turkey ham and pineapple as topping, RM26-90.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 020a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 018a

Le Paste (Pasta) – Linguine Marinara was my choice, the fine strands of flat pasta cooked in tomato sauce with assorted seafood, RM31-00.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 009a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 006a

Added Iced Lemon Tea RM6-50 and Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice RM6-50 for the lunch for two.

Currently Bella Marino is having a opening promotion, if you dine in there will entitle for 10% discount. Come 1st December 2010 will have new menu as well.

Address & Contact Number
Bella Marino
Ristorante & Pizzeria
Lot No 3A-G-11 Straits Quay
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Tokong
10470 Penang
Tel: +604-899 0277
Fax: +604-890 9277

Business Hour
Open Daily
Lunch: 11am to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 11pm

Note: Snacks in between hours. After hours al fresco casual wine drinking, also cater for take-aways.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ah Choong Restaurant 亞仲海鮮飯店

A 3 weeks silence that couldn’t split myself into 2 nor 3 pieces to draft a simple post of this corner. What has been actually dragging me so tight that I couldn’t have a minute to spare to breath or even a minute to break away from the busy schedule?? Sometimes, am wondering does this worth it? Well, many had advise me that’s definitely worth it, cuz, eventually whatever I’ve spent on it, be it the time or the money, it’s something that I mould it and something that I designed from my own preference.

Many of my friends, whether is buddies, close friends, good friends, or even colleagues, have been asking me when is the day then?? Honestly, I ain’t have the answer for it, and honestly I am taking it slow … ya right… I gotta admit to myself, financial is always the hurdle for such thing!

Ain’t it not???

From preparing it, till, designing and sourcing the materials, and even to the negotiating part, it does make a lot of efforts from each one of us. And to certain extend you could see both couple is actually standing on one side on what they want. But how many would actually think thru that is the best for it?!

Don’t you agree with me?? Think of our age, we are aging, and there are many things you gotta think long term, whether is this design old folks friendly, and is this gonna be heavy maintenance or whatsoever? Hey, am not kidding, this is part of the entire project probably for your entire life?? Don’t you agree… now that with such economy or such inflation, this thing is escalating and many of us are actually hoping this bubble would burst! But the fact is, we are actually dreaming, do you think this will happen??

I was one of those that hoping it will burst, but I know the fact is, it wouldn’t be. So, hold it tight, this would be one in our life time.

Places of visiting apart from food, tiles shops like Apex, Old Tiles, Shanghai Sin Bee, E-Ceramic, … these are the places in our list of sourcing. Teka, Kitchen Tech, Verra Kitchen, Bofi, Signature Kitchen ain’t anything that missing from the list either. Visited many exhibitions, ie. Perfect Living, Penfurnex and even HomeDec in KL too, all these are part of the required places to source for cheaper materials.

Visiting these places are even more frequent compared to those eatery outlets lately, to be truth. Sigh… when will this be an end then??

Ah Chong Chu Char in Chai Leng Park is one the frequent place for us. Whenever there’s a strike at home or Monday blue is around the corner, having a quick bite at your comfortable place is always the best choice. This was chosen after a long day camped in the exhibition hall that recently held. Whole day down there without any proper food for the stomach, guess the stomach would definitely strike on it!

The food here is always gives you the home cook feel, and it’s definitely value for money too. At times, the bill is only less than RM100.

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 001a

Swee & Sour Pork

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 002a

Hóng Shāo Pork Ribs

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 004a

Marmite Chicken

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 009a

Stir Fry Kai Lan

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 007a

Scallop Beancurd

Ah Choong Restaurant
No. 40, Lorong Kurau Satu
Chai Leng Park
13700 Perai

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soul Kitchen Trattoria

2010_06_26 Soul Kitchen 046a

“Wow, you two are really having a massive breakfast, don’t you?”
Giggly laughed. “Are we?”
“Hope you enjoyed your day! Great to see you guys so happy and enjoying the food here.”
“Oh yes, the food is prepared with love and care.”

This is the exact conversation that we have with Michelle from Soul Kitchen. We went back for breakfast the other day, when everyone was working we were enjoying our ‘massive’ breakfast down there. It was another quality time that we spent together.

2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 003a

Anyway, when you’re just like ‘sotong’ (squid) where people claims it blur, that means you need something to kick start your morning, whether be it at work or off work. I was one of that, that needed a cup of strong coffee to kick start my day. Once, a sip, the ideas could just flow freely into your mind and it will start thinking how to get things done for the day, and so on.

Before I could think thru what to have for the morning, I just want a Long Black Coffee. And with that, whatever it’s in query, will be answered.

2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 009a 2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 011a

Needless to say, having healthy breakfast for a day is something every parent will tell their children. And we were told that too when we were young. So, why would we thrifty about what we want to have, right?
Such, I have Scrambled Egg with Mushroom (RM6-00), which consists of one slice of bread that cut into half, and tomato.

2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 020a

Hubby has Tramezzini Tuna (Grilled Sandwich – RM10-00) for his breakfast. It was a simple snack in many European countries, well, at least that’s what we were told.

2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 013a 2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 019a

Next, Muesli on Papaya (RM9-00), added honey on it, that makes the entire thing so delicious.

So, all the above look massive to you?? If you’re looking for some healthy bite for the morning, Soul Kitchen Trattoria is the place for you.

Address & Contact Number
Soul Kitchen Trattoria
102 Lebuh Muntri
10200 Georgetown
Tel: 04-2613118 / 012-5943522

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cassis Restaurant

2010_09_16 Cassis 061a 2010_09_16 Cassis 043a

Sometimes having a half dozen of fresh oysters for lunch is rather luxury and indulges. But then if we think positively, take it as it’s a reward after a hard work, or a reward after of difficult job or a date with your love one, probably you will think that’s not that luxury after all.

Well, I gotta think about that when I foot the bill for this splendid lunch for my loved one and myself. It’s the time that we spent together and the ‘project’ that we work together. I always tell my girlfriends or even my sisters, once in awhile, you gotta foot the bill, doesn’t mean you pay for that it means you’re stronger than the man. It’s something that you’re pampering him after a hard day work in the office or something else. It’s a way of compromising each other short fall or strengths in the day to day life or rather our marriage.

Coming another year, would be our 10th anniversary. I do have a wild idea, but honestly I don’t think I could do it all by myself without him sponsoring me. But whatever it is, it’s the 10 years that we both that had gone thru, whether the sweet moments, the tears, the downfall, the quarrel or mourning moments.

Lately we both have been dragged down by the project that we are working on, that’s something that is once in a life time you will face it. When you could see the entire object is nearly complete it’s finishing stage, you will tend to be very release and happy about the hard work and the time, and the thought that you’d spent on it.

Saying about that… I know many couples are happy hanging on with such projects and such work that husband and wife that could work on together. Of course, no one would want to have dictated another for what they want. The more you learn, you will agree with me that it’s a truly a special knowledge and experience to gain. It has never been easy to learn to compromise, to understand, and to respect to another person whom is brought up in a different way with you.

Cassis… a place where I made known from CK’s post, a place we both will know we will definitely step foot in it whether spontaneously or plan. No doubt this place is rather cozy and it’s a nice place for friends that enjoying food could hang out together. Though, it’s a lunch date that we had, whether it’s romantic or not, I guess it’s all from the heart.

2010_09_16 Cassis 010a

Appetizer – Smoked Salmon Salad, which consists of quail egg, mix lettuce, yunzu vinaigrette.

2010_09_16 Cassis 016a

The truly exclusive and indulgence appetizer - ½ Dozen Live Coffin Bay Oysters.

2010_09_16 Cassis 023a

Pan Fried Scallop with cauliflower, truffle cream, parsley oil.

2010_09_16 Cassis 018a

Parsnip Soup with Smoked Duck, Roasted Apple, Cinnamon Powder.

2010_09_16 Cassis 029a 2010_09_16 Cassis 030a

Main course – Halibut, royal blue potato, asparagus, lump fish caviar, lemon buerre blanc. Isn’t that look like an art?

2010_09_16 Cassis 026a 2010_09_16 Cassis 025a

Braised Duck Leg, brussels sprouts, red currants, sweet potato mash, caramelized oranged glaze.

2010_09_16 Cassis 053a 2010_09_16 Cassis 048a

Crème Brûlée with a cup of coffee & tea that ends the indulges lunch date.

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Address & Contact Number
Cassis Restaurant
368-1-14 Belissa Row
Jalan Burmah
10350 Georgetown
Tel: +6012-402 1342