Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ingolf’s Kneipe

There are many types of eatery outlet in town, you can name it American food like Chilis, Japanese food, Korean food, etc… and one of it is pretty well known in the Pearl of Orient island is the German food. Ingolf in short has been around in town for a long long time. In fact, the food here is generous in serving and also a nice place to hang out with friends if you’re a beer lover.

All these while what I have thought about German food is sausages, not an ordinary size but a gigantic one. Not only that, but what’s pretty notable are bacons, sausages, meat, pork knuckles.

It was a family gathering recently that opened my eyes about German food that I have been thinking about is not absolutely correct. But however, whether is too meaty or what, it does has it special taste.

2010_03_13 Ingolf 013a

Butcher Platter (RM46-80), suitable for 2.

2010_03_13 Ingolf 010a

Mushroom Soup (RM8-80)

2010_03_13 Ingolf 011a

Braunschweiger Style Onion soup (RM8-80), contains beef.

2010_03_13 Ingolf 007a

Garlic Bread (RM5-80)

2010_03_13 Ingolf 019a

Pork Belly (RM28-80)

Address & Contact Number
Ingolf’s Kneipe
Jalan Sungai Kelian
Tanjong Bungah
Tel: 604-899 5796

Note: No service tax

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kim Maou Café 和記生魚頭米粉

2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 015a

We were searching for this stall for a long long time and didn’t realize they have actually moved out from The Sky Hotel in Chulia Street and now in Cintra Street. It was a coincident circumstance for us to know actually this stall has actually moved to this coffee shop.

I didn’t know much about this stall history, but, this stall does give me some sweet memories. You know when you are in the courtship, wherever your date brought you, you will definitely remember it. Be it is candle light dinner or street food.

2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 011a 2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 013a 2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 003a

I dare not say the Sar Hor Fun or the Fish Head Bee Hoon is one of the best in town, but, I could see the stream of customers flowing into the shop has never stop.

2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 008a 2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 003a

And only today, I got to know actually this stall was previously from Baling, Kedah states. He used to fry Wanton Mee in his early business, and due to long process in preparing, the boss actually had stopped doing that.

And that leaves us to try on his specialties like Sar Hor Fun, Fish Head Bee Hoon, Fried Yee Mee, or Wan Tan Hor (滑蛋河).

2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 001a 2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 015a

The Fish Head Bee Hoon that he’s serving is different from other stalls. He will not add the oil but leaving it for his customers to add per their preference. In fact, I quite like that, some people do not want an oily bee hoon for dinner.

2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 001a 2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 004a

As for Sar Hor Fun (炒河粉) is definitely fragrant. Fragrant in a sense that it’s full of wok hei. I suppose the fire that controls the wok is absolutely important.

This stall is diagonal opposite Sun Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant in Cintra Street. And it’s setup in Kim Maou Café.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Young Heart Restaurant 養心殿

Since Harry B1, this is our 2nd gathering after that 3 years. It was excited to see each other again and it also brings back many memories that we had spent when we were single though another friend of ours is not attached. However, the lifestyle that she’s living is something that would give many single folks an encouragement to work double hard for that.

Sometimes think back, friendship is not easy to establish and build, all from the sincerity from each other and the care that each other contribute. I treasure it a lot, when one went thru the operation; they all came over for a visit. The encouragement that these friends handed in, it was absolutely awesome.

Those days, we spent our time together for shopping and even now we still do, of course with one another’s time availability, which has reduced the time that we could spend. Nevertheless, that did not distance us from being apart. In fact that brings us more close to each other and also shares out our working experience, life experience and so on.

Some times when you think back, we actually drove all the way down for shopping in KL, having good food in KL and spending a nite in Rasa Sayang for a bridal shower, and also driving all the way to Pudu Lake a relaxation holiday, these are the crazy things that the 3 musketeers did.

Arranging this gathering wasn’t spontaneous like we used to do, due to other commitment, I was blamed to be one of the difficult person to meet up. Since I was so difficult to meet, I decided the place for our lunch and then after we proceed to Coffee Bean in Gurney Plaza for the next round of chatting.

Young Heart Restaurant ain’t any stranger to any Penangites, in fact, it was reviewed by many Penang Bloggers in year 2009. They have variety of drinks and food to choose, down from Jiaozi whether is steamed or pan fried Guotie. Both are definitely finger licking good.

Heavy carbohydrate noodles many to choose, down from stir fry or even fusion type. Soup that is double boil for health reason is also offer in Young Heart. Summer Rolls will be one of the attractive dishes that will attract many women, reason is because it’s wrapped with many vegetables and you could choose from Unagi, Prawns, Salmon or Roast Duck of your choice.

I believe pictures are now telling the more stories of what am supposed to write down here. Recently they have changed their rest day, it used to be off every Monday, effective March 2010, they are now off on Wednesday. Opening time remain unchanged from 12pm till 10pm.

2010_03_20 Young Heart 004a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 002a

Dip & Sauce

2010_03_20 Young Heart 029a

Fish & Water Chestnut Jiaozi (RM7-50)

2010_03_20 Young Heart 026a

Prawn & Chives Guotie (RM7-50)

2010_03_20 Young Heart 017a

Fried Noodle with Black Wood Ear (RM8-80)

2010_03_20 Young Heart 018a

Soup of the Day (RM9-00)Beetroot Soup

2010_03_20 Young Heart 015a

Stir Fried Broccoli & Mixed Mushrooms (RM13-80)

2010_03_20 Young Heart 020a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 022a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 023a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 024a

Summer Roll Platter (RM13-00), combination of 4 pcs to choose from the menu. Salmon, Unagi, Roast Duck & Prawn was our choices.

2010_03_20 Young Heart 013a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 014a

Deep Fried Belacan Pork Belly

2010_03_20 Young Heart 008a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 011a

Banana, Black Sesame, Soya Bean Milk Blend (RM6-80). Apple Mint Tea & Aloe Vera Jelly (RM6-00). Chamomile & Chrysanthemum Tea & Aloe Vera Jelly (RM7-00)

Address & Contact Number
Young Heart Restaurant 養心殿
No. 44A, Cantonment Road
10350 Penang
Tel: +604-228 8084
+6016-410 8098 (Ms Ann Kee)

Opening Hours
12noon to 10pm (closed on Wednesday)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hainanese Delights懷鄉居

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 003a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 009a Hainanese Delight

If you’re looking back those fond memories that you used to have when you’re small, especially on those restaurants along Batu Feringghi beaches. This is the place where you could find back those memories.

Well, am referring to those Hainanese cooks that cook good spring rolls, curry kapitan, curry chicken, chicken pie and so on. I used to patron a restaurant named Hollywood when I was small, and they cooked good spring rolls and curry kapitan. Though Hollywood Restaurant still exists, but it has lost its shine since then, and now, I found this along Burmah Road. Yes, and this is operates by Hainanese cooks, managed by Hainanese too, they have many years of experience in cooking Hainanese food.

Hainanese Delight is the place that’s situated in the oldest hotel in Penang and is located along Burmah Road. It would not be difficult to spot on, Hotel 1926, a budget hotel along the road, a big signboard that shows Hainanese Delight, and that’s the one that caught many people attention.

You could find Hainanese Spring Roll down here, as well as Hainanese Mushroom Soup.

Isn’t that interest you? Well, it does for me. In fact, during one of the weekends, few of us meet up for lunch with our KL friends. And the food that we had was a lot to share, and it was absolutely delicious!

Down from noodles to any dishes that we had, am going to show you how tasteful it would be from these pictures. It not only brings back the fond memories that I have when I was small, but it also gives us the good taste bud in all of these too.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 082a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 084a

Chicken Pie (RM25), advisable to pre-order to avoid disappointment. It’s cover by puff pastry and lightly baked. I like the golden colour of the pastry, not to mention the meat and mushrooms. It’s absolutely a big thumb up for this.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 048a

Macaroni Pie (RM25). Macaroni, Cheese lightly baked with meringue or some put mashed potato.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 045a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 050a

Braised Lamb with Ladies Fingers (RM18). The lamb is braised till its tender and juicy, and the sauce is making one mouth watering. It isn’t that bad to serve with steam rice too.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 062a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 064a

Hainanese Spring Roll (RM6 per roll), my all time favourite. It rolled with crab meat, mushrooms, cabbage, and other ingredients.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 077a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 078a

Another signature which is famous from Hainanese, the Hainanese Chicken Rice (RM10), it’s a poach chicken with its liver and other intestines. Lightly added light soya sauce and best to have with the ginger chili sauce.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 060a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 057a

Inche Kabin aka Deep Fried Marinated Chicken (RM15) is a typical Peranakan dish, however, it’s also famous in Hainanese colonial. It’s always serves together with prawn crackers.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 066a

Chicken Curry Kapitan (RM12), it’s a dry version of chicken curry.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 044a

Hainanese Mushroom Soup (RM12), it’s an authentic Hainanese food. It’s not any other mushroom soup which we normally known off. However, this is something that comes with glass noodles, chicken cubes, mushrooms and other ingredients.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 081a

Fry Hor Fun, dry style. Which is absolutely fragrant, you can’t resist to have second serving.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 039a

Seafood Yellow Noodle, it’s good to have it with their home made sambal belachan.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 040

Last… home made bun by BigBoysOven – Sunny & Sydney. It was a Sunday class conducted by them and it’s fresh and fragrant. How can we miss that right??

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Address & Contact Number
Hainanese Delights懷鄉居
1926 Heritage Hotel
227 Jalan Burmah
10050 Penang
Tel: +6012-428 8995 (Mr JP Wong)
+604-226 1926

Business Hour
11.30am to 3pm
6pm to 10pm
Daily, closed on Monday

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Isaribi Tei

2010_02_27 Isaribi 034a 2010_02_27 Isaribi 004a

Apart from Ivy’s Kitchen, I have not really explored the area – Burmah Square; and I’ve heard so much about Isaribi Tei from friends and colleagues, this is only my very 1st visit.

Probably some high expectation from what I’ve heard, thus the food expectation was slightly disappointed me. To conclude it, just visit the place without any expectation probably that will make oneself more happy.

Another reason could be the kitchen is closing at the required time, thus, the quality is way below the standard that had set. However, I am keeping this for another chance; at least I don’t ban it without justice. [wink]

2010_02_27 Isaribi 015a

What could it be went wrong if you have a Sashimi for lunch? Shouldn’t it be, right? With RM25-00 per set, which I believe is reasonably affordable. Anyway, here comes my simple set of Sashimi that consists with Miso Soup, Pickles, Salad and a bowl of Japanese Steamed Rice. The assorted raw fishes that sitting on the Sashimi boat that would attract any of the gluttons.

2010_02_27 Isaribi 023a

For the conservative one would rather go for a Terriyaki Chicken (RM16) which only serves with Miso Soup, Japanese Steamed Rice and Pickles.

2010_02_27 Isaribi 019a

Talking about conservative… we have something extra on the table and a plate of deep fried prawns which Japanese named it Tempura Prawns that’s making one finger licking good. That’s definitely passed their quality standards. The prawns are fresh and juicy. And it absolutely was making one of us non-stop of having it.

2010_02_27 Isaribi 031a 2010_02_27 Isaribi 029a 2010_02_27 Isaribi 027a 2010_02_27 Isaribi 010a

This place is rather cozy in a way, if you plan to have a small gathering with friends, perhaps this isn’t a bad place for that purpose.

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Address & Contact Number
60-62 Chow Thye Road
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-229 8684