Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look Yuen Restaurant 樂園飯店

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 018a

Have had heard of lots good comment about this place, and in fact, it’s famous for those people that live around that neighborhood. This shop has been around for many years, in fact, before the new fly over were built. I remembered I used to see this shop around whenever we used the old trunk road to travel down to Johor, to KL or to Ipoh. This shop is always full of people.

It never came to my mind till my sis suggested let’s have dinner down there, as the “Domestic Minister” needs a break for the week. Well, what can we say more when there’s a strike, right? We were all pretty good in listening to the “Domestic Minister”, thus, without second thought, we drove all the way there for dinner.

Thought this would be another place for our deary “Domestic Minister”, what impresses us was the food serving was extremely fast, it’s like on an express mode. You just don’t believe it; it can be so fast within few minutes. I wonder is this being ‘ISO audited’. Well, joke aside, we were told, they use PDA to take orders as well, but, that night itself we didn’t get to see it. Probably that’s what people speculating around.

Being new to this place, what we ordered basically is pretty conservative to our taste buds. Of course, you didn’t want to be adventured about the food and risk your wallet. Thus these few dishes were digested …

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 011a

Curry Fish Head (咖喱魚頭),

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 016a

Pork Ribs aka “Pai Kut Ong” (排骨王)

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 007a 2010_05_15 Look Yeun 013a

Ginger Onion Frog (薑蔥田雞)

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 003a

Stir Fry Vegetable (清炒芥蘭)

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 005a

Sizzling Bean Curd (鐵板豆腐)

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Address & Contact Number
樂園飯店 Look Yuen Restaurant
No. 2, Tingkat Kerjasama 4
Taman Kerjasama
14000 Bukit Mertajam
Tel: +604-507 4785

Business Hour:
11.30am – 11.00pm (daily)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kheng Pin Café 群賓茶餐室

This coffee shop is full of people and the flow of people streaming in is basically non-stop. It’s like any other tourist spot in Penang that is a must visit place. And many people that came into this shop must order the 3 items that is famous for this café.

Well, what is that then?? Hainan Chicken Rice 海南雞飯, LoBak 卤肉 and Wantan Mee 雲吞麵.

2010_05_15 Hawker Delight 010a 2010_05_15 Hawker Delight 009a

As far as we know, the chicken rice stall has been operating since the eighties by an old couple whom assisted by their daughter then. As time goes by, the old couple passed the stall to their daughter, and since then the stall is getting renown from its smooth skin chicken, fresh tender juicy meat. Because of the old couple retirement, the daughter has to call back her husband whom is a shoe maker for a renown brands in Kuala Lumpur to come back to help out the business until today. One can recognized that they too are getting old, despite the brisk business; they still continue to provide the best to their customers.

2010_05_15 Hawker Delight 005a 2010_05_15 Hawker Delight 007a

LoBak stall history… a humble and friendly old man that owns the stall. I was told the stall only operate 9 months in a year, and another 3 months will be representing Penang for a Penang Food Promotion that was held in Singapore every year. So, I guess one could imagine how good is this LoBak! Especially their special made chili sauce, 1 small bowl is definitely not enough for anyone of us.

2010_05_15 Hawker Delight 002a

Here comes Wantan Mee. Many claimed that this is one of the best. Well, probably I’d tried other stalls, but there’s nothing to complain about it. The noodle texture is crunchy per say and the sauce for the whole plate is definitely tantalizing. Reason is, it makes people feels the ‘kocha’ feel because they use lard oil for the sauce, and the noodle was told is home made too.

With so many good foods down here, how could one resists not to visit, right??

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Kheng Pin Café
80 Penang Road

Business Hour –
7am to 3pm daily
Closed on Monday

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chicago Rib House

2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 003a 2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 002a 2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 030a 2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 006a

The first Chicago Rib House was first established in Auto City Juru has closed down, it has opened its new wing in Gurney Plaza instead. One I could think of the stream of people that flowing into the mall is obviously better than Auto City and second the power of spending is some how greater in Penang compared to mainland.

But it’s sad to see good places like that moving out to the island but can’t sustain in mainland. I honestly wonder how would other business lifelong business years in mainland or rather in Penang. I tend to see good restaurant closing down, those that I’d tried and even posted before.

Anyway, good to have good rib restaurant in town, from the BBQ Rib that was previously located along Burmah Road has closed down, honestly I can’t find any good rib restaurant anymore. Of course, with Chicago Rib House open its wing in Gurney Plaza is definitely a good news for all the ribs lovers.

I actually don’t have to boast about how good their food is or how attentive the service is… in actual fact, they are simply good. Since we can’t have Tony Romas down in town, even we have we can’t have anything non-halal. So, what can I ask for more then, right??

It was a Mother’s Day festive that day, all mothers are given a glass of free cocktail. But I wasn’t one, thus we were given a sweets. Well, that’s tiny little token that warmth your heart. Well, I was touched.

2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 042a 2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 043a

Probably is their opening promotion, if you order 2 main entrée you will have a deep fried mushroom for free (RM10-90).

2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 034a 2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 033a

Grill Blackened Catch (RM18-90) – fresh catch of the day grilled with blackened seasoning and served with French fries and fresh vegetables.

2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 037a 2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 035a

St Louis Pork Ribs – pork ribs basted with Original and Red Hot BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of two sides. Half Rack (RM30-90), Full Rack (RM45-90).

These two are absolutely finger licking good and it makes you come back for more. If you ain’t any meaty person, best to share with your buddies.

2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 029a

I always like the gigantic sky juice that they serve. Isn’t it huge?

2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 027a 2010_05_08 Chicago Rib 024a

Ocean Breeze and my all time favourite Shirley Temple (RM8-90), is best to drink on such hot day!!

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Address & Contact Number
Chicago Rib House
Gurney Plaza
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang
Tel: +604-2290 763

Friday, May 7, 2010

文昌海南雞飯 Wen Chang Hainan Chicken Rice

2010_04_30 Wen Chang Chicken Rice 005a

Hubby told me he heard from friends that this is one of the best Hainan Chicken Rice in town, and many people have to line up for order. Well known of the tender juicy meat and soft bones, as well as the Five Spices Meat (Loh Bak 卤肉).

2010_04_30 Wen Chang Chicken Rice 004a 2010_04_30 Wen Chang Chicken Rice 002a

That’s make me have the temptation to try it out personally. Thus, one of the Saturday, we drove all the way from mainland to try this out. In fact, was more of convenient sake, we have to have our lunch down town before we could run our errands.

2010_04_30 Wen Chang Chicken Rice 006a

We were there pretty early, and the stall was ready for business. I could smell the rice which was cooked with pine leaf (Pandan Leaf), and garlic. And also see many chickens regardless boiled or roasted hung up nicely on the stall. How could that stop people coming to eat here, right?

2010_04_30 Wen Chang Chicken Rice 012a 2010_04_30 Wen Chang Chicken Rice 011a 2010_04_30 Wen Chang Chicken Rice 009a 2010_04_30 Wen Chang Chicken Rice 008a

Thus, we have the normal order, chicken and loh bak for lunch. Simple, yet delicious, how could anyone resist that, right?

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Address & Contact Number
Wen Chang Restaurant
No. 63, Cintra Street
10100 Penang
Tel: +6016-480 8373 (Mr Lim Jit Tan) /+604-264 3810

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

32 Light Street Kopitiam

2010_05_03 32 Light Street 017a 2010_05_03 32 Light Street 019 Picture

A shop that is opened only for 2 months plus has full of delighted food for its customers, it’s also located at the strategic location in down town too.

Perhaps people that work around that area will have better opportunity to taste such good home cooked food. The shop opens from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 3pm on Saturday. Sunday is a rest day for them.

Breakfast is not only variety but also value for money. Butter toast is only RM1-30; where else many ‘kopitiam’ style of café is charging RM2-00. The café here is also Wi-Fi provided, isn’t that a good news to many people with laptop carrying along all the time? Even not the bulky laptop but a small device like Blackberry is also benefited from that service.

Since this is our 1st time, we have ordered their signature, Mutton Noodle (RM6-90) and Lam Mee (RM5-50). Both are tantalizing and tasty. Especially the mutton is absolutely tender and juicy. We believe it was cooked in a pressure cooker for a long hour, as such the soup is mouth watering and it’s delicious too.

2010_05_03 32 Light Street 011a

As for the Lam Mee, is big in serving, and soup base is clear and delicious too. What I like the most is they added Chinese cilantro (parsley) to increase the fragrant of the noodle. That was a big thumb up for that bowl of Lam Mee.

2010_05_03 32 Light Street 006a

Ice blended drinks is a norm for many café and bistro. That same for 32 Light Street, however, when you’re in doubt what to have to cure the thirst, they will recommend you some mix fruits ice blend drinks. For example hubby op for mango and peach fruit (RM4-80), it was slightly on the sour side, but it does refreshing especially on such hot weather.

2010_05_03 32 Light Street 008a 2010_05_03 32 Light Street 012a

Hainan Mutton Noodle (RM6-90)

32 Light Street Kopitiam
10200 Penang