Monday, April 26, 2010

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka 宮坂割烹

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 044a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 048a

I fell in love with this place and had visited them continuously for 2 weeks. What makes me have such drastic reaction? Not because of their ambience in the surrounding, but the food that is captured my heart completely.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 006a

It was basically like love at first sight kind of feeling. And that feeling really makes you feel like seeing them every now and then and once you don’t see them you will miss them. It’s the exact feeling that I have after my 1st visit.

Don’t understand?? Never mind… let me elaborate more. This is a 5 year old Japanese Restaurant, the chef is the owner of the restaurant, the place is simple and doesn’t have the exclusive deco in the restaurant, and even the food menu is simple yet extensive. The chef was the head chef from many renowned 5 star hotels in town. You bet the food must be authentic; in fact, it gives me many surprises when we first came last week.

Even the salad dressing is definitely different from many places, what’s the different is they are using Wafu Dressing for the salad, and it definitely gives us a refreshing kind of feeling.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 012a

Some sets are come with salad, chawanmushi and ice cream. What’s other serves on Miso Soup was merely tofu, but what Sushi Kappo Miyasaka surprises us was Miso Soup with Clams cooked in it. It even makes the soup tastier.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 029a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 030a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 034a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 037a

Chicken Seiro Gohan (RM30), that’s what we have for our 1st visit. It’s a chopped grilled chicken laid on finely chopped egg with underneath steamed rice. This set is served in a dim-sum basket, and that’s the 2nd surprises that we have for the visit.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 016a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 017a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 018a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 022a

I couldn’t resist but keep having a few spoons from this little basket. Yet, I have this Tempura Soba (RM26) which is definitely makes me mouthwatering. Soup base is clear and it tastes sweet. I just can’t believe the prawn tempura isn’t oily at all, and it’s crunchy.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 052a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 053a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 065a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 064a

Followed the next visit recently, I have another surprises from Mayasaka-san. This time, I indulged myself the Kaisen Don 海鮮丼 (RM48). When served, I saw an art on the platter; it really makes me feel so happy and excited to have this. Looking at the prawn that lined on the assorted sashimi, I just couldn’t believe it could be just so beautiful.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 055a

This time what serves on the Miso Soup isn’t Clams anymore but some vegetables like onions and eggplant. That makes the soup healthier and tastier. I’d just loved the creative idea that the chef had in these foods.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 057a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 063a

Unagi Seiro Gohan (RM35), same as Chicken Seiro Gohan way of serving. And it’s definitely gives many unagi lovers the best satisfaction.

With so many surprises, that has proven what our friend had told us before, we should pay a visit to Sushi Kappo Miyasaka, cuz, it will not let us down.

Truly recommended place for Japanese food lovers!

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Address & Contact Number
宮坂割烹 Sushi Kappo Miyasaka
No. 397, Burmah Road
10350 Penang
Tel/Fax: +604-2266 251

Business Hour
11am to 2.30pm
6pm to 11pm
Closed on Sunday

Friday, April 16, 2010

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room 鮮定味台灣茶坊

2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 008a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 010a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 004a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 003a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 005a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 006a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 007a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 014a

Recently made way for the new outlet in Queensbay Mall and now the new neighbor for Sakae Sushi that located at 2nd floor on the Central Zone. Guess who is this?? It has also featured in HoChak program in TV8 also.

Yup!! That’s right!
Xian Ding Wei is the new outlet right now that occupying the former Swenson’s unit in Queensbay Mall. It offers all Taiwanese local food like 3-cup chicken, Oyster & Large Intestines Vermicelli, Beef Noodle, etc. You don’t need a passport to travel all the way to Taiwan to savor the authentic Taiwan food, but instead with what Xian Ding Wei offers, that could definitely satisfy your gluttonous instinct.

What’s make known to many people about Taiwan is 3 cup chicken (三杯雞), well at least for me it does. 3 cups is actually the sauce that use for cooking this dish, for example soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar and added basil leaf, that’s why it named after it.

Variety of meal sets for customers to choose from. They even offer mini Monk Jump Over Wall (迷你佛跳牆), mini steamboat, and so on.

I’ve been there twice, and still find the food there interesting. But I would have to alert all that it’s rather pricey.

If you like to know further about their menu, do hop to Cariso Delicacies Corner for more detail.

2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 024a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 026a

Appetizer - Spicy Dumplings (紅油抄手, RM7-90)

2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 019a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 020a

Oyster & Large Intestine Vermicelli (, RM7-90)

2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 016a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 017a

Champagne Pearl Milk Tea (香檳珍珠奶, RM4-90)

2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 031a 2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 032a 2010_04_03 Xian Ding Wei 004a 2010_04_03 Xian Ding Wei 005a

Pan Fried Fish Set + Braised Pork Rice (椒鹽煎魚排套餐 + 滷肉飯, RM18-90)
** All meal set are come with the Soup of the Day, either Steamed Rice or Braised Pork Rice, Appetizer, Dessert, Pickle and Vegetables.

2010_04_10 Xian Ding Wei 012a

Rosebuds w/Wintermelon Tea (玫瑰花茶, RM4-90)

2010_04_03 Xian Ding Wei 008a

3-Cup Chicken Set + Steamed Rice (台灣三杯雞套餐, RM18-90)

2010_04_03 Xian Ding Wei 002a 2010_04_03 Xian Ding Wei 003a

Sweet & Sour Pork + Braised Pork Rice (糖醋咕嚕肉套餐 + 滷肉飯, RM17-90)

Address & Contact Number
2F-50-51 Queensbay Mall
100 Persiaran Bayan Indha
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: +604-6461 332
Fax: +604-6468 332

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant 歡喜地茶餐廳

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 006a 2010_04_11 Food and Tea 009a

Franchise business is now an upcoming trend for many young entrepreneur, you could see many malls out there has many franchise outlets, the famous one are Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Dome, KFC, McDonald, Laksa Shack, etc. Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant (歡喜地茶餐廳) is an upcoming one right now, they claimed they are the fast leading Asian Fast Food Restaurant and was established in July 2004, within the 6 years, it was from 1 out to now many outlets, even 1 in Jakarta too.

Food that offers are basically typical Hong Kong specialties, like cheese baked rice, noodles, fried rice, fried noodles and assorted drinks. Food & Tea has opened its door in Gurney Plaza for some time, it’s located in 3rd floor, it occupied from a disc shop which has closed down sometime last year.

From the menu, they have food that is recommended by their chef and also the best selling items. And please be reminded, whatever stated with the best selling items, are easily sold out within the business hour.

I have encountered this problem when I dined yesterday, if the staff are well trained to give their customers a head-up, perhaps the customer could avoid some disappointment in ordering food.

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 023a

Wax Meat Carrot Cake (RM3-20)

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 001a

Claypot Minced Meat “Teng Chai” Porridge (RM6-60)

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 018a

Stir Fried Udon Noodle with Prawns (RM9-30)

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 010a 2010_04_11 Food and Tea 015a

Lotus Seed and White Fungus dessert (RM3-10)

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 013a 2010_04_11 Food and Tea 014a

Apple Green Tea (RM4-90)

Address & Contact Number
Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant
2nd Floor Gurney Plaza
Tel: +604-226 3488