Friday, August 31, 2007

Mommy Wang Home Receipe

It’s M’sia 50th Birthday today….
And there are many freebies around in town, whether in shopping mall or food, anything.

So this morning, we’re early, drove all the way to down town to eat Koay Teow Th’ng. I know I know … it’s KTT again. But then, … the stall wasn’t open… I guess it’s because of the 50th birthday. :)
While we’re on the way to KTT stall, I spotted this Taiwanese Breakfast, and I thought it should be something different. So, we decided to give it a try. I thought it has yet to be opened for business, cuz, we don’t see anyone in there, secondly, we saw some of the workers were drilling something.
Anyway, the waitress there was introducing the food that they offer. And, also telling us what Taiwan have for their breakfast, unlike us down here eat KTT, CKT, etc. By looking at the menu, we thought it would be something different to try, so, we order Taiwan Egg Pancake and Toast Sandwich respectively.
They do have a corner for those ‘book-worm’ to read while waiting for the food to be served.

Waiting time wasn’t that long, it was pretty fast… and we could enjoy some magazines too.
Hubby ordered the toast sandwich and it wasn’t anything new.

And my order was Taiwan Egg Pancake that filled with ham, vegetables and egg. The outer layer was made from rice batter. Taste wise, honestly, I wasn’t that keen on, perhaps the rice batter wasn’t that smooth like ordinary pancake.
Oh ya, we both ordered soya bean and white coffee, guess how they serve on the soya bean? Yup, with a bowl. It taste like burning.

No doubt the review isn’t that up to expectation, probably this place is too new… therefore, it takes couple of times to cook to perfect.
If you would like to find out this place, this shop is located along Carnavon Street, same row as CA Lim Property Management office. So, you wouldn’t miss it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

emoH-Meotin Cafe

Normally over the weekends, the cook will usually perform a strike!! Well, can't blame them, right?? They do need a break!!! And the cook is.... my mom!! [wink]

It was a pleasant suggestion from dad that to eat out on Sunday nite. So, since we have not really been patronized all the outlets in Auto City, hubby suggested let's try one of those outlet. And, honestly I don't know how to pronounce this ~ emoH-Meotin Cafe.
We were actually in the midst of deciding where to eat, should we go for this or the other which is Thai cuisine. After all the debates, my banker said, let's go for this emoH-Meotin Cafe. This cafe operates Happy Hour from 4pm to 9pm, so I believe after 9pm it will turns out to be a pub.

Anyway, a quick snap shot on their menu... I don't quite like the fonts that they'd printed. Though it looks artistic... but it makes me feel giddy after looking it too long.
Dad ordered a Bake Chicken Rice, it doesn't turn out to be like a chicken.
Mom ordered a Deep Fried Fillet of Fish, to me it's more of like Fish & Chips.
Hubby ordered a Napoli Chicken, I guess it meant Napoleon. And it came with spaghetti with tomato sauce. Among the dishes, this is one of the better one.
He also ordered a soya bean cappuccino for himself. But we don't taste any soya bean, however the cappuccino is kinda strong. I like the cup though... nice, huh?

I thought I was safe to order Tom Yum, ended up it was a total disappointment. From the menu it was nicely pictured. But when they served, it wasn't as per the picture in the menu. Taste wise, I wouldn't recommend.

Oh ya, we also ordered some garlic bread as a starter. And usually garlic bread will serve first, however this is the other way, they serve all the main course first then only served you the garlic bread. Don't you find it amuze? I guess I personally like 32 Mansion garlic bread. It's a complete different from others. If you have a chance, do visit 32 Mansion.

Komplek Auto World
Jalan Perusahaan
North South Highway Juru Interchange

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Koay Teow Th'ng Breakfast

If you remember in my previous post, I was talking about some good Koay Teow Th’ng in Penang Island. Today am going to share with you another good one.

If you could stand the cleanliness of the surrounding, well, perhaps this is another place for Koay Teow Th’ng. The stall is actually located at the road side, and this is another stall that I used to visit for breakfast.
This stall is located in between Kimberly Street and Ngah Aboo Lane. To be more precise, the stall is pretty near the Bee Chin Heong’s antique shop. The stall normally opens early in the morning until 12noon, manned by a couple, and children are the helpers.

If you are some where in down town, do drop by this area. Cuz, you could see a busy street market down the road, people busy doing businesses and so on.

To cut it short... we ordered the normal Koay Teow Th'ng and a plate of vegetables. Since hubby dare not eat chicken legs, I didn't order that. By looking far, I can see those are good.

Anyway, the soup base are tasty, and you know it has been boiled for hours. After that, you don't feel thirsty even you drank the entire bowl of soup. Beside soupy, they do have dried Koay Teow also, where they just add dark soya sauce, ground pepper and some lard oil.

Here is the map that briefly tells you where to find this stall... The green dot which is the stall that located, in between Kimberley Street & Ngah Aboo Lane.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Loh Mee

Actually Food Haven have blogged about this Loh Mee before. Anyway, if am not mistaken this is the branch of the Hainan Loh Mee which is located in Pitt Street, and it's next to the Goddess of Mercy Temple. It used to be very famous, but some how it's different from those days.

But I find the branch Loh Mee is better than the one in Pitt Street. Anyway, not many people likes Loh Mee, perhaps it's too starchy.
In fact, you could find Loh Mee in Wikipedia, where is stated that its origin in Pitt Street, with branches in Jones Road & Pulau Tikus. The one in Jones Road is easy to find, the shop is in Yellow Color, and it's next to car service centre.

So, how do you find it??

We were early this morning, and we could see the surrounding is full of cars, that shows that lots of people are coming for this Loh Mee. Beside Loh Mee, they have other stalls like English Breakfast, Char Koay Teow, Wanton Mee, etc.

I wasn't in the mood of Loh Mee this morning, so I chose CKT for breakfast. After all the CKT stall was manned by an old couple. Shouldn't I help out by ordering a plate?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coffee Bean

Am sure you heard of HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KITKAT... My version of taking a break is...

Have a break and have a LATTE!!!


Greentown Ipoh

After awhile, I don't know where to search for food in Ipoh. Ended up all of us landed in Greentown. I know at night this place it's kinda happening... with all the pubs and bistros out there. Actually, the true fact was I was in Ipoh for a day trip, so nothing much to explore in terms of food.

Anyway, all of us landed in this place call Greentown Corner, and actual fact, it's actually a corner shop. By the time we order the food, I can tell, the stalls are ready to clean up and call it a day.

We didn't order anything fancy, but things like 怡保雞絲河粉, char koay teow (炒粿條), pan mee, and ice kacang etc. I can tell you that this ice kacang is not as good as what I normally like to visit. If you're familiar with Ipoh eatery outlet, I bet you know a place call Wolley Food Court which is located in Ipoh Garden.

I can tell you their ice kacang ichiban~la!!!! Too bad, I didn't go there for this recent trip.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dragon-i Queensbay

I've not been posting anything on Queensbay Dragon-i, well, shall I talk a bit about it?
I noted different outlet has its different design even their menu too. I only have been to 2 outlets in fact, one in the Curve, and the other is in Queensbay. Probably Queensbay is one of the newest outlet, thus, the design is slightly different from the one that I've visited some time in May.
Well, when you walked into Dragon-i, first thing you will order the Xiao Long Bao () and that's one of their best. This round, we ordered 天津狗不理 which is one of tibits (小吃) in TianJin.
The recent visit that I patronized, hubby and I ordered the veg, ribs, and baozi. Hubby finds the ribs are tasty, but I find it so so. As for the veg, maybe it's too bland.
I actually wanted to 'take-away' Xiao Long Bao for my parents to try, the waitress was kind enough and explained to us that it has to take ONLY 8mins to steam, nothing more than that or less than that. Perhaps that's their specs and requirement. And, according to the waitress, she also said that it's best to use the bamboo steamer to steam. Since, this is so troublesome, hubby and decided to bring them here instead of 'ta-bao'. Hahahahaha....
As for drinks, we both order 'tong-sui' (糖水), hasma () & snow fungus longan (冰糖雪耳).Guess how much was the bill for 2 persons??

If you have not been to Dragon-i in Queensbay, well, do give it a try. Below is the address and contact number for the outlet.

Address & Contact Number
Dragon-i Penang
Lot 2F-77,78,79 & 81
Tel: - 604-646 6888