Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pure Indulgence

When you’re in the mood for eating, anything that serves you, you’ll find it just alright. And you’ll be indulged yourself for all kinds of food, and mind you, a quality food.

Just take a look at the variety of cakes down here which really make me look like a glutton. In fact, the price isn’t cheap and per piece is about RM8.90, and noted that the cake will melt if you do not eat within 30 minutes.

When you have cheese cake for tea, will you go for English tea or coffee, and I believe cheesecake lover will go for coffee. To my surprise it is a total different taste when you have a cup of coffee and with a piece of cheesecake.

Hubby loves Tiramisu and he finally found Bakerzin (courtesy from Malaysia Best) to be his favourate place for Tiramisu. And among the Tiramisu that he had tried, this is the only place where he finds it delicious, delicate, and the aroma is unique. In fact, we found out that they were actually used Rum & Brandy instead of Kahlua for making the dessert.

Isn't this tempting to eat more and more?

The above doesn't look tempting, right? But, it made from dark and white chocolate and coffee that make this little cake named Sumatra.

Lots of people find it too sweet and too expensive. But, hey, why would they call themselves the Pure Indulgence, right?? Isn't it indulge yourself for once in awhile?

For those that love dessert, do check out this place whenever you're in Queensbay Mall.

Lot No. 1F-111 & 1F-113 First Floor
Queensbay Mall
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
Sungai Nibong
Bayan Lepas 11900
Pulau Penang
Tel: +04 643 2137 / +04 646 9175
Fax: +04 646 9634
Operating Hours: Sun - Thur: 10 am - 11 pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday: 10 am - 11 pm

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wan Tan Mee 云吞面

After read Sembang N Talk's blog, hubby and I went to hunt for Wan Tan Mee in some places where I don't think any bloggers has actually blogged about it. For example, mainland Wan Tan Mee, etc.

Do you realize why Wan Tan Mee is so nice, well, I believe they do not add on any MSG, but do you know they added those lards. That's why you always find these lards in any local hawkers' food, even Hokkien Mee also have lards... will share some pictures on that. But then, later... ok?

We actually drove all the way down to Jalan Raja Uda and thought of hunting for food, ended up we saw lots of people down here at this corner shop. So, we both thought it may be a good place for breakfast. Oh, by the way, the shop name is called Beng Soon, I didn't get the snap right and it was covered by another stall at the road side.

Oh yes, I must emphasize one point down here. The signboard below, it says all noodles are handmade, they do serve dried koay teow or even soupy type. They have Wan Tan soup, Chicken Legs, Siew Yok, Vegetables, etc, but those are for morning session orders.

Normal plate as in small plate it costs about RM2.20, big plate is RM2.70. To me it ain't any different, the only different is they added 2 small little tiny prawn meat for you. Oh ya, they gave 2 boil wantan and 1 fried wantan.

I was told this is one of the famous stall in mainland, but then I find it so so. Am sure there are more Wan Tan Mee in mainland is good to taste. In fact, I have one favourate Wan Tan Mee to share, unfortunately I do not have any pictures right now, will blog more on that later.
Meanwhile, hope to receive more of your comment and suggestions to advise me where can I find good Wan Tan Mee.......

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hai Nan Town

A lazy Saturday, do nothing but to eat... I bet that would be everybody's love! Right?

We were actually on the road searching for food, or probably brunch. Then, ended up we landed in this place called Hai Nan Town, which is serving Nyonya Cuisine.

It was a nice view, where you can see the boats, yatches lying along the coast. I believe this place is cozy and nice when the night falls.

Nyonya food is more of it spicy taste, eg. Sambal Herbee with Petai, Curry Tumis, Assam Pedas, Tau Yew Bak... but this Hai Nan Town do not serve any pork meat which means it's a halal restaurant. When we planned to order Tau Yew Bak, the waitress told us that they do not serve Tau Yew Bak but Tau Yew Chicken. We will surprised to hear that but also place an order of that.

My other half likes the Tau Yew Chicken very much, but I find it too much pepper. If you ask me which would I like, I'll prefer Tau Yew Bak than chicken.

Total 4 of us together with our parents have ordered 5 dishes. Chicken Lo Bak, Curry Tumis Fish, Mixed Vegetables, Sambal Herbi Petai, Tau Yew Chicken, plus 1 free Bi Ko Moi if you pay by Citibank Credit Card.

Probably I like mommy's way of cooking petai, which she'll fried with chilies, yes... chilies only nothing else by chilies. And it taste good with lots of petai. That's why I find other petai is just so so ... However, the old folks find it delicious.

In fact, Hai Nan was originally opened in Sg Nibong, Bayan Lepas district first. The environment compared to this one which is located in Weld Quay, of course this is the nicer one. Like I said, it will be attractive to see the view when the night falls.

In fact it is good to have a few good friends to have dinner and drink at this area. First it's quiet, second it's good to feel the sea breeze.

Oh ya, both outlets do not open on Monday, and their business hours is from 11.30am to 2.30pm and 6.30pm to 10pm in Sungai Nibong, 11.30am to 12am in Weld Quay respectively.

The address as below
Hai Nan Sungai Nibong
25, Lebuh Nipah 5
Sungai Nibong
11900 Penang
Tel: 04-644 4633

Hai Nan Town
Tanjung City Marine 8A
Pengkalan Weld
10300 Penang
Tel: 04-263 8633

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spring Garden

When we had our short break recently in KL, hubby and I were having too much of western food and we both were actually yearning for something like rice. Ha, for what you know we were not yearning for anything like Sushi, Maki but RICE. While we were taking our own sweet time walking around in KLCC, ended up, we were all landed in this place call Spring Garden.

I believe it's one of the Tai Thong Group of Restaurant, serving Cantonese food. Cantonese food is more of focus on "wok hei", where you need to heat up your wok and stir fried to gain the ingredients fragrants.

Of all the dishes that we ordered, we both like this Chicken Cubes stir fried with Young Ginger & Spring Onions the most. Probably because of the "wor hei". Other than that, we also ordered Sweet & Sour Fish, Vegetables with Mushrooms.

So, how do you find this?? Of course, not cheap la... if am not mistake the entire dinner is about RM97.29 and it's only 3 dishes and 2 plain rice.... expensive hor?? But then, taste good wor...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Shanghai Soup Dumpling (上海小笼包)

Hmmm, before Dragon-i opens in Queensbay, let's share a few of their dishes here. In fact, I've tried their Shanghai Xiao Long Boa (上海小笼包), and it's better than 翡翠 in Lot10, Bukit Bintang.

The soup is tasty and the skin of the dumpling is thin; dip a bit of vinegar and some gingers.... oolala... it's delicious. Oh ya, it's best to eat when it's steaming hot.

Beside this Xiao Long Boa, we've ordered this Fried La Mein with Seafood. To our surprise it was pretty good also. It wasn't salty and it's full of seafood in fact. Beside, I've ordered this Bamboo Chicken Lam Cheong Steam Rice for myself. Not too bad though.

This is what I ordered.

And this is what I have.

Beside all the above, we also ordered some side dishes, like this corn boa, dessert like tong sui.

Hehehe.... my sister found these nice and kept asking me to take a few of these too.... How do ya find it? Nice?

Heard a lot about Dragon-i in fact, from all the food bloggers and many of them have actually given good remarks.

They have many outlets in KL, outlets at The Curve, Damansara, MidValley, etc, and now they will be opening one in Queensbay, Penang. And am sure there will be lots of people visiting during weekends.

Well, folks... let's flood into Dragon-i man!!!!

7 Long Koay Teow

Those live in Penang may not know there's one famous Koay Teow Soup in Butterworth. It's actually off Jalan Raja Uda mainroad.

The shop actually operates from 7am to 5pm daily except Monday which is an off day. Especially on Sunday, you may have to come here early, as by 8am you'll see lots of people waiting for seats. Not only Sunday, lunch time is also pack with lots of office staff.

Many will like to order dry Koay Teow, of course you will see people ordering the soup type. You'll be surprised to see this dry Koay Teow actually is kinda soupy and it's not dark in colour. Some stall may add on dark soya source, where else this shop will not add anything like that.

Beside their main dishes, they also have side dishes like vegetables, chicken legs, lobak, and so on. What I would like to bring up is, the vegetable that we ordered, costs RM2.00 and damn that small plate.....

Oh ya, oh ya... those that particular on the cleanliness of the shop or surrounding. You would like this because it's clean and it has rated A for it cleanliness too.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Is Chili's coming to Penang????

I was told Chili's is coming to Penang!!! Is that right?

And it will be opened in G Hotel located along Persiaran Gurney or next to Gurney Plaza.

I bet many Penangites will definately go for it... just like TGIF when it first opened in Queensbay.

Uhem... before it opens in Penang, hehehe... let's share a few of these for anyone out there... ok?

I was told the price between Chili's and TGIF, Chili's is more worth spending as they refill your drinks unlike TGIF doesn't.

The food that they serve are kinda big portion, and if you're a small eater, my advice is to share with someone else. Otherwise, it will be wasted.

Don't believe me... Oh yes, please take a look at this....

We ordered the Classic Chicken Fajitas and it comes with these side dishes. And you don't believe it, 2 of us can't finish this dish, and left over this much.

See what it left....

We also ordered the Triple Play as starter. And we thought starter would be something small... Unfortunately we didn't manage to capture the picture, however it does look alike this menu.

And, that's what it left ....

If you ask me, do I like the food in Chili's .... well, I don't quite like it, as it's like Mexican food where it's spicy. I guess that's why it is called Chili's.

Oh ya, what I like about this outlet is the view that I appreciated (had lunch in KLCC Chili's). Unfortunately that day the fountain wasn't working and I was told they are doing the fountain maintainance.

The crowds are more of youngsters & families. Give it a try if you have not try before.