Saturday, May 5, 2007


Oh ya, talk about my trip to KL. Before I went to KL, I was actually enjoying Ipoh smooth hor fun 河粉 (Flat noodles) on my way down.

No doubt this shop wasn't the famous one, but then, by looking at these plates, am sure you know it was pretty delicious, huh? Otherwise, why would we sapu all wor!? Right??

This shop is located at Ipoh Garden South where you need to drive passed Ipoh Kinta City Shopping Mall (where everyone only remember Jaya Jusco).

You will see Jusco on your left, and you need to drive further where you could see a traffic light at the T junction. Then, pusing kanan (turn right), drive all the way down, where you will drive pass the North South Highway overhead bridge above you. And you will see a stretch of shop houses on your right, and further down, you will see single storey houses on your right too.

After the stretch of old houses, you will see the new residential area in front of you and you will see another row of shop houses on your right. I can't really remember the shop name, but this shop where I went, it is actually few shops apart from a Vet. So, you won't run too far away from it.

What I like about the shop is because it's clean, and things are neat. Unlike the famous Lou Wong which is located in Ipoh New Town (@ Jalan Yau Tet Shin) is kinda messy, and noisy. Tables and chairs are being placed at the road side.

Oh ya, what I like about this Ipoh Nga Choi Kai 芽菜雞 (Bean Sprouts Chicken), it's because it looks so fat and juicy. Don't believe me, huh?? Check this out, friend!!!

No joke leh??? Juicy hor?

And look at the hor fun (in Cantonese) or koay teow (in Hokkien)... ya, I agreed, it looks dull... but hey, it is so smooth and fine.

The chicken that we ordered was smooth and tender. It is not like over cooked where you find it too hard nor too errr .... ai ya, don't know how to put it into words...

See yourself, huh?!

So, do look for 芽菜雞 whenever you're in Ipoh. If this shop is too difficult for you to check it out. Go for the famous Lou Wong (老黄芽菜雞) or Oon Kee (安記芽菜雞).

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