Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am going to end 2008 post with this home made biscuit that courtesy made from my best friend.

It was very sweet of her that made this for me after her office hour. A truthful, sincere friendship that we both had built for 20 years since schooling time. A friend who stand by you whenever you’re down and upset regardless of distance.

From the blogging world, I got to know many good friends who also sending me their support when I went thru a personal upset.

Here I wish every one, from friends, school mates, class mates, colleagues, fellow bloggers a Happy Joyful New Year!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Loaf, Pavilion

After a great show last night on 23 Dec, and also the late meal, both of us woke up pretty late. Well, not because of anything, it’s because of the heavenly bed that made me reluctant to get up. Seriously, the bed in Westin is so comfortable, I guess I like their bed so much, and I agreed to their selling point too – the heavenly bed!

This time we didn’t op for the hotel daily breakfast feast, we just walked across the road to Pavilion KL for breakfast. We had tried The Loaf in Langkawi before this time we gonna try the one in Pavilion.

I had a simple one Continental Breakfast that comprises of thick bread that cut into half in a triangle shape and 1 crispy croissant with jam and butter. Though sound simple, but seriously it’s filling especially for a small eater. What come with this is a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. That costs RM18 per set.

Hubby had Tun’s Favourite. And that’s curry chicken with a slice of thick bread that like mine, cut into half in a triangle shape. And 2 half boil eggs with a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. That costs RM22 per set. With additional RM4 he has few things extra, guess that’s more worth it.

As for curry choices you can choose from chicken, lamb or beef.

Hubby and I realize that shops in Pavilion will occupy for 2 storeys, a very good example is The Loaf, and they occupy 3 storeys and located at the corner area. Ground floor is basically where they place all the variety breads, 2nd floor is a small kitchen for them to prepare food for dine in guests, 3rd floor is where for guests that would like to dine in. they also have an open space for guests that like to sit outside. Mostly smoker would choose that place.

A quiet morning without office phone calls, office emails, urgent tasks, I guess anyone of us will enjoy such holiday. [grin]

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Westin Room Service

I don’t know what do you call this, having meal at 12.30am. Hubby and I have not tried this before, not for supper, dinner nor breakfast. And this meal is room service, a plate of roast chicken, avocado & tarragon mayonnaise sandwich and a hot chocolate and soy milk for each of us.

Simple and filling too.

That’s what we have after a FANTASTIC & GREAT Mama Mia.

We didn’t have early dinner is because we had late lunch in Crystal Jade Kitchen and we ought to leave early to avoid the traffic in town. Ended up, we were crawling our way to Istana Budaya since 6.30pm.

Seriously I don’t ask for more, cuz, I was moved and enjoyed the every moment, every second of Mama Mia. The show that I would remember for life!

When I approached hubby to get the tickets, he was complaining the ticket is too expensive, now that he’s watched it himself, he’s completely speechless.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Crystal Jade Kitchen 翡翠小廚

I know I have not finish posting about my last trip KL food hunt adventures, yet, I am on another trip down here. But this trip, am here for Mama Mia but not food alone. However, the food that am enjoying isn’t that bad, in fact, kind of indulgence too.

Anyway, 1st day of arriving was already late. Actually it isn’t late, it was the traffic in town that was delaying in checking in the hotel and that has delayed our lunch too. Whenever am in KL, the killing part is the traffic that made many people annoyed about. We were like crawling from one end to another, the hotel entrance is so near yet so far to reach.

By the time we finished checked in, get the stuff in the room, it’s almost 2pm. And it’s time to fix our stomach which is growling for hunger.

I was suggesting to hubby why don’t we try the most expensive food court in town, before he could nod his head, Crystal Jade caught his attention. We diverted our way from Food Republic to Crystal Jade instead.

Down there, I’ve not come across such an expensive Wanton Mee before, and yet it tasted worst that the road side stall.

What make a wanton noodle springy? Some people told me is the alkaline water, that’s the reason why when you cook wanton mee, you need to wash off with cold water again before it serves. What am having down here is really disappointing, the noodle is rather soggy and the sauce is too thick and the worst is per plate serves RM10.80 with 5 shrimp wanton and some miserable few vegetables.

I guess this is KL’s standard, and more over it’s in a glamorous mall in town aka the KL Pavilion.

I saw the egg tart being served on other table and without hesitation I ordered a plate, cuz, I’ve been wanting to try on the egg tarts here, cuz, I find that some how their pastry is better than Penang one. True enough it does!

Hubby wants Siew Mai which he finds it comparatively better than Penang one.

And his favourite Roasted Pork. I also found out that KL like to have a plate of mustard to accompany the Roasted Pork, and I thought only typical Cantonese will prefer this to be served.

As for drinks I have a glass of warm soya bean milk and hubby op for a lemon barley.

Total damage for that one meal is RM68.30, guess it’s reasonable for a KL standard, huh?

Address & Contact Number
Crystal Jade Kitchen (Pavilion) 翡翠小廚
Lot 1, 17.00, Level 1 Pavilion
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2148 9115
Fax: +603-2145 2115

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mama Mia – here I come!!!!!

~ A N N O U N C E M E N T ~

Hi readers, I’ll be away for Mama Mia and will not be able to post anything. I’ll see what I can when am there, probably some mobile blogging.

However, please do drop by whenever you’re free, ok??

Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much I've missed you

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Solstice Dinner

While everybody is sharing the Winter Solstice Tang Yuen, I’ll have a short post on our festive kind of dinner.

Living in a traditional family like this, you will tend to follow the traditional way of celebrating any festival, ie Chinese New Year, Cheng Beng, Winter Solstice is one of them.

Well, in another word, it’s good to maintain this, so that our children can keep it moving and we’ll not lost our roots.

As I said am going to keep this post short and brief, thus, I shall end here!

Maybe it’s a late wishes … Happy Winter Solstice everybody!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nippon Yataimura

I have visited Nippon Yataimura in Pulau Tikus many times, and never visited this outlet in Queensbay. It was like a reminder when I see Makan King & Queen’s post on this.

Since hubby wanted to take me out for lunch today, I suggested this place. Reason is because I would like to blog about it (I guess that’s no longer a reason), another reason is I know hubby would love this if I have this for him – Ishiyaki Kinoko Mori. This is an ala carte dish and it’s stir fry assorted mushrooms and served on a stone hot plate. True enough, hubby loves it.

I have their signature ramen – Gekikara Ramen. And the spicy level is 4, highest is 5 which is the hottest. The last I tried was level 3 is when I had it with my colleague for a farewell. When I had that, it wasn’t really spicy as what they claimed, so today thought of give it a try on a higher level, that’s level 4. I guess whoever is here, will definitely have this on to their table.

As for hubby, he had a simple in fact, a Seafood Fried Rice. This is also served in a stone hot plate, something unique. Nothing really special about this, seafood that accomplished this is pan fried salmon, prawns and squid. In fact fried rice is more of a cook’s skill that made his customer happy.

Well, this meal has made my rest of the day unproductive, both of us was so full after finishing everything.

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Address & Contact Number
Nippon Yataimura Japanese Restaurant
LG-83 Queensbay Mall
Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-6468 763
Fax: +604-6465 763

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Thrifty Dinner

I’ve not been updating anything down here, as I am not able to pick up myself after hearing so many bad news that’s surrounding me. From one after another, companies shut down during year end holiday, headcount reduction, wage freeze, delayed merit increment, forced annual leave application, pay cut, etc.

Things have turned out so bad and many people had actually spent less. Well, am not going to refer anyone far, just myself.

If you’re not eating out and wanted to have something light and some carbohydrate for the meal, what’s best to have?

Ta da…. Sardine Fish

What makes an ordinary sardine fish delicious? Well, the trick is this, finely slices shallots or onions, with lots of chilli flower, chilli padi and finely chopped Kaffir lime leaves. And also squeeze with lot of lime juices. Store that in a fridge for couple of hours. Take out when you’re ready to eat.

I love to eat sardine fish with these shallots with lots of chilli flower, chilli padi and Kaffir lime leaves. Just that alone can have 2 bowl of steam rice… yummy yummy!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

7 facts about ME

Since now is lunch time, let me finish some outstanding tags that fellow bloggers had tagged me. I’ve been tagged by Havenly Allie on 7 facts about me.

Ok, let’s start with the following –

  1. I am a dessert person, I love dessert, especially those made in chocolate.

  2. I am a lazy person too, when the mood is not right, I can lie on the bed and sleep whole day.

  3. I am a workaholic person too. I can work from 7am to 7pm and back home take a rest and dinner and start work again.

  4. People said I have expensive hobby, so what do you think? As I picked up photographing recently, so, I need to save some money to buy myself a DSLR.

  5. Am a short temper person, but can go off easily too.

  6. I am also a ‘kiam siap’ person too… so, all these years holiday are foot by hubby.

  7. I am an Internet person too, without Internet, do not know how to survive.

Ok, job done. Let me pass this to

My Simple Kitchen

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Spread, The Garden MidValley

On my last visit to KL during Deepavali holiday, I spent a night in The Garden Hotel which is only open for business for few months. I booked the promotion rate which comprises of 2 breakfasts.

Though I know when you want to have good food in KL, you should not have it in the hotel but to enjoy the hawker delights. Unfortunately, with a small little kiddo around, nothing much you could consider but dining in the hotel is the best solution. After all, it comes with it; why not enjoy it, right?

It’s a buffet breakfast and it’s located at the 5th or 6th floor, if am not mistaken. It was a big hall where you can over look the surrounding area. Food spread wise; honestly, I’ve been to other hotels think they have more variety compare to them. Or perhaps, they are new.

Here are the pictures of The Spread buffet spreads…

The spread compare to hotel like One World or Mandarin Oriental, I guess the latter is better. More choices and variety.