Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Solstice Dinner

While everybody is sharing the Winter Solstice Tang Yuen, I’ll have a short post on our festive kind of dinner.

Living in a traditional family like this, you will tend to follow the traditional way of celebrating any festival, ie Chinese New Year, Cheng Beng, Winter Solstice is one of them.

Well, in another word, it’s good to maintain this, so that our children can keep it moving and we’ll not lost our roots.

As I said am going to keep this post short and brief, thus, I shall end here!

Maybe it’s a late wishes … Happy Winter Solstice everybody!!!


Duckie said...

wow great food for great celebration!!!

gill gill said...

Happy Dōng Zhì - Winter Solstice 冬至!

Little Inbox said...

Happy Dong Zhi!
Hmm...our family do not have this kind of celebration to having a meal together.

Selba said...

Happy Winter Solstice!

So nice to have dinner to celebrate it :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Those are a lot food.. any leftover? Hehe. Well, I just made some savoury Tang Yuan to share with the family. :)

Food Paradise said...

wow.... nice foods. It's good that family can get together and have a nice meal together.

Coketai said...

It really nice to view your Winter Solstice celebration, I too agreed with you we should keep the tradition as long as we can. The last time I have my Winter Solstice celebration was at 15 year ago!!!