Friday, October 30, 2009

Bee’s Home Café

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2009_09_26 Bee's Home 038a
Bee’s Home Café – a very nice name. But when you come to think of it, Bee’s Home isn’t it call Bee Hives?

Well, don’t ever look down on this little bee’s hive that am going to share… it’s a place full of honey and lots of good food.

Why would I say so?! I used to have sleeping disorder problem… and have been having this problem since schooling time. But after taking the honey that is locally extracted in Malacca, honestly, now I have quality sleep. Well, the person in charge will advise which type of honey to consume… different type of honey for different type of problems. For boosting your memory, Propolis Honey is the one that he recommended; Royal Honey is the one for easing your sleep.

Apart from Honey, food there is reasonably cheap and tasty.

I remember I read J2Kfm’s post before that they have Sharon’s Laksa. That actually caught my attention. And that was my main reason to check out this place.

2009_09_26 Bee's Home 027a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 004a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 025a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 013a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 012a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 011a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 010a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 005a
It’s a quiet place for meal, small but pleasant. A small corner displays all the types of bees, and also some honey that extracted from these. And out there, they have man made pool, fountain, etc. it’s a nice place to hang around with friends.

When I looked thru the menu, basically it’s variety to choose, and prices are reasonable also.

2009_09_26 Bee's Home 015a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 014a
What I have was Sharon’s Laksa, but what puzzle me was, it comes with 2 rolls of deep fried bean curd skin for you to dip into the soup. It’s totally different from Penang, huh?

2009_09_26 Bee's Home 017a
Hubby has Stir Fry Lou Shu Fun. He said it’s very fragrant and the taste is up to his expectation.

2009_09_26 Bee's Home 007a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 001a
When you’re in such place, of course you’ll have their honey drink. Right?

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Address & Contact Number
No. 48, Laluan Ipoh Perdana
31400 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +605-547 3101

Opening hours

Everyday from 3pm-11pm.
Opens from 12pm onwards on weekends.
Closes on Tuesdays.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Foh San Restaurant 富山茶樓

2009_09_27 Foh San 039a 2009_09_27 Foh San 034a 2009_09_27 Foh San 008a

Hubby has been wanted to try Foh San Dim Sum in Ipoh for a long long time, and the last time we went we saw a long queue of people lining up for seat.

So, this time, guess what he told me, let’s be there at 6am. Goodness me, how can I get up then? With his enthusiastic character, he honestly waits no more but to drag me down from the bed. I wonder what kind of loving marriage is this be?

Anyway, we were there at about 6.30am, plenty of tables available. People only starts to flood in at about 7am. So, to conclude the long queue query, I believe its fall on public holiday, Foh San can never be the place for breakfast; otherwise, you gotta be there as early as 5am.

2009_09_27 Foh San 018a 2009_09_27 Foh San 013a 2009_09_27 Foh San 011a 2009_09_27 Foh San 014a 2009_09_27 Foh San 015a 2009_09_27 Foh San 016a 2009_09_27 Foh San 019a

I have not been to the old Foh San before, so, can’t compare much, but this new building honestly it gives people a pleasant feeling. It’s a 2 storey place for dim sum, absolutely specious, still plenty of people lining up for tables & seats. And, they have a counter where you could place your order for other dim sum like Carrot Cake Sauté

2009_09_27 Foh San 026a 2009_09_27 Foh San 009a

Nothing will go wrong if you have something like Siu Mai (燒賣), Har Kau (蝦餃), etc.

And that’s what exactly what we’d for the morning. Of course, compared to Penang, Foh San Dim Sum is some how better rating than Penang, but having an one and half hour drive to Ipoh just for good dim sum, honestly isn’t it a bit sumptuous?

2009_09_27 Foh San 020a

Char Siew Pow (叉燒包) is filling and the stuff is piping hot.

2009_09_27 Foh San 012a

Shrimp Roll; always go well with mayonnaise cream.

2009_09_27 Foh San 033a2009_09_27 Foh San 031a( 2009_09_27 Foh San 030a

Deep fried items like Fried Spring Roll (春卷), Fried Siu Kau, and Fried Meat Ball; that honestly for fried food lovers.

2009_09_27 Foh San 022a

Carrot Cake Sauté (炒蘿蔔糕) is their famous, which I was told. But we find it a bit dry, it wasn’t that oily.

2009_09_27 Foh San 027a

Steam Pork Ribs (豉汁排骨). Most important it’s the flavour, thus marinate time is important for this.

2009_09_27 Foh San 029a

Last what I always wanted to try is the Ginger Milk Curd (薑汁撞奶). This is typical Chinese dessert, most of the Hong Kong people will make this at home. I was told it’s not difficult to make.

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Places & Food

Address & Contact Number
Restaurant Foh San Ipoh
No. 31 Jalan Leong Sin Nam
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +605-254 0308
Fax: +605-253 5432
Location Map: click here

Business Hour:
6am to 2pm
Close every Tuesday

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

May Garden Palace Restaurant 梅苑餐廳

2009_10_16 May Garden 010a

May Garden Palace has been in town for many ages, and many people in town knows what’s best is this restaurant. I think I could think of their Roasted Suckling Pig, Peking Duck, Sweet & Sour Crab, Grilled Pacific Cod Fish and even Shark Fin.

Well, for this dinner in particular, we can’t have something like that, cuz, my in law requested to have something simple and easy for them to chew.

2009_10_16 May Garden 009a

What’s simple that is can’t go wrong would be steam fish. The fish that served is fresh and it steamed to perfection.

2009_10_16 May Garden 002a

Apart from steam fish, we ordered something that we both honestly yearning to have, some suckling pig, roasted ribs.

2009_10_16 May Garden 007a

Claypot Chicken which they have recommended, according to them is chicken dice sauté with fermented soya bean. Well, it’s tantalizing and it’s good to have it with steam rice.

2009_10_16 May Garden 004a

Some greens for the meal, we have something simple – garlic stir fry spinach.

I supposed we didn’t order May Garden’s signature dishes, thus the dinner wasn’t that satisfying. However, if the restaurant could up keep its cleanliness and services, I believe customers would definitely come back for their food again.

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Address & Contact Number
No. 70 Penang Road
10000 Penang
Tel: +604-261 6435 / 6 & 261 6806

Business Hour
12pm to 3pm
6pm to 10pm

Friday, October 16, 2009

Home Style Restaurant 家式飯店

Looks like every Saturday, hubby will find some time to drive around in the island to look for food. Some times, I can never understand him, why can’t he stay put at home?

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 17a

One of the weekend, we landed in this place called Home Style Restaurant, where CK Lam had introduced me before, and now here it is.

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 011a

Since this is our first time, we were recommended their signature dish - Braised Tong Bor Pork Ribs with mui-choy and nuts. It’s something different from the ordinary Tong Bor Meat, which you’ll have some tiny buns to go with it. Probably I find it too salty, didn’t quite like this dish.

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 014a

Apart from this, we had their Home Made Bean Curd with Sauté Brinjal & Dried Shrimp. Well, this is something I find it different from other places, as other places will normally come with minced meat. What gotta be taken note is that it’s also has chili padi sauté brinjal.

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 016a

Come next is Stir Fry Lettuce which is something that we should have in every meaty meal.

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 001a2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 002a

A glass of Home Made Soya Bean that end the dinner down here. I noticed this place is quite pack if you are here after 7.30pm, tables and chairs are all lined up down at the road side. Perhaps, or rather my perception, nowadays people are more health conscious thus when they see the word Home Cook or Home Style that’s how it attracts people to visit.

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Address & Contact Number
Permai 32, No. 2
Lebuh Lembah Permai 4
11200 Tanjong Bungah
Tel: +6016-475 9181

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gelatissimo, Gurney Plaza

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 008a

When I received the email from Gourmet Garden about the review for Gelatissimo, I immediately accept it without second thought. Cuz, that gives me the opportunity to know more about the making Gelato.

In fact, do I fancy their ice cream? Well, of course… otherwise, I would not have been visited their first outlet in The Garden.

When we first stepped into this place, we posted a lot of questions to the owner, we asked question what’s the differences between ice cream and gelato, what’s the difference between gelato and sorbet, and many more.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 033a

He’s kind enough to explain each of our doubts and also showed us the process of making the gelato.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 001a

Honestly how does this Gelato came about, there are many versions of it, what I have extracted from the Gelatissimo’s site is something like this - In the thirteenth century Marco Polo discovered recipes for frozen milk desserts among the treasure he brought back from the court of the great Khan. A few centuries later in France, ices became really fashionable. Francesco Procope, (now with a French accented name) opened the first Parisienne ice cream parlour. Within a short time, there were some two hundred and fifty such parlours. From France, ice cream making spread to the English court.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 005a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 007a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 051a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 021a

We have tried all the flavour that day and what’s the best is their best selling flavour – Mango. Some how it’s flavourful compared to other brand of ice cream or gelato.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 056a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 057a

Of course, they have other drinks that is for other customers too… for example, gelato float, gelato shakes, etc.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 019a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 009a

And all sizes of cups for what you could order, and the price list is also openly presented to its customers too.

Down in Malaysia, only 3 branches and this one of it is in Gurney Plaza.

Outlet Address
Gurney Plaza
170-G-45A, Persiaran Gurney

G53 1-Utama Shopping Centre
Lebuh Bandar Utama

The Gardens
LG-K08 The Gardens at Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
Mid Valley

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