Monday, April 30, 2012

Tua Pui Curry Mee 大肥咖哩麵

2012_04_21 Tua Pui Curry Mee 006a 2012_04_21 Tua Pui Curry Mee 008a
While I was drafting the Tua Pui Curry Mee post in Mandarin, I got stuck … just do not know how to continue it. Ended up I will have to write in English instead of Mandarin. In fact, there are many posts in this blog have written in Mandarin, some how some where, I got stuck… the brain is just not functioning well enough to tweet some Mandarin characters. I guess that’s shame on me whom educated in Chinese media.  No matter how hard I tried… it’s some how stopped some where; not to mention my English isn’t that great either. Sad sad sad sad… that could imagine, education system is very important during our childhood days.

2012_04_21 Tua Pui Curry Mee 005a
Heard about this curry mee stall for a long long time, it has featured in many books, magazines and even blogs. The stall has been into business for 3 generations, and it’s now managed by the grand-daughter. The owner believes in making the soup with traditional recipes that their grandfather has passed it on to them. If it’s not because of their house has scheduled to dismantle, I truly believe they will be there for long as long as they could.

Their soup base is definitely different from others, it has an unique taste. It was our first time trying this out, we were honestly fascinating to see they garnished the noodle with mint leafs. They have other side dishes like chicken feet, curry chicken, and many other more. It’s similar to the one in Raja Uda Curry Mee, but compared to it, I guess the one over in Mainland has more variety choices.

Curry Mee will not be perfect without the bloody stuff like cockles, blood, long beans and so on. Not to forget their home made chili, and the special soup base. Why would I elaborate more of it… we should be drooling over with these photos right?

2012_04_21 Tua Pui Curry Mee 004a 

Address & Contact Number
No. 23, Lebuh Kimerley
10100 Penang
Tel: +6016-400 7748

Business Hour: 9.00am to 5.30pm (off Wed)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Quay Café

2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 024a 2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 002a
Every 1st and 15th of the Lunar calendar, many Buddhist will go for vegetarian food. Some will go for a full day practice some will go for half day. With this new place that CK Lam that has written, it definitely gives many of vegetarian folks an additional choice of venue.

This place is definitely not the usual vegetarian stall that normally has in Penang. It’s like a café kind of concept, though self service in terms of collect your own cutleries, and place it back at the designated place after finishing. The whole environment is cozy, pleasant and it’s also airy.

2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 011a 2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 006a 2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 005a 2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 003a
What I like most is you have to line up for order and also make payment before the food is served. Choose your seat, be it is high chair and table or the normal height. Table size is big and spacious for 6 to 8 people. Food choice though limited, but, it’s all quality food. Well, at least I believe in that… limited choice produce quality products.

2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 012a 2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 008a
Home Made Noodle with Mushroom (RM6), a special home made sauce, that is come with braised bean curd, vegetables and mushrooms.

2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 018a 2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 017a
Chicken Rice Set (RM7), I supposed this is what they called it The Quay Set which is only available on every 1st and 15th day of each Lunar month. The set come with 2 choices of vegetables, 1 is what we normally called it Kiam Chai Th’ng and the other is Chap Chai.

2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 020a
Snacks that is many Penangites favourites are Popiah which is RM2 per roll.

2012_04_21 Quay Cafe 013a
And Rojak (RM5). That’s definitely a kick if you happen to bite on a sourish unripe mango.

There are many people going for vegetarian food nowadays, well, it’s not because of religious, but mostly are encourage due to the current environmental threat. In fact, it’s good to have this momentum going, so that more and more people will be seriously in taking care of our earth. Taking care of our earth is not only you and my responsibility, but it’s all of our responsibilities. Don’t you agree?

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Address & Contact Number
Quay Café
2 Church Street Ghaut
10200 Penang
Tel: +6012-403 6659

Business Hours: 11am to 2.30pm daily (close on Sunday)

Monday, April 23, 2012

No Sign Board 無招牌海鮮

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 007a
I got to know this name 6 to 7 years ago, but never get a chance to visit. This name always appears in the receipts where I need to assist my superior to claim. After some time, you will just put it in your food hunting list, which you didn’t want to miss it.

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 006a
On our recent trip to Singapore, I finally get to step foot into this place where I know 6 to 7 years ago. And it was just located opposite our hotel. After a long day meeting, and a quick check-in in the hotel… we were all get ready marching into to the mall for our dinner. Wondering what would be the food that will be filling up the 12 humongous stomachs or rather the gluttons.

What’s famous in Singapore is the gigantic mud crab, and many called that Sri Lankan Crabs, perhaps it is imported from there. The crab can grow as big as 28cm, the claw is as big as 15cm long, and the width can be wide as 8 to 10cm.  It’s a most famous seafood on any dining table, be it cooked it with chili, pepper or sweet and sour sauce.

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 009a
Baby Squid was the appetizer. Though it looks pitiful, but, if it’s placed on the Lazy Susan and with 12 gluttons eyeing on it, how pitiful would that be? It will just go straight to the stomach.

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 010a
Next is the gigantic Bamboo Clams. What we have seen in Penang is mostly small in sizes, but this is definitely the XL size that I ever seen so far. Though it’s simple to steam it with garlic and garnished with cilantro, but it honestly make the clam looks tempting to wallop and tasty too.

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 011a
I supposed this is Fish Meat that deep fried with sesame seeds. But the info that I have gathered, they actually called this dish ‘You Tiao’ (油條).

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 014a
Vegetables with Braised Mushrooms. Mushrooms though are huge, but it’s tender and juicy.

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 015a
Braised Beancurd with Assorted Seafood, it looked nice to serve in a claypot.

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 017a
Drunken Prawns. Didn’t get to take the picture of the pot of Drunken Prawns. But, you’re rest assured this is another dish that you didn’t want to miss it. The prawns were absolutely fresh and the soup is yummy. The soup is definitely cooked with alcohol, otherwise, how could you name this as Drunken Prawns, right?

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 021a
Here comes the main character… the Sri Lankan Crab. And please bear in mind, it’s only 1 crab for the whole table, a 12 gluttons in a table! And this is definitely filled up the 12 gluttons’ stomach.

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 020a 2012_03_29 No Sign Board 023a 2012_03_29 No Sign Board 027a
Chili Crab, it’s their signature dish, apparently not to miss whoever dine here. Good to eat with Deep Fried Buns.

2012_03_29 No Sign Board 024a 2012_03_29 No Sign Board 026a
White Pepper Crab. Look at the claw, isn’t that big? It can be shared by both persons if you are not a big eater.

It was a sumptuous dinner and the companion was great... hope I can go back there again. :)

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Address & Contact Number
No Sign Board Seafood
The Central Mall
4th Floor
#04-63, Clarke Quay
6 Eu Thong Sen Street
Tel: +65-6699 7071

Business Hour: 11am to 10.30pm (Daily)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sour Plum Sauce Steam Pork Ribs 酸梅醬蒸排骨

2012_04_10 Steamed Ribs 002a
This is a dish which is certainly for anyone that didn’t want to mess up their kitchen. Steaming is a way of healthy eating, and it also able to taste the taste of the ingredients freshness too.
Learnt this from my mom whenever she’s out of idea what to cook for us. Of course, comparing her skills and mine, there are rooms for improvement from my side.

300 to 400g of Pork Ribs
10 cloves of chopped garlic
5 to 6 Chili Padi, chopped
2 tablespoons of Sour Plum Sauce
1.5 tablespoons of sugar
Tiny pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of corn starch
Chopped spring onions for garnishing (optional)

1. Wash and clean the ribs with running water.  
2. Once done, add in sour plum sauce, sugar, salt, corn starch, garlic and chilies.
3. Mixed well and make sure it’s all well coated with the sauce.
4. Marinate for about 20 minutes, if time permit, best to marinate more than 30 minutes.
5. Boil a pot of water and wait till the water is boiling.
6. Put in the well coated ribs on a plate and steaming for 25 to 30minutes, depending the size of the ribs.
7. Once done, garnish it with spring onions.
8. Best to serve with steam rice.

2012_04_10 Steamed Ribs 005a

Monday, April 9, 2012

Angry Bird Cocktail

2012_03_30 Marina Bay Sands 037
When Angry Bird game rule the entire world, basically everything you will get to see that in any menu, be it food menu or even drink menu. Who in the world doesn’t know Angry Bird, right? Even my 2 years old nephew can tell me he wants to play Angry Bird.

And this is what I encountered in one of the renowned bar in Singapore.

Basically it’s Chivas Regal the Scotch whisky, mix with crème de peach liqueur, lemon juice and apple juice. Added all these and shake well. That would be the so called Angry Bird cocktail.

A drink that can cool you down instead of using a slingshot to hit on the hungry green pigs. Anyway, it’s a new cocktail to explore… Enjoy!