No Sign Board 無招牌海鮮

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I got to know this name 6 to 7 years ago, but never get a chance to visit. This name always appears in the receipts where I need to assist my superior to claim. After some time, you will just put it in your food hunting list, which you didn’t want to miss it.

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On our recent trip to Singapore, I finally get to step foot into this place where I know 6 to 7 years ago. And it was just located opposite our hotel. After a long day meeting, and a quick check-in in the hotel… we were all get ready marching into to the mall for our dinner. Wondering what would be the food that will be filling up the 12 humongous stomachs or rather the gluttons.

What’s famous in Singapore is the gigantic mud crab, and many called that Sri Lankan Crabs, perhaps it is imported from there. The crab can grow as big as 28cm, the claw is as big as 15cm long, and the width can be wide as 8 to 10cm.  It’s a most famous seafood on any dining table, be it cooked it with chili, pepper or sweet and sour sauce.

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Baby Squid was the appetizer. Though it looks pitiful, but, if it’s placed on the Lazy Susan and with 12 gluttons eyeing on it, how pitiful would that be? It will just go straight to the stomach.

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Next is the gigantic Bamboo Clams. What we have seen in Penang is mostly small in sizes, but this is definitely the XL size that I ever seen so far. Though it’s simple to steam it with garlic and garnished with cilantro, but it honestly make the clam looks tempting to wallop and tasty too.

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I supposed this is Fish Meat that deep fried with sesame seeds. But the info that I have gathered, they actually called this dish ‘You Tiao’ (油條).

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Vegetables with Braised Mushrooms. Mushrooms though are huge, but it’s tender and juicy.

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Braised Beancurd with Assorted Seafood, it looked nice to serve in a claypot.

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Drunken Prawns. Didn’t get to take the picture of the pot of Drunken Prawns. But, you’re rest assured this is another dish that you didn’t want to miss it. The prawns were absolutely fresh and the soup is yummy. The soup is definitely cooked with alcohol, otherwise, how could you name this as Drunken Prawns, right?

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Here comes the main character… the Sri Lankan Crab. And please bear in mind, it’s only 1 crab for the whole table, a 12 gluttons in a table! And this is definitely filled up the 12 gluttons’ stomach.

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Chili Crab, it’s their signature dish, apparently not to miss whoever dine here. Good to eat with Deep Fried Buns.

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White Pepper Crab. Look at the claw, isn’t that big? It can be shared by both persons if you are not a big eater.

It was a sumptuous dinner and the companion was great... hope I can go back there again. :)

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Good food brings people together. Finger food is best suited for all occasions, it is light and people love eating it.Keep posting!

Hi Zonia, yup, absolutely right. I am still do not have the guts to learn to make finger food. :)
yes i like tasty food for eating but i am vegatarian. you have any veg. food ? its true Good food brings people together.