Saturday, June 23, 2007

A simple dinner

I remembered I dropped a line on Sembang N Talk some time ago and I said I'll post this if ever my mom cooked petai.

It's been awhile I didn't go home for dinner, and mom called up and said, 'Hey, I'll be cooking your favourate, do you wanna come home for dinner?". Without second thought, I told mom, ya, why not?
Guess what my mom cooked that night... my favourate petai!!!
My mom's style of petai is different from others (no choice~la, cuz, all her children have special aquired taste~mah!).

She will blend all chilies, ie. red chilies and chilies padi and add on few bulbs of garlics. Then after this chili paste will be cooked with these petai. Mom advised these chilies are not advisable to over cooked, once you did, it will turn out to be burning taste. That will definitely spoilt the petai.

This dish is so simple that you just need to add oil on your wok, and wait till it's hot; and add those chili paste that you'd just blended. Stir awhile and add on the petai (remember to wash, ok?), then stir fry it. Of course you gotta season it, by adding in salt and a bit sugar. Like I mentioned earlier, not to over cook it, cuz, petai can be eat raw too. So, just have a quick stir will do.
Beside petai, mom had cooked the rest of the dishes too... hehehe..... I wasn't interested in others, so, didn't bother to ask my mom what is the ingredients. Anyway, I'll still post it, unless you are interested, I'll ask my marvelous cook ~~ mom!

The Ultimate List of Malaysian Food Blogs

You know Malaysia Best is always my favourate blog and addicted site where I must see 4~5 times a day, not that I don't want to use the RSS, it's the joyful feeling of getting into the site that makes me excited. Always looking forward to see what has Lilian write for today, what food is she going to share, things like that.

Ok, ... well, it's the same old thing and I went to her site and got to know she was posting the list of "The Ultimate Malaysian Food Blogs" which was prepared and compiled by Zhong Internet Digest.

First thing came to my mind was, ... "hmmm, my site wouldn't be in the list here, cuz, am not any high flyer, nor any recommended blog. Think I should work hard for it." and that's what I told hubby too. And I even dropped a line at Zhong's blog and told him/her that I would be happy if he/her could add me in the list. No doubt it was just trying my luck to see will he/she respond to my request.

Only after that, I realize ... "Hey, my blog is in the list~!!!" I was jumping out from the chair and hurray about it. I have never ever have such opportunity for that. And this is actually make my day.

On another happy thing is, one of my favourate blog has added me into his blog roll and I would like to take this opportunity for thanking him ~~ TummyThoughts! Thanks ya~!!

Wow - what a wonderful day and happy day~!! Yahoooo!!!!

Herbal Soup Noddles

First of all, I would like to apologize for not able to post some blogs down here, and I've been busy, apart from that things at work are a bit hectic too.

Anyway, weekend, ... Saturday! Of course, I'll hunt for food to fill up my empty and starving stomach~la... and guess many people knows that, breakfast is the most important meal for the day. Without that, I can't even think of anything to write. Hahahaha....

Anyway, I was actually driving around and didn't realize I've actually cross the bridge, and also realized that early dawn it was raining too. With such cozy whether, what would be the best thing to eat then.... hmmm....

We didn't really got far away, but landed in a place called Chai Leng Park where you will see lots of local hawker delights down here, food like Hokkien Mee, Wan Tan Mee, Char Koay Teow, etc.... Like I said, a cozy whether is best to go for some soupy noddles, huh!

So, we ended at this place called May Siang Way. Hubby and I ordered this herbal soup noddle, where they have ribs, duck meat, drumstick and chicken too. Each of those for only RM3.30, comparatively to Penang Island, some charged RM3.70. Of course, the soup from May Siang Way is not has tasty as the one sell in front of Kah Motor in Sungai Pinang (槟城鸭腿面线). But this one isn't that bad too.

By looking the picture, you could tell how steaming hot it is and I would have to take awhile to snap it.

In fact, it doesn't look as good as the one that I mentioned, or sumptuous. However, like I said it isn't that bad to give it a try. After all, it's only RM3.30, plus the bridge toll is only RM5.60, right?

Then after could have a slow drive down to Bukit Mertajam or another neighbourhood Seberang Jaya, where they have just have this new place call Sunway Carnival. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures from that mall, otherwise, it would be more to share with everyone.