Saturday, June 23, 2007

A simple dinner

I remembered I dropped a line on Sembang N Talk some time ago and I said I'll post this if ever my mom cooked petai.

It's been awhile I didn't go home for dinner, and mom called up and said, 'Hey, I'll be cooking your favourate, do you wanna come home for dinner?". Without second thought, I told mom, ya, why not?
Guess what my mom cooked that night... my favourate petai!!!
My mom's style of petai is different from others (no choice~la, cuz, all her children have special aquired taste~mah!).

She will blend all chilies, ie. red chilies and chilies padi and add on few bulbs of garlics. Then after this chili paste will be cooked with these petai. Mom advised these chilies are not advisable to over cooked, once you did, it will turn out to be burning taste. That will definitely spoilt the petai.

This dish is so simple that you just need to add oil on your wok, and wait till it's hot; and add those chili paste that you'd just blended. Stir awhile and add on the petai (remember to wash, ok?), then stir fry it. Of course you gotta season it, by adding in salt and a bit sugar. Like I mentioned earlier, not to over cook it, cuz, petai can be eat raw too. So, just have a quick stir will do.
Beside petai, mom had cooked the rest of the dishes too... hehehe..... I wasn't interested in others, so, didn't bother to ask my mom what is the ingredients. Anyway, I'll still post it, unless you are interested, I'll ask my marvelous cook ~~ mom!


team BSG said...

home cooked food like yr lovely mum's petai is better than our fave backStreets so count yurself v lucky !

Tummythoz said...

Ono, d busuk-busuk vege! *scurrying away carrying your mom's other dishes, of coz*

New Kid on the Blog said...

Team BSG - hehehe... pai seh, pai seh... consider a lucky one~la!!!

TummyThoz - eh, the busuk-busuk vege heard is very good for kidney wor... me = health freak leh!! hehehehehe