Monday, December 31, 2007

Summer Garden Food Bistro, Vale of Tempe

I am going to end this post for year 2007. Year 2007 is a year where I started a blog of my own, a little corner where I post about food, about life.

And with these 2 corners of mine, I got to know many friends like WMW, Living in Food Have, Lots of Craving, Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong, M’sia Best, Sembang & Talk, Rainbown, 24hrMom, Celine, Precious Pea, Tummy Thoughts, Lingzie and many more. Though I’ve not seen them personally, but down deep my heart I treasure this virtual friendship, cuz, I know it’s hard to find good friends nowadays, friends that taught you where to find good food, how to cook good food, etc. [wink]
I don’t know how many of us in Penang aware of this place call Vale of Tempe. I was told this is a winding road that access to a reservoir and it’s famous of its mystery stories. Well, here to day we are not talking about any mystery stories but FOOD!!!!!
Found this place when I attended a farewell dinner few days ago, and immediately I like its cosy and romantic atmosphere. Now that in Penang is not easy to find a place where you can see lots of greens, but I can tell you that you can find it here in Summer Garden.
Last night, hubby and I hosted our friend whom came from KL to Penang for holiday together with their family. 6 adults plus 2 kids, we only had spent about RM160, of which we also have ordered 2 slices of cakes for dessert.

It’s hard to find good food, good price and good environment bistro, café or restaurant in Penang now, glad I found this and it made our honour guests happy too.

Well, the kids were too small, they didn’t really know how to enjoy food, thus we only order a basket of garlic bread for them. Cuz, earlier both of them had taken their milk and cereal, a basket of garlic bread with 6 pieces is just nice for them.

As for us, these are the food that we have ordered for ourselves and it was a pleasant evening that we had spent with our friends.
Char Grilled Lamb Cutlets. Lamb is my all time favourite regardless how they cook it, whether grill, pan fried, bake, stir fry or whatsoever. But this is slightly salty to my liking.
Hubby and our friend ordered BBQ Oriental Chicken. This is highly recommended from the waitress. The chicken is marinated with satay sauce and barbequed it. Apart from that, they also add on a small bowl of lemongrass sauce for you to dip to make the chicken refreshing and tastily.
As for the kids’ father, he ordered the Japanese Fried Udon for himself. Well, I didn’t get to try, not too sure was it nice to taste, so far, no complain, I guess must be another good one.
An old lady likes to have rice for dinner, thank God they do serve Japanese cuisine other than Western food. So, my girlfriend’s mother ordered a Teriyakki Chicken for herself. It was so good that the kids were enjoying sharing the chicken with their grandmother.
Apart from that, they ordered the Fish & Chips for their helper. It was a big portion, and am sure it’s something nice too, cuz, we noticed she didn’t finish the plate of fishes.

After all that, I chose a Banana cake for the kids and hubby and I shared the Kahlua Moist Cake for dessert.
The kids loved the Banana cake so much, cuz, it was so moisture, and it has chocolate chips in it.
We both were enjoying the Kahlua Moist Cake, the cake was so moisture that I don’t even bother about the ice cream that accomplish with the cake. [smile] So, you can imagine how good it is.

It was good dinner for us last night, not to say about the good companion.

And, in deed was a good dinner before we end year 2007 don’t we? I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year May God Bless You All With Good Health!

Other Review
The Star

Address & Contact Number
No. 2 Lorong Lembah Permai 3
11200 Tanjung Bungah
Tel: +604-8900 977
Biz Hour: Opens daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Oh yes, here is the roadmap to Summer Garden and isn' t it nice, it's like a bookmark, huh?

Friday, December 28, 2007

3 in 1 Tag

I think I owe Celine this tag for a long long time…. Ok, let’s move on….
“3 in 1 tag” –

1. A movie that made you laugh.
Many. But recently watched Alvin & The Chipmunks, that really made me laughed out loud.

2. A book that made you cry.
Errr… can’t remember which book.

3. A best friend.
Many wor….

4. A favorite childhood memories.
Weekend ice cream and beach playing sand castles.

5. Your favorite animal.
Cute little puppy.

6. Your favorite food.
Mom’s home cooked food.

7. An item of clothing you cannot do without.
Jeans & T-Shirt.

8. Something you collect.
Pen, newspaper clips, bookmarks.

9. Your favorite store to shop in.
No particular, … anything that make me comfortable and nice.

10. Your favorite flower.
Lilies & White Orchids.

I would like to pass this tag to ….

1. Lingzie Tummy’s Treat
2. The Gastronomic Diary
3. Sembang & Talk
4. Rainbow
5. Ling239@咖啡花园

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thank you for being my friend award

It was a pleasant surprise when Sweet Jasmine asked me to claim this award from her. When surf thru her blog I didn’t realize she pass this lovely award to me. I was touched as it’s not easy to find any truthful friends nowadays, especially in this cyber world.
Once again, I thank you for this award, and I would like to give award back to Sweet Jasmine and to my new friends as below –

1. 24HrMom
2. WMW
3. Celine’s Blog
4. Tummy Thoughts
5. Precious Pea

This round will give it to the girls, next round shall give it to the guys floggers…. :D

Feast Village, Pangkor Laut Resort

I promise this would be my final post on Pangkor Laut Resort….
And I know I’ve not had the time to visit other blogs like WMW, Jackson, Joe, Precious Pea, Tummy Thoz, Jason, etc. I was busy before that, then, was on holiday mood, and wasn’t focus on blogging. I know I have to claim an award from Sweet Jasmine too… Oh gosh, I have a lot to catch up, don’t I?

When you’re in holiday mood, you’ll tend to get up early, well for at least I did that. I just want to get up as early as possible to enjoy whatever I’ve missed; including having luxury breakfast in this island.

A slow walk from my villa to Feast Village was a pleasant experience, cuz, I get to feel the see breeze, hear the sea waves hits the shore, and birds tweeting too. Though the wind blew to my face was cold, but, it gives you a boost that you should be wake up right now and have your breakfast.
Didn’t really have much on the day, probably am sad that am leaving soon. Just had few slices of bread, yogurt, fresh fruit juices and others.
Hubby is always go for his favorite corn flakes with low fat milk, and followed by a sunny side up egg with bread.
I walked around and found they have crepe with banana. Am not a crepe fan, but am talking to myself, why not give it a try. It wasn’t that bad, but it’s slightly sweet to my liking.
After that, hubby was going for Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun & the Japanese Fried Noodle.

When we have our breakfast at Feast Village, I also noticed lots of visitors are busy taking pictures of their open kitchen. They also take pictures of their food, the surrounding, basically everything in the island….

Well, what could I ask for more from this island?? Nothing but enjoy, right??

Hubby and I have decided, we’ll come back again... will sure come back again!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Uncle Lim's Kitchen, Pangkor Laut Resort

It was not really a good one on my 2nd day of dinner.
Was told Uncle Lim’s Kitchen is one of the best in the island, it serves authentic Hock Chew cuisine and Nyonya cuisine. I was hoping to have authentic Hock Chew food for that night, but they served Nyonya food instead. Perhaps that’s the disadvantage of signing up for a package.

Honestly, the food serving was rather slow on that night, not too sure was it because of lots of people dining in or lack of helpers. Food serving wasn’t that big portion, you can see that from these pictures…
They served us a bowl of dried vegetable boiled soup as a starter. I believe it’s been boiled for many hours, the soup was delicious…. Just like Cantonese soup.
Then followed by a Chicken Lobak as a appetizer. The lobak is kind of dried to me, was it they deep fried it for too long?

In between Chicken Lobak and the main dishes, we waited for nearly 25 minutes. Thank goodness we both weren’t hungry for that point in time, but, it wasn’t reasonable for customers to wait for that long.

Main dishes are Fresh Praws and Brocolli, and Chicken Rendang. Since we don’t eat Beef, we actually requested the kitchen to replace Chicken for us.
The Chicken Rendang was very lemak, and am sure they add lots of coconut milk on it.
As for the stir fry broccoli, the prawns are fresh and tender.

Of course, with these dishes, they served us with 2 bowl of steam rice to accommodate with.

The last is the assorted fruits, nothing much, all are local fruits, ie. papaya, pineapple, watermelon, honeydew, etc.

This meal doesn’t end with my holiday in Pangkor Laut, … so, please stay tune.

/… to be continued

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chapman's Bar, Pangkor Laut Resort

When the resort van transports us to the other side of the island after our Spa treatment, my jaw dropped off cuz, I’ve not seen such a beautiful bay before, at least in Malaysia. The colors of the water are clear and clean, it’s like an emerald jade.
Can’t blame me for falling in love with this island… indeed is a paradise island to me. I know there are many more of such islands in the world, but at least for one island in Malaysia that made us proud. Don’t you think so?? Even the late Luciano Pavarotti also fell in love with this island.

After Spa, both of us were equally hungry, and I was told Chapman’s Bar is one of the better places for lunch in this island. This place only opens for lunch from 12pm to 5pm. You will see lots of people lying down on the beach chair and rest either read books or for a swim.
I actually got to know from the internet that this bar is named after the famous British Colonel, Freddy Spencer Chapman who spent 36 hours on Pangkor Laut during his escape from Emerald bay in 1945, during the World War II.
When we were there, the place is like another heaven, I see lots of coconut trees, green grass, white sands; I was having my lunch in Chapman’s Bar, and my background is another beautiful natural reserved.Ok, back to food. It was pretty late when we were there. So, the waitress told us they have sold out the Fisherman’s Catch for the day, however, they suggested Hainanese Chicken Rice. Hubby was too hungry and didn’t want to think too much, so he opted for this, where as I go for Penang Char Koay Teow.

When they serve the food, I could see hubby will enjoy his lunch, cuz; it was nicely presented and taste wise also pretty good.
As for my Penang CKT, to my surprise it was so good. Servings are big for my consumption. Well, I still finish it… [LOL]

No wonder there are many reviews that given this place a thumbs up, they say Chapman’s Bar offers excellent light lunches each day consisting of sandwiches, salads, traditional satay and tasty seafood dishes. A variety of beverages are also served throughout the day.

Chapman’s Bar Review
IgoUgo Review

If you were me, will you re-visit this island??

/… to be continued