Monday, September 17, 2012

32 Mansion

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32 Mansion is a place where many couple will surely step foot during their courtship. Well, today I am not going to share much of how a courting couple should dos and don’ts but to tell you this is a place even for a family dining out is also a nice place to hang out to recommend too.

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It was a great accomplishment for us to bring our aunt over here for lunch last weekend, cuz, she’s the type of woman that doesn’t like Western food. To her Western food is something very luxury and it doesn’t have that wok aroma. Well, to cut it short, she’s a typical traditional woman like my grandmother, further, food taste is subjective and it’s basically required a special acquired taste.

Everyone knows 32 Mansion is one of Mr Yeoh Kah Hock’s chain of restaurant, it has been established for a long time and it has also built a name within the community. Many of us in the island will hop in for food, for drinks and even for a gathering down here. Some even host their wedding banquet too.

Ruby the jazz singer is the centre of the attraction if you dine here for dinner or come here for a drink. Her deep voice can be a lullaby to put you to sleep and couple with the songs that are so soothing.

For lunch, 32 Mansion has variety dishes for their customers to choose… all main dish starts from RM32 to RM48 and inclusive of either Salad or Soup of the Day, a Dessert and either a cup of coffee or tea to end the entire meal.

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What I come back for more is the home made salad sauce, its piquant taste; it’s definitely a refreshing sauce that many of us fell in love with it. The salad sauce is also can be purchased at the counter for RM14 per bottle.
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Green Spinach Soup is the Soup for the Day, the side condiments was consists of spring onions, croutons, and cream is to accomplish the nicely taste soup; coupled it with 32 Mansion house made Garlic Bread. This is definitely heavenly food to me!
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (51)a 
6 spice marinated barbequed chicken with buttered rice (its their house specialty)
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (56)a 
Char-grilled lamb chops with rosemary sauce, I find it slightly over cooked.
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (50)a 
Vegetarian spaghetti “aglio olio” (spicy version)
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (47)a 
Chicken and mushroom pie, a 20 minutes waiting time.
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To end the sumptuous meal with a nicely decorated dessert and a cup of coffee or tea is something made my aunt feels so satisfying! I truly happy with that!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Raja Uda 油炸鬼

2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (6) 2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (16)
Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth honestly is a very long road at least to my standard or my definition, it’s about 2.3km long.  Despite its colourful history of this place, I believe this road has many good food that anyone of us could actually hunt for it.

Most famous one is the Zi Wei Steamboat, which is located at the end of the road and Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant also another famous place for food, it’s also located at the end of the road. Another famous food which you wouldn’t want to miss in Jalan Raja Uda is their Yiu Char Kuih and Hua Chee.

Honestly you can’t find this in Penang island, their crispiness of this kuih is really making anyone fell in love with it, especially if you’re tasting it the first time!  You don’t have to crack your head hard what to get for simple supper, in fact, a pair of Hua Chee or Yiu Char Kuih is good enough to fill up your stomach.

The original stall is located at the Apollo Market (where the residents named that), which is at the mid point of this road, they also have branched out to both side of the road, that is the beginning of the road and the end of the road. To make it simple, 1st stall is located before the Shell Petrol Station. And the last stall is located opposite the Zi Wei Steamboat Restaurant.

Few years ago, each of this Yiu Char Kuih or even Hua Chee is only sell at RM0.70 each. Beside from this 2 type of kuih, they also sell Ham Chim Peng.  Their customers can patiently wait for their orders eventhough you gotta wait for few minutes, so you can imagine how good is this. I even heard many outstation folks also aware of this stall and drove all the way here whenever they are back to home town or a visit to Penang.

You must be wondering such food can only eat any time of the year but not during the 9th Emperor weeks. Well, you would be surprised, in fact, they are even cater for that too. So you don’t have to worry if you can’t taste it during the vegetarian period.

2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (1) 2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (5)  2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (2) 2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (3) 2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (4) 2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (8) 2012_08_18 Yiu Cha Kuih (15) 

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