Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ah Choong Restaurant 亞仲海鮮飯店

A 3 weeks silence that couldn’t split myself into 2 nor 3 pieces to draft a simple post of this corner. What has been actually dragging me so tight that I couldn’t have a minute to spare to breath or even a minute to break away from the busy schedule?? Sometimes, am wondering does this worth it? Well, many had advise me that’s definitely worth it, cuz, eventually whatever I’ve spent on it, be it the time or the money, it’s something that I mould it and something that I designed from my own preference.

Many of my friends, whether is buddies, close friends, good friends, or even colleagues, have been asking me when is the day then?? Honestly, I ain’t have the answer for it, and honestly I am taking it slow … ya right… I gotta admit to myself, financial is always the hurdle for such thing!

Ain’t it not???

From preparing it, till, designing and sourcing the materials, and even to the negotiating part, it does make a lot of efforts from each one of us. And to certain extend you could see both couple is actually standing on one side on what they want. But how many would actually think thru that is the best for it?!

Don’t you agree with me?? Think of our age, we are aging, and there are many things you gotta think long term, whether is this design old folks friendly, and is this gonna be heavy maintenance or whatsoever? Hey, am not kidding, this is part of the entire project probably for your entire life?? Don’t you agree… now that with such economy or such inflation, this thing is escalating and many of us are actually hoping this bubble would burst! But the fact is, we are actually dreaming, do you think this will happen??

I was one of those that hoping it will burst, but I know the fact is, it wouldn’t be. So, hold it tight, this would be one in our life time.

Places of visiting apart from food, tiles shops like Apex, Old Tiles, Shanghai Sin Bee, E-Ceramic, … these are the places in our list of sourcing. Teka, Kitchen Tech, Verra Kitchen, Bofi, Signature Kitchen ain’t anything that missing from the list either. Visited many exhibitions, ie. Perfect Living, Penfurnex and even HomeDec in KL too, all these are part of the required places to source for cheaper materials.

Visiting these places are even more frequent compared to those eatery outlets lately, to be truth. Sigh… when will this be an end then??

Ah Chong Chu Char in Chai Leng Park is one the frequent place for us. Whenever there’s a strike at home or Monday blue is around the corner, having a quick bite at your comfortable place is always the best choice. This was chosen after a long day camped in the exhibition hall that recently held. Whole day down there without any proper food for the stomach, guess the stomach would definitely strike on it!

The food here is always gives you the home cook feel, and it’s definitely value for money too. At times, the bill is only less than RM100.

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 001a

Swee & Sour Pork

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 002a

Hóng Shāo Pork Ribs

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 004a

Marmite Chicken

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 009a

Stir Fry Kai Lan

2010_05_22 Ah Choong 007a

Scallop Beancurd

Ah Choong Restaurant
No. 40, Lorong Kurau Satu
Chai Leng Park
13700 Perai