Friday, June 28, 2013

Sip & Chew Café

Sometimes having a bunch of good colleagues and good friends is really helping you to pass your day fast. Don’t you agree? When I told them I got to leave early today as I have totally forgot that today is my wedding anniversary. And spontaneously they suggested to me let’s go out for lunch, let’s celebrate your anniversary with you before you celebrate with your hubby. Honestly, that’s sweet and really warmth too!

Well, today ain’t the day, but that was sometime a month ago…. Ya, it happened a month ago.

Nowadays many of my friends will drop by and asked me, ‘Hey, anywhere for lunch?’. I was like, ‘Hello, am I supposed to do this job??’ Of course, it’s been my pleasure to share and even to blog about it. Though, work load is like getting no where, and my stress level is increasing and that making me no time to write too.

When I created this blog, my whole objective is to write and to release my stress from work. And honestly, it helps. From there, it also gain some monetary motivation that keep me moving. After all the hoohaa at work, and all the high turn over, whatever left balance will be automatically transfer the jobs to you. That actually has made me no time to write, no time to take photo and no time to draft anything out from my mind. And the stress level has gone up to a time that I nearly wanted to give up everything. Almost every weekend and week nights I was sitting in front of the laptop and never stop typing or working or even analyzing. I do wonder at times, is this what I want?

Of course, I still surf around for food, and leave a few comments to a few corners that I frequently patronized. I just missed it anyway…

Sip & Chew Café… what attract me is not because of anything but this Flower Pot Ice Cream! Yes, that’s the Flower Pot Ice Cream!! I first got to know from Pioneer Woman whom blogged about it, and it attracted my attention since then. Who in the world so creative that creates this??

2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 009a 2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 019a
When my fellow colleagues asked me where to go for dessert, with no second thought I told them let’s try out this place. Though I know they are not using any good brand ice cream, but who cares, it’s something that attracts many insane people like us. When the flower pot was place on the table, they were like ‘Oooh….!!’, ‘Ahhh… !!’, ‘Eehhhh….!!’, ‘Wowww…. !!’. Any surprise expression, you name it, you can hear it! Then there goes the snapping sound, ‘click’, ‘click’, ‘click’, ‘click’…. (smile, I just can’t stop smiling when I think back that scene).

Ok, like I said we were here for desserts, of course, no main course, no snacks nor anything but DESSERTs! Yes, you heard me, DESSERT!

2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 008a 2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 010a
A crepe cake that shared among us… though this wasn’t the main character; however it does fill up our desire in terms of desserts’ hunger.

2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 016a 2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 001a
Here comes the main character, Potted Plant Ice Cream Cake. Isn’t that pretty??

2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 003a 2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 004a 2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 005a 2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 006a 2013_05_28 Sip & Chew 007a 
After the whole ‘process’ … we were all happy and enjoyed!

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Address & Contact Number
No. 72, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling
Georgetown, 10200
Tel: +6017-531 3480

Business Hour
Tue to Sun 12pm to 12am

Monday, June 24, 2013

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine

With the 2 of our age added up, honestly this is not the place for us – Love Bites. When we entered, first glance, I could feel some young couple looking at us. Second feel was this place is so romantic yet unpractical, and obviously not for us. Since we have stepped in and Pik Nik has yet to open for business, that leaves us no other choice but to dine here.

Fusion cuisine has never been my cup of tea, perhaps I really do not know how to appreciate it.

Am sure many young couple would love to explore this place, not only explore but also would patron this because recently a few of the Hong Kong celebrities came here for a break. And it was publicly sharing in Facebook. Nowadays Facebook is a social network where you don’t have to worry what did you left out behind. Even on food, many will just posted it up in their timeline and shared what they ate and what they have tried. People like us still keeping a blog, honestly it’s all our passion or our integrity?! God knows, I believe?!

It was a heavy down pour that day… this is definitely a cozy place for crazily in love couple, cuz, the name has pronounced it all. Love Bites… tell me which couple do not go thru the crazily in love kind of relationship? In fact, for us that had married for 10 donkey years to maintain the excitement in life, not only having a frequent intimacy relationship, but also do have the on and off dating experience too. Walking in the rain, holding each other, watching movie in a theater, etc… this is a few of the example that I could think off. In fact, hubby also complained to me that I didn’t wanna go out for a date with him. (Silly me, isn’t it?)

Back to this Fusion Cuisine…. Guess am really not into it, thus whatever presented to me wasn’t really attracts me, and the serving waitress also not really into her profession. I overheard she told the guests that hang on first, am the only one serving. I can’t handle so many tables. I was like, gosh… is this the way to tell your customers???

When we stepped in, apart from having those glimpse from the others, but the waitress wasn’t warm enough to welcome us as their customer too. I was like am I in the right place first of all?? The facial expression cold and reluctant. That also the attitude that made me feel so awkward.

Looking at their menu… I guess I can understand they are creating such menu to attract more guests… they even have some passionate name for some desserts and main course too. And some are even fusion enough that had stopped me from trying it. I believe I am not adventurous enough on this!

Well… let the old lady here present to you their Love Bites’ dishes …

2013_06_09 Love Bites (2)a 
Tiramisu Coffee (RM8.90)

2013_06_09 Love Bites (1)a
Fusion Aglio-Olio (RM22.90)

2013_06_09 Love Bites (16)a 
Lemongrass Pork Loin (RM22.90)

Address & Contact Number
Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
11 Nagore Road
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-228 6188

Business Hour:
Mon to Sat: 12noon to 11pm (close on Tuesday)
Sun: 3pm to 11pm