Friday, December 21, 2012


2012_12_21 Tang Yuen  (1)a
While everyone is talking about Maya calendar, doomsday, end of the world… I guess I was busy making Ta ng Yuen () for prayer. Getting permission to leave office early to be home to make the dough, add in colour to make the Tang Yuen () more colorful. Last year, did not get to do anything all due to the customs restriction of someone passing.

Anyway, today… December 21, 2012 is the Winter Solstice, Chinese called it Dongzhi. A day that what our elderly said it’s greater that Chinese New Year. Why would they said that… been trying to google it, some how just couldn’t find the missing piece.

2012_12_21 Tang Yuen  (8)a 2012_12_21 Tang Yuen  (4)a
Happy Dongzhi everyone! 冬至!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Eighty Eight Restaurant

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 097a
Whenever there’s a new restaurant or café in town, I will either patronize it with hubby, family or friends. But, lately I have found a bunch a new ‘friends’ aka my managers. They are bunch of food lovers, and they know I am good in looking for food, thus, they have never have any doubt on me for recommending them any place for lunch or dinner.

The Eighty Eight Restaurant is a new place that I brought them to, a very ordinary place with no attractive signboard (except the bright orange sign) and also parking is a constraint to the customers. But food wise, it’s definitely recommended, and price wise is reasonable too.

I remember very clearly that whenever we drove passed this place, I was telling hubby that we should step foot in here, and all because of the outlook of the restaurant, it did not give him any confident that this place will be something special.

It was a farewell dinner that we host for our dear colleague. And, it was also a dinner with full of laughter. Laughter as in 5 that were born in Kedah state over 1 from Perak state. Laughter as in me that is bugging them on work, on deadline, etc. Laughter is the best medicine to cure the stress at work and is the best bonding wire to bond our friendship… what can we ask for more from this group of friends?

When we opened up the menu, we could laugh over it. Cuz, first thing came to our mind was let’s order all of these and share out. Even some food that cooked with wine or alcohol, we were just wouldn’t careless, we just want to enjoy the food, and the company though this is a farewell dinner.

After all, when we look back, we are glad that we were colleagues, we were working mate, and we were supporting each other during the crisis. Even after anyone of us left, we can still call each other out for a meal, for a drink or even for a coffee. I believe such bonding is something money can’t buy.

Food that we shared…

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 081a
Minestrone, a classic Italian soup with grounded basil pesto.

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 075a
Seafood Bisque, seafood soup infused with brandy and garnished with chopped tomatoes.

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 069a 
Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Scallop, that is served with pan seared sashimi grade scallop.

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 094a
Bread with Home Made Butter

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 080a 2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 079a  
Sauté Clams, fresh clams cooked with garlic, white wine, chili flakes and parsley.

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 060a 
Potato Guocchi (RM27)

Cold Starter
2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 087a 2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 086a 
Rocket Salad, tossed with lemon vinaigrette served with soft boiled egg and goat cheese.

Main Entrée
2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 055a 2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 054a
Coq Au Vin (RM38), it’s a braised chicken leg in red wine for about 4 hours, served with mash potato, and courgettes (zucchini).

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 049a 2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 047a
Tai Snapper (RM40), it’s a Japanese red snapper cooked in clam broth, with fennel, leek, shimeji mushrooms and celery.

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 035a 
Rib-Eye Steak (RM60), about a 250gm of 120 days grain fed black angus rib-eye steak.

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 045a 2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 043a
Salmom (RM45),  Norwegian salmon fillet, served with fava bean puree, roasted onion jus, sauté bean and cured red radish.

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 022a 
Seafood Linguine (RM38), assorted seafood type of pasta with tomato puree.

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 040a 2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 039a
Lamb Rump, roasted Australian baby lamb rump 

Side Dishes
2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 059a 
Boiled Carrot with herbs

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 016a 2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 013a
Gratine Sabayon with Strawberry & Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 020a 
Vanilla Panna Cotta

2012_09_28 88 Restaurant 012a 
Chocolate & Banana 2012, different texture of chocolate served with coffee infused chips, banana espuma, banana ice cream.

Address & Contact Number
The Eighty-Eight Restaurant
49-A, Kelawai Road
Pulau Tikus
Tel: +604-226 2821

Note: Close on Tuesday
Opening Hours –
Lunch: 12.00 to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30 to 10.30pm

Friday, October 26, 2012

Burps and Giggles

2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (1) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (34) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (31) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (30)
Burps and Giggles… I believe many Ipohan knows about this is a new venture of Ms Julie Song. So, who is Julie Song? She’s the BOSS of Indulgence, and then the next question pops up is what is Indulgence? Indulgence is a fine dining restaurant in Tambun Road, Ipoh. A place where you could see lots of high profile people from Ipoh patronized.

Been to Ipoh many times, and all these while, I am eating on home cooked food or street food that I don’t even have a chance to try out other food which Motormouth From Ipoh recommends from his blog. But this time, I am going to try out this place, Burps & Giggles!

What actually caught my attention were the free and easy feels, and the simple decoration. Tables and chairs are simply got it from elsewhere, … well, that’s what I personally believe. A table without the top, but it can be fixed with a kitchen door. A water tap can be fixed it with a copper pipe and slightly bend it with a special design. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?? And that has actually caught many photographers to visit this place…

2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (19)a 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (13) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (15) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (6) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (5) 
I’ve not come across any place that doesn’t have a menu!!!! Yes, this is it… Burps and Giggles! A place without a menu and what it serves are mainly BURGERS!!! You can choose it from the black board which they have written down and with the price too. Choices are from beef, lamb, chicken, fish and even Portobello. And each of this has a beautiful name, for example for the beef burger, they named it Bam Bam, mushroom burger is Bello, fish is Harvey and others too.

Apart from burgers, they have other pastries, which are placed at the other side of the corner.  Bottom line, NO MENU in this place! Even drinks are all written on board, whatever you want, just take a look and order.

2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (2) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (3) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (23) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (24) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (25) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (27) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (28) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (29) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (33) 2012_10_24 Burps and Giggles (35)
I shouldn’t be talking so much… well, enjoy!!

Other Review

Address & Contact Number
Burps & Giggles
93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf
Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +605-242 6188

Business Hour:
8am to 8pm, close on Tuesday
Directly behind Kong Heng coffee shop

Monday, September 17, 2012

32 Mansion

2012_09_09 32 Mansion (1)a
32 Mansion is a place where many couple will surely step foot during their courtship. Well, today I am not going to share much of how a courting couple should dos and don’ts but to tell you this is a place even for a family dining out is also a nice place to hang out to recommend too.

2012_09_09 32 Mansion (6)-001a
It was a great accomplishment for us to bring our aunt over here for lunch last weekend, cuz, she’s the type of woman that doesn’t like Western food. To her Western food is something very luxury and it doesn’t have that wok aroma. Well, to cut it short, she’s a typical traditional woman like my grandmother, further, food taste is subjective and it’s basically required a special acquired taste.

Everyone knows 32 Mansion is one of Mr Yeoh Kah Hock’s chain of restaurant, it has been established for a long time and it has also built a name within the community. Many of us in the island will hop in for food, for drinks and even for a gathering down here. Some even host their wedding banquet too.

Ruby the jazz singer is the centre of the attraction if you dine here for dinner or come here for a drink. Her deep voice can be a lullaby to put you to sleep and couple with the songs that are so soothing.

For lunch, 32 Mansion has variety dishes for their customers to choose… all main dish starts from RM32 to RM48 and inclusive of either Salad or Soup of the Day, a Dessert and either a cup of coffee or tea to end the entire meal.

2012_09_09 32 Mansion (43)a 
What I come back for more is the home made salad sauce, its piquant taste; it’s definitely a refreshing sauce that many of us fell in love with it. The salad sauce is also can be purchased at the counter for RM14 per bottle.
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (40)a 2012_09_09 32 Mansion (36)a 2012_09_09 32 Mansion (38)a
Green Spinach Soup is the Soup for the Day, the side condiments was consists of spring onions, croutons, and cream is to accomplish the nicely taste soup; coupled it with 32 Mansion house made Garlic Bread. This is definitely heavenly food to me!
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (51)a 
6 spice marinated barbequed chicken with buttered rice (its their house specialty)
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (56)a 
Char-grilled lamb chops with rosemary sauce, I find it slightly over cooked.
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (50)a 
Vegetarian spaghetti “aglio olio” (spicy version)
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (47)a 
Chicken and mushroom pie, a 20 minutes waiting time.
2012_09_09 32 Mansion (59)a 
To end the sumptuous meal with a nicely decorated dessert and a cup of coffee or tea is something made my aunt feels so satisfying! I truly happy with that!!