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懷舊娘惹餐廳 Restoran Pinang Peranakan

These days submerge and not surface up for blogging is something that honestly could make you lazy. Not only that, you will be running out of idea what to do and what to write. You will tend to lose your focus and your objectives whether this blog is meant for food review or basically recipes creation. But, who cares, right? As long as you are the owner and you know what to do regardless is food review or recipes creation, as long as you know there are some readers out there will read some of the posts here and or some of the readers will keep following your posts, what would you be losing? Well, I would have to admit that in terms of monetary, you are definitely losing out a lot!  And these days things are so expensive, nothing is cheap, and that factor could honestly make one frustrated about it.

But what comfort you most is readers are like part of the family, they give advices, ideas and so on. Isn’t that warmth your heart? It does to me.

Let’s side track a bit… GE 13th is the hottest topic in town, even in Facebook or in any where. It’s no longer a topic to chat in Kopitiam or any other coffee shop. Some friends are even talk about it during lunch, coffee or Tweet about it. And some are even boiling angry over CEC (Central Executive Committee) for not recognizing the particular party, and from the nomination this morning, latest news was announced that there are a lot more of independent nominees contesting this GE.  Well, basically there are a lot to talk about, some colleagues and friends are taking 15 days off to campaign, to get donations and etc.

Let’s move back to food, talking about expensive food these days, recently got to know this place where I’ve just discovered. Food serving was reasonable, and the price as well. Though the place is rather quiet and not many people visit, however it ain’t any bad idea to host a friend for lunch or dinner.

Pinang Peranakan Restaurant or in Chinese is call懷舊娘惹餐is located in Logan Heritage Building, at Beach Street, Penang. To be more specified, it’s same row as Standard Chartered Bank and it’s diagonal opposite of HSBC Bank. It’s easy to recognize but parking is a headache. However, you can park your car at the empty land that is opposite the building.

2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (11)a 2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (13)a 2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (28)a 
Talking about food, it’s always my job to do, of course, when there’s some one whom is good in this area, you would be humbling submerge again. Anyway, these are the food that we had that day and it had made everyone of us happy and the time that we spent together in terms of working team was great.

2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (20)a 
Curry Tumis Black Pomfret Fish

2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (16)a 
Brinjal with Minced Pork Meat

2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (24)a 2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (26)a 
Nyonya’s Tao Yiu Bak

2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (32)a  2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (29)a
Nyonya’s Lobak

2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (35)a 
Assam Prawns

2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (37)a 2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (42)a
2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (2)a
As for the desserts that ends the lunch was Nyonya Style Ice Kacang and BoBoChaCha.

2013_04_17 懷舊娘惹餐廳 (4)a 
Oh yes, not to forget that the restaurant also cater for those that want to have a quick bite and not fancy over having ala carte. Set lunch is serves as well, customers would encourage to check with them before order.

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Contact Number / Address
Pinang Peranakan Restoran (Authentic Nyonya Cuisine)
4, Logan Heritage
Lebuh Pantai / Beach Street (土庫)
13000 Penang
Tel: +604-261 2269