Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bella Marino

2010_11_27 Straits Quay 028a

If it’s not my friend that sent me a text yesterday, perhaps I won’t be visiting this place. A mall by the sea – Straits Quay.

My 1st time stepped foot into this place, immediately it was a love at first sight kind of feeling, I like the colonial design, and also the pleasant feeling it gives me. It was a pleasant surprise that we have in this place. Not to mention is around the corner for Christmas, but it’s something that any Penangite would proud of this piece of ‘art’.

While strolling around, we were excited to see so many food and beverages outlets down here, and we told ourselves, we will surely visit this place more often.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 022a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 005a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 002a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 001a

Bella Marino was our first outlet to try out while others were under some renovation. I was told there are many more outlets to check out, apart from Dome, Blue Reef, Starbucks and so on.

Anyway, after a quiet days and weeks, am going to start off with this simple post, at least am not completely out of the blogging world, but just too busy and too loaded with work. When you down in such place, you would not go wrong with pizza and pasta… and that’s what exactly we had this afternoon.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 017a

Le Zuppa (Soup) – a home made fresh cream of mushroom soup that starts with today’s lunch, RM12-80.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 015a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 012a

Followed by Le Pizze (Pizza) - Pizza Con Pollo that has roasted chicken meat, turkey ham and pineapple as topping, RM26-90.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 020a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 018a

Le Paste (Pasta) – Linguine Marinara was my choice, the fine strands of flat pasta cooked in tomato sauce with assorted seafood, RM31-00.

2010_11_27 Bella Marino 009a 2010_11_27 Bella Marino 006a

Added Iced Lemon Tea RM6-50 and Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice RM6-50 for the lunch for two.

Currently Bella Marino is having a opening promotion, if you dine in there will entitle for 10% discount. Come 1st December 2010 will have new menu as well.

Address & Contact Number
Bella Marino
Ristorante & Pizzeria
Lot No 3A-G-11 Straits Quay
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Tokong
10470 Penang
Tel: +604-899 0277
Fax: +604-890 9277

Business Hour
Open Daily
Lunch: 11am to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 11pm

Note: Snacks in between hours. After hours al fresco casual wine drinking, also cater for take-aways.