Friday, December 26, 2008

Crystal Jade Kitchen 翡翠小廚

I know I have not finish posting about my last trip KL food hunt adventures, yet, I am on another trip down here. But this trip, am here for Mama Mia but not food alone. However, the food that am enjoying isn’t that bad, in fact, kind of indulgence too.

Anyway, 1st day of arriving was already late. Actually it isn’t late, it was the traffic in town that was delaying in checking in the hotel and that has delayed our lunch too. Whenever am in KL, the killing part is the traffic that made many people annoyed about. We were like crawling from one end to another, the hotel entrance is so near yet so far to reach.

By the time we finished checked in, get the stuff in the room, it’s almost 2pm. And it’s time to fix our stomach which is growling for hunger.

I was suggesting to hubby why don’t we try the most expensive food court in town, before he could nod his head, Crystal Jade caught his attention. We diverted our way from Food Republic to Crystal Jade instead.

Down there, I’ve not come across such an expensive Wanton Mee before, and yet it tasted worst that the road side stall.

What make a wanton noodle springy? Some people told me is the alkaline water, that’s the reason why when you cook wanton mee, you need to wash off with cold water again before it serves. What am having down here is really disappointing, the noodle is rather soggy and the sauce is too thick and the worst is per plate serves RM10.80 with 5 shrimp wanton and some miserable few vegetables.

I guess this is KL’s standard, and more over it’s in a glamorous mall in town aka the KL Pavilion.

I saw the egg tart being served on other table and without hesitation I ordered a plate, cuz, I’ve been wanting to try on the egg tarts here, cuz, I find that some how their pastry is better than Penang one. True enough it does!

Hubby wants Siew Mai which he finds it comparatively better than Penang one.

And his favourite Roasted Pork. I also found out that KL like to have a plate of mustard to accompany the Roasted Pork, and I thought only typical Cantonese will prefer this to be served.

As for drinks I have a glass of warm soya bean milk and hubby op for a lemon barley.

Total damage for that one meal is RM68.30, guess it’s reasonable for a KL standard, huh?

Address & Contact Number
Crystal Jade Kitchen (Pavilion) 翡翠小廚
Lot 1, 17.00, Level 1 Pavilion
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2148 9115
Fax: +603-2145 2115


Little Inbox said...

Spend 60 over ringgit just for these food, expensive lor...

mimid3vils said...

Haha, I just had a decent wonton mee at RM4.00 :P

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Little Inbox, KL standard, mall standard. :(

Hi mimid3vils, decent wanton mee at RM4.00 still expensive leh, down in Penang is only RM2.80. :)

flippingskirt said...

thank you for linking.

over in penang, bowl portion is very small compared to KL. That's why there's big price comparison.

Allie said...

It's just not worth to eat hawker type food at this kind of restaurant. Maybe the ala carte dishes taste better?

cariso said...

I guess we just get used to our pricing here.

Steven Goh said...

yumm.... i love the egg tart. RM60 in KL is consider still ok but if in Penang sure will kena curse until upside down.

Timothy Low said...

Seriously .... food prices has gone mad these days. Then again, it's the price to pay for premium. For ambiance. For lifetyle.

J2Kfm said...

pricey, I agree.

though the slabs of meat hanging at the window display look tempting, I never stepped in, as I still believe the best roasted meats and wantan noodles are those from the hawkers.

and paying less than half the price.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Flipping Skirt, thanks for dropping by. Even the serve portion is small, but still comparatively is cheaper compared to KL price.

Hi Allie, I supposed the ala carte one is better.

Hi Cariso, I agree with you!!

Hi Steven, you have your point.

Hi Tim, I don't find any ambience nor any good service down there lor. Was in fact a bit disappointed.

Hi J2kfm, probably you're right. :)