Sunday, December 28, 2008

Westin Room Service

I don’t know what do you call this, having meal at 12.30am. Hubby and I have not tried this before, not for supper, dinner nor breakfast. And this meal is room service, a plate of roast chicken, avocado & tarragon mayonnaise sandwich and a hot chocolate and soy milk for each of us.

Simple and filling too.

That’s what we have after a FANTASTIC & GREAT Mama Mia.

We didn’t have early dinner is because we had late lunch in Crystal Jade Kitchen and we ought to leave early to avoid the traffic in town. Ended up, we were crawling our way to Istana Budaya since 6.30pm.

Seriously I don’t ask for more, cuz, I was moved and enjoyed the every moment, every second of Mama Mia. The show that I would remember for life!

When I approached hubby to get the tickets, he was complaining the ticket is too expensive, now that he’s watched it himself, he’s completely speechless.


550ml jar of faith said...

There's something comforting and indulgent about ordering room service... and anything with avocado past midnight would be great! Glad you had a good time at the musical!

allenooi said...

never try to have a room service before. only see it from the movie. haha.

so how was the musical and the food? for sure u have a great and enjoyable time.

ai wei said...

it shud be supper but u had breakfast meal?!

it sounds cool to have room service werrr ^^

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi 550ml jar of faith, Oh yes, I had a great time at the musical and the room service. hahaha...

Hi Allen, give it a try, indulge yourself!!

Hi Ai Wei, Cool huh??? :)

Ho Jiak said...


it looks so yummy especially in cold hotel room, with hot food, in wee hours, and fries haha

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