Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spring Garden

When we had our short break recently in KL, hubby and I were having too much of western food and we both were actually yearning for something like rice. Ha, for what you know we were not yearning for anything like Sushi, Maki but RICE. While we were taking our own sweet time walking around in KLCC, ended up, we were all landed in this place call Spring Garden.

I believe it's one of the Tai Thong Group of Restaurant, serving Cantonese food. Cantonese food is more of focus on "wok hei", where you need to heat up your wok and stir fried to gain the ingredients fragrants.

Of all the dishes that we ordered, we both like this Chicken Cubes stir fried with Young Ginger & Spring Onions the most. Probably because of the "wor hei". Other than that, we also ordered Sweet & Sour Fish, Vegetables with Mushrooms.

So, how do you find this?? Of course, not cheap la... if am not mistake the entire dinner is about RM97.29 and it's only 3 dishes and 2 plain rice.... expensive hor?? But then, taste good wor...

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