Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wan Tan Mee 云吞面

After read Sembang N Talk's blog, hubby and I went to hunt for Wan Tan Mee in some places where I don't think any bloggers has actually blogged about it. For example, mainland Wan Tan Mee, etc.

Do you realize why Wan Tan Mee is so nice, well, I believe they do not add on any MSG, but do you know they added those lards. That's why you always find these lards in any local hawkers' food, even Hokkien Mee also have lards... will share some pictures on that. But then, later... ok?

We actually drove all the way down to Jalan Raja Uda and thought of hunting for food, ended up we saw lots of people down here at this corner shop. So, we both thought it may be a good place for breakfast. Oh, by the way, the shop name is called Beng Soon, I didn't get the snap right and it was covered by another stall at the road side.

Oh yes, I must emphasize one point down here. The signboard below, it says all noodles are handmade, they do serve dried koay teow or even soupy type. They have Wan Tan soup, Chicken Legs, Siew Yok, Vegetables, etc, but those are for morning session orders.

Normal plate as in small plate it costs about RM2.20, big plate is RM2.70. To me it ain't any different, the only different is they added 2 small little tiny prawn meat for you. Oh ya, they gave 2 boil wantan and 1 fried wantan.

I was told this is one of the famous stall in mainland, but then I find it so so. Am sure there are more Wan Tan Mee in mainland is good to taste. In fact, I have one favourate Wan Tan Mee to share, unfortunately I do not have any pictures right now, will blog more on that later.
Meanwhile, hope to receive more of your comment and suggestions to advise me where can I find good Wan Tan Mee.......

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