Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dragon-i Queensbay

I've not been posting anything on Queensbay Dragon-i, well, shall I talk a bit about it?
I noted different outlet has its different design even their menu too. I only have been to 2 outlets in fact, one in the Curve, and the other is in Queensbay. Probably Queensbay is one of the newest outlet, thus, the design is slightly different from the one that I've visited some time in May.
Well, when you walked into Dragon-i, first thing you will order the Xiao Long Bao () and that's one of their best. This round, we ordered 天津狗不理 which is one of tibits (小吃) in TianJin.
The recent visit that I patronized, hubby and I ordered the veg, ribs, and baozi. Hubby finds the ribs are tasty, but I find it so so. As for the veg, maybe it's too bland.
I actually wanted to 'take-away' Xiao Long Bao for my parents to try, the waitress was kind enough and explained to us that it has to take ONLY 8mins to steam, nothing more than that or less than that. Perhaps that's their specs and requirement. And, according to the waitress, she also said that it's best to use the bamboo steamer to steam. Since, this is so troublesome, hubby and decided to bring them here instead of 'ta-bao'. Hahahahaha....
As for drinks, we both order 'tong-sui' (糖水), hasma () & snow fungus longan (冰糖雪耳).Guess how much was the bill for 2 persons??

If you have not been to Dragon-i in Queensbay, well, do give it a try. Below is the address and contact number for the outlet.

Address & Contact Number
Dragon-i Penang
Lot 2F-77,78,79 & 81
Tel: - 604-646 6888


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

it is definitely not cheap to eat in dragon i at all..but how did the xiu long bao taste ilke for u?

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Joe, the taste so so, especially when you see lots of customers order, otherwise, not too bad. Yes, the place is kinda pricey.

Big Boys Oven said...

yeah now a days it is expensive to dine at dragon-i. But do say their food is still good and they do change their menu often. Creative and inviting.

New Kid on the Blog said...

hi bbo, do they change their menu often?? i didnt really notice that... thks for informing though.

IronEaters said...

the dimsums all looked pretty good and the environment looks somewhat special as well.but its v expensive yea considering only tt few things tt u guys ordered.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Ironeaters, ya la!! This place is so pricey ... but that's something different. Cuz, they have many outlets in KL and one and only outlet in Penang.

MayaKirana said...

I tried the one in KL Pavilion...not bad! For an elegant Chinese dining experience, Dragon-i is not bad at all. I have yet to try the Queensbay outlet because each time I go, there's lots of people and there's even a waiting list.I found your post today because I wanted to call and see if I can make reservations for lunch before I go. ;-) The siew long pao is tasty, full of soupy goodness and worth a try. I find their tongsui a bit too sweet!

Anonymous said...

Pavilion's Dragon-i Signature is a even more pricey restaurant. About 4/5 simple dishes like tauhu, prawn, fish and vege, 2 xiao long bao and 1 mee ade cost me RM500++ after tax.