Junction Restaurant 檳城角頭餐廳

Once we were driving around and looking for food, we drove into Chow Thye Road where lots of old houses with nice decorations. We spotted this place call 檳城角頭餐廳.
At that point in time, I was asking hubby shall we check it out, after all, we both have not had anything. So, we were ambitious enough to walk in just like that.
The surrounding was pleasant to me, and it’s full of greens and the owner had placed some bamboo chairs and wooden tables as a dining table.

In fact, this place was being interviewed by Kwang Meng Press, I supposed this is consider a well recommended place.

After viewing through their menu, we both decided to order something simple and yet could fill up our tummy.

First we have their ‘Signature Tau Foo’ (招牌豆腐) which is home made.

Sweet & Sour Pork (). Honestly, I don’t quite like it, due to their taste was kinda weird to me.
And, a plate of Salted Fish Fried Bean Sprout. To my surprise they do not just fry only beans sprout but also mixed with other vegetables like carrot.

Oh ya, we both order a Kiwi drink and a Honey Lemon. Honestly, I guess I made a better Honey Lemon. It wasn’t really a honey that mixed with Lemon juices. I believe they use one of those pre-pack bottle type of honey lemon.

Overall, I don’t quite like the taste, but I like the surrounding. On top of that, the damage isn’t that great too, if am not mistaken it’s about RM40 plus.

Address & Contact Number
Junction Restaurant 檳城角頭餐廳
54,Chow Thye Raod
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-228 0599


Sweet Jasmine said…
Maybe my sweet and sour pork taste better...
Poppy Seed said…
There's only so much ambience can do for a meal if the food is uninspired.
J2Kfm said…
the food looks lack-lustre. though the ambience is good enough. they serve chinese/fusion fare? looks more like a restaurant serving nyonya cuisine though ...
squall said…
the enviroment thr quite nice...
love the nostalgic ambience though..
little inbox said…
Their tofu looks like my home made meat ball, hehe...
ling239 said…
wonder how weird the sweet and sour pork can be...
not sweet and not sour ? :p
Hi Sweet Jasmine, I would think so... even my sweet & sour pork is better than them too. :D

Hi Poppy Seed, ya lor.

Hi j2kfm, not quite a fusion food. It's actually Chinese food.

Hi squall, ya in a way. Very old fashion, hor?

Hi Joe, yup.

Hi little inbox, hahahhaha... is it?

Hi ling239, that's true... not sweet nor sour. The taste is completely weird to me.
gill gill said…
my ex-coursemate & her family used to be in-charged OR rans the 角頭餐廳 starts from scratch, but due to the business politics, and they gives up, and took over by someone. My coursemate's father were a chef which has a good cooking skill...sigh, waisted. ended up in other's people's hand.
Hi Gill, well, where are they now? Are they opening a new restaurant?? If so, pls share!
gill gill said…
Hi New kid on the blog, unfortunately her father has retired....hahaha