The Loaf, Langkawi

Japanese baking has evolved over many centuries and now these delicious premium breads and pastries are available in Malaysia. Developed by award-winning Japanese Master Baker, Chef Yukichi Matsubara all items produced in the Loaf are made daily from the finest imported ingredients.

While many are available as take-away items others can be consumed in the restaurant. The Loaf also offers a full á la carte lunch and dinner menu for those who appreciate international cuisine served in a relaxed ambience.

Start the day with the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee and tasty breads and pastries hot from The Loaf’s ovens. Afternoon teas are also specialty of The Loaf.

The Loaf is situated along Perdana Quay facing the colourful Telaga Harbour Marina. The picturesque setting with Mount Machincang as a backdrop is one of the island’s most popular tourist destinations. Luxury yachts line the waterfront and several restaurants, cafes and bars combine with The Loaf to provide a lively place to enjoy a delicious meal or snack.

Located just 15 minutes drive from the airport. The Loaf is also a popular stop for visitors travelling to the Langkawi Cable Car, Telaga Tujuh Waterfall and the resorts around Buray Bay. ~ The Loaf, Langkawi

With the above illustrated content, am sure you will have the urge of trying how good The Loaf is.

First day arriving to Langkawi, after checked in to our hotel The Westine Langkawi Resort & Spa, we both actually hired a rental car and drove around in the island. Driving around in Langkawi will not be a problem for hubby as he’s been visiting Langkawi many many times. This is my 3rd visit after 8 years, I could see lots of developments in Langkawi. And many things have changed in Langkawi… lots of seafood restaurants, lots of luxury resorts, and lots of yacht harbours too.
I’ve heard a lot about The Loaf, and never had a chance to try it. Thus, The Loaf is one of our destinations to visit. Driving all the way from Kuah Town (where the hotel located) to Pantai Kok, honestly is a quite a long way. But, with the beautiful scenery along the way and less traffics, the drive was pretty enjoying. I could see padi fields, buffaloes, cows, goats,… the typical old time Malay kampong life style. It was so relaxing.
When we reached Pantai Kok, lots of luxury yachts sitting along the harbours, that scene was so perfect with a cup of coffee and a slice of bread from the oven. The ambience is so good and I really have no words to describe it.
Though we reached the place is rather late, but it didn’t stop us from getting our late lunch. Both of us ordered a cup of hot chocolate and a cup of café latte respectively, and some breads first while waiting for our ‘main dish’.
Hubby loves croissant a lot, unfortunately they had sold out for the day. But, they recommended their The Loaf’s Club Sandwich to hubby. The sandwich comes with slices of bread that filled with eggs, chicken and beef bacon, which accompanied by salads and tomato slices. Since we both can’t take beef, they made him more chicken meat with their special salad sauce.
As for me, I have myself a Smoked Salmon Bagel, a few slices of smoked salmon dressed with mustard mayonnaise on salad and a sprinkle of capers over a bagel. It was marvelous and delicious!
What can I say more with these mouthwatering breads!!?? Mama Mia!!!

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Address & Contact Number
Lot No C9
Perdana Quay
Telaga Harbour Park
Pantai Kok, 07000 Langkawi
Tel: +604 959 4866
Fax: +604 959 4803

Lot 3.13.00 & 4.12.02
Level 3 & Level 4
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2145 3036
Fax: +603-2145 3034


CK Lam said…
Hmm..nice holiday...I would love to get my hands on those yummy breads and the nearest I can buy is from the Pavillion Kuala Lumpur at the meantime..haha
ling239 said…
oh, u din get to try the the Tun's Favourite bfast ? :p
do they served the Japanese cheesecake as well ?
Shell (貝殼) said…
Now not need go so far 4 those yummy breads^^
PenangTuaPui said…
is there any hotel or apartment for rent within the area?...

wonder if i can have breakfast in the early morning at the balcony....

enjoy life.. no work, no pressure..

those bread looks yummy...
lingzie said…
wow! i love breads and pastries! must have been a real treat to visit this place! hope you had a lovely holiday! :)
Little Inbox said…
I just can't take much bread, croissant and pastries cuz will feel full after eating a little bit only.
24HrMom said…
wow... I love breads ! Those fillings really drooling me off! So many holidays for you.. enjoy life, ya. ;-)
squall said…
i will visit when every time i go langkawi...
jason said…
OMG, I've been wanting to go to Langkawi ever since my friend showed me the pictures he took there!

Okay, shall put this in my must-visit list.
the bagel is definitely "makeable" at home..gave it a try..just as good! just use mustard seed with mayo with u dun hav the same kick
Hi CK, well compare KL and Langkawi, of course the most convenient is KL. However, if you're visiting Langkawi, do drop by this place. You will like the surrounding.

Hi Ling239, nope did not. As when I was there is already late afternoon.

Hi Shell, unfortunately Penang doesn't have mah... so have to travel to either Langkawi or KL lor.

Hi Penangtuapui, nope. The nearest is Burau Bay Resort, Berjaya Resort or Pelangi Resort, I think.

Hi Lingzie, well, not quite a good one compared the one I had in December.

Hi Little Inbox, don't you tend to eat a lot when you're on holiday?? Well, I do... heheheh... a glutton!! :)

Hi 24hrmom, not many la... where got?? :)

Hi Squall, do you go to Langkawi often?

Hi Jason, good!! Remember to publish ah?! ok?

Hi Joe, ya I know... but I can't find bagel down here. :(
J2Kfm said…
I havent been to Langkawi myself, so paiseh. must go least once. Tried Loaf's Uh-Huh Cheesecakes, really fluffy and good. but the other breads are over-priced la ...
Criz Lai said…
I see bread everywhere.. haha. At least got fillings inside. I think of bread, I think of when I got sick :P Anyway, I missed out this shop when I was at the Pavilion KL. Never mind, next food expedition trip :P
Hi j2kfm, I didn't get to taste that, as I dont see that when we were there, probably we're too late. Do find some time visit Langkawi, a nice place to go too.

Hi Criz, I didn't try the one in KL. Will plan to try one of these days... but don't know when la. Eh, doesn't mean sick is on bread la! Bread is nice and good.
I had the club sandwich at the Pavillion outlet. Did you not find it strange that they used that type of bread? It was a little too dense for me. I think I'd prefer all those fillings with either softer fresh bread or toasted completely, not untoasted hard bread.
Hi 550ml jar of faith, I actually didn't taste that. Hubby was having that instead. But then he likes the texture of the bread and so far, no complain from him. :)
Shirley said…
Thanks for the review. Heard so much, and we can't wait flying to langkawi and savor...all your food pictures made me drooling :)