Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Padang Hawker Delight

When you yearning for supper and yet you do not know where to head to. Well, let me introduce this place to you. This place no stranger to anyone in Penang. It’s a big football field that in between Jalan Dato’ Keramat & Jalan Anson. This football field is actually next to a BhP petrol station.

What’s famous down there… well, there are a lot of food down there. Even they have stall selling dim sum, char koay teow, hokkien mee, koay teow th’ng, and so on.
We took one of our dinner at the ‘padang’, and that night hubby and I were extremely hungry, first get our seat, second hubby quickly went and ordered 2 bowl of wanton mee and a bowl of wanton.

The noodle is tender, and it is not soggy at all; but slightly oily to my liking. And I could see lots of lards in the bowl of noodle as well as the wanton.

富貴麵, I don’t know what is it… and this stall actually caught my attention. Without second thought I actually asked hubby get the order for me.

Tada… guess what? It’s actually Lam Mee. Some of us will call it birthday noodle, but I wonder why富貴麵? So, if it’s direct translate, that would be Rich and Honor Noodle? [grin] What’s make a good Lam Mee? Of course, the broth and the sambal belancan chilli, both of this accommodate with the taste well.

Well, will your saliva drip down from your mouth??
Will this make you hungry?? [wink]


yammylicious said...

birthday noodle? 'sau mee'? yamm~

Christy said...

I have been here only once at night; and we actually tried the wrong side I think; it was Malay Lok Lok (Celup) and the food tasted horrible and even caused me an upset tummy so we didn't really try their night fare anymore:(

My Daddy loves Lam Mee, maybe I should recommend this place to him next time...hehe, thanks (courtesy of New Kid!)

daphne said...

ooo........ noodles! I like noodles! and wanton! wah.. do u think they wrap some lard inside the wanton too? I heard some places do that to add flavour in.

Cynthia said...

I could live on this stuff.

ling239 said...

富貴麵.... marketing gimmick ? :p

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Yammylicious, Hokkien call this birthday noodle.

Hi Christy, hope your dad enjoy the lam mee....

Hi Daphne, that am not sure... in fact, I should ask huh??? hahahaha...

Hi Cynthia, you surely do!

Hi Ling239, gimmick?? hahahah... only they know.

Nicholas Chan said...

Woohoo! Another fan of the wan tan mee, although a bit oily. I love that place too, my dad always got order the vegetable also. =) Nice.