Monday, January 7, 2008

Chinese Recreation Club (CRC)

I think many have heard about CRC Restaurant, the Chinese Recreation Club in Jalan Padang Victoria. I only know this restaurant cook delicious Cantonese Cuisine, and also Teow Chew Cuisine. One of their famous is the Lobster Birthday Noodle. That plate of noodle at least costs RM100 and above minimum.

Anyway, I didn’t order that expensive noodle, but something simple and nice. It was after viewing the E&O show houses, all of us, were hungry and didn’t know what to have for late lunch. Suddenly, all of us craving for Chinese Food, then, my sister suggested this place for lunch.

So, how simple is simple for the lunch?? [grin]
Simple as in one steam fish.

Chicken Dice in Claypot with Salted Fish.

Stir Fried Green Spinach.

And, a plate of Steam Beancurd with Mushroom and Chicken Dice spread on top of the beancurds.

The dishes that serving are delicious, and big serving. Especially the Chicken Dice in Claypot with Salted Fish, it was such a nice smell when they served. The beancurd was smooth like “Tau Foo Fah” (in Cantonese), or “Tau Hua” (in Hokkien).

As for the fish, they steamed it within the right time frame, cuz, the fish meat is so soft and juicy. It was indeed a good meal for the day.
Though salted fish to many people may think it’s an inexpensive stuff, but it blends well with other dishes like that. The aroma was making everyone even more hungry.

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Address & Contact Number
CRC Restaurant
Chinese Recreation Club
Jalan Padang Victoria
10400 Penang
Tel: 604-2299157 Fax: 604-2299157


daphne said...

*sign* i do miss food like that. The tofu looks lovely..and yes! I sooo agree with the salted fish comment!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ohhh the expensive rm3 million e&o houses?

how come i dun see any fish head?..wat fish was it?..yeah the ham yu pork claypot is lagi awesome..!

ling239 said...

why am i not in penang ~ *sigh

what fish is tat ?

Sweet Jasmine said...

This restaurant is very popular for chinese wedding feast too...btw try to do an easy tag from me...

Jason said...

The tofu looks marvelous lah.

lingzie said...

heehee great minds think alike! i'm also gonna do a post on CRC soon.. :) i do enjoy the food here.

Christy said...

I heard this place's pretty expensive too:)
What do you think?
Is the food good?:D

buzzingbee said...

yea..the food there can be simple but yet taste very good. Price tag are abit high but at least the food comes with quality!! :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Daphne, this is call great minds thinks alike.

Hi Joe, I didn't take the head portion. It looks like the fish without the head huh?? hahahaha... In fact, we were asking for ham yu pork meat, they said they dont have. So, we went for the chicken dice lor.

Hi Ling239, hahahah... when I see you posting, I'll ask myself the same question too, why am I not in KL?!

Hi Sweet Jasmine, ya ya ya, you're right. Oh ya, the tag, ya, I saw that... yet to have the idea how to do it. Will do, no worries...

Hi Jason, yes, was so so good!

Hi Lingzie, so, when are you posting then??

Hi Christy, price at times are a bit pricey especially on simple food like that.

Hi Buzzingbee, thks for dropping by, hope to see you more often. Yes, you're absolutely right!!!

J2Kfm said...

CRC! tasted their nasi goreng and roti ayam. quite nice la! something special ... i yearn for pg food!!!!
keep it up