Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Häagen Dazs, Auto City

Happy New Year!!! Happy 2008!!!

So, what did you do on 31st Dec 2007?? Were you at the count down party? Were you spending quality time with family? Were you staying at home doing nothing but sleep? Well, never mind, just think what you think is worth the value for you, no matter you were staying alone at home sleeping or attending count down party down the streets, right?

Well, hubby and I are old enough to join the young ones for that party, but, we had good time having ice cream.

Since its New Year Eve, we took a slow drive across the straits and landed in Auto City. Thought of land in any café or bistro for a drink that’s what we thought to do so. While we were looking for a place to settle down, we both saw this outlet in Auto City.
Yup, that’s right! It’s Häagen Dazs Ice Cream.

This is indeed a good news for all Häagen Dazs fans in Butterworth. With this outlet, people in Butterworth or rather mainland need not cross the straits anymore. Isn’t it good?
Without second thought, hubby and I walked in and start order our ice creams. The place is bright, well arranged, clean and tidy. The staff there were friendly, and helpful too.
There were a lot of flavours for us to choose, and since I just had chocolate flavour the other day with my close friend and her family. So, I chose a different kind of taste, I chose Melon with almond flakes and cracks cone pieces as topping. Hubby picked Tiramisu flavour with the same toppings.
It was heavenly nice and cooling when I first taste it. Nice, deco?

I realize the deco from each outlet is different from each other. This outlet for single scoop ice cream will land on a wafer like a bowl. Where as in Penang, the Bellisa Row outlet is place on an ice cream glass.

So, do you find this quality time spending for a New Year Eve??


ling239 said...

good stuff for a hot afternoon...
Happy New Year ~ ^_^

yammylicious said...

happie new year!!!

aww my favourite! slurp!

Celine said...

I love Häagen Dazs ice cream, but I don't like any topping, just the ice cream will do.

Sweet Jasmine said...

i spend my new year swimming in a pool with a splendid view..overlooking the sea...at Swiss Garden Resort..Damai laut..look out for the pics...HAPPY NEW YEAR...2008.

Sweet Jasmine said...

I bought 2 tubs of Baskin Robbins ice cream at a discount of 31%...on the 30th Dec..Haagen Daz is creamier....

daphne said...

I spent the night packing with my best friend and then we had opened a bottle of late picked chenin blanc just in time to usher in the new year! =)

Big Boys Oven said...

those lovely ice cream.... make so salivating now...have a great 2008!

cheerfulday said...

Happy New Year to you

Jason said...

Er... I haven't really actually sit down at Haagen Dazs and had ice cream. I should have do that :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Ling239, ya ya ya, you're right, especially a typical hot one. Happy New Year :D

Hi Yammylicious, Happy New Year... what's your favorite flavor?

Hi Celine, well, since it's free, why not?? :)

Hi Sweet Jasmine, Happy New Year to you... you had a good celebration, huh??

Hi Daphne, wow... that was close, huh??? Happy New Year.

Hi BBO, long time no see.... Happy New Year!!!

Hi Cheerfulday, thks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often. Happy New Year to you too!!!

Hi Jason, so when will be your turn?? Am waiting for you to post! Happy New Year!!! :)

Christy said...


ai wei said...

happy new year!!!

sorry ar.. so long nv pay a visit here. whoaaaa... haagen dazz. ,ust be very expansive ar!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Happy New Year Christy.

Happy New Year to you too, Ivy. Understand you're busy mah... that's ok for not visiting... I am busy as well... hehehehehe.... Hope you have a great year ahead!!

jijitankyy said...

Never noticed that until I read your article about thie newly open Haagan Dazs.
It is a great..