Saturday, July 28, 2007

Flame Restaurant

What would you think of when the weather is rather cold and it's been raining for days??

I would think of steam boat, I don't know about you.

In fact, today's evening is pretty cold and lately it's been raining for days, no doubt it ain't that heavy, but drizzling. Still find steam boat could make you warm, apart from a big big hug from your love one, right?

Anyway, saying no more, if you are coming from the south to north, you would definitely see this giant signboard on your left. And that means, you've reached the 'in-place' in town - Auto City Juru.

And yes, we were heading to the Flame Steam Boat in Auto City. Flame Steam Boat actually started from Mark Cheng Ho-Nam in year 2003 in KL, heard that his first Flame was in Jalan Imbi.

Anyway, not to further on Flame's history.... guess what we have ordered and what we have taken, ok??

We have ordered the 3 person sets dinner (since we have 5 of persons for dinner), and other side dishes like vegetables, meat balls, fried fish head, fried shrimp wanton, padi frog (田鸡), siew bak choy with oyster sauce.

Since dad & mom prefers something like non-spicy soup, thus, we ordered 2 types of soup base, 1 clear soup and the other 1 is porridge.

While waiting, we were busy scooping the chili paste that we want, they have chili padi, garlic oil, blend chili paste, sambal herbi chili paste oil and green chili with vinegar.

Thank God, it didn't take a long time for them to bring the soup plus other dishes, so it was a pretty fast serving and honestly that's make a hungry customer happy.
From the pictures above, you could see us busy "steam boating", huh??

Anyway, the entire dinner was very fulfiling and it wasn't that expensive, it was about RM242 for the entire meal, of course with 4 bottles of Calsberg.

Well, do drop any steam boat restaurant whenever you feel like getting some warm, ya?? [wink]
Address & Contact
1809A Jalan Perusahaan
Highway Auto-city (Phase 3)
North-south Highway Juru Interchange
13600 Perai, Penang
Call for Reservation (+6) 04-5078422


jason said...

There's another branch in Ipoh. Not really fantastic though.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Ya, I heard... not many people patronizing.

Jacelyn Chew said...

yeah, dunno y not many like it in Ipoh. I just find it a bit expensive....even with a lot of dad thinks that the portion given is little.

New Kid on the Blog said...

But then hor, Jacelyn, even given a lot, may not be able to finish also.
Lots of Penangite patronizing thier outlets. I wonder why.... Honestly, the soup base is not as good as another outlet in Butterworth. Will share more when I go there again... meanwhile, hehehe... stay tune.

Kamarulzaman Suief said...

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Jackson said...

Flame??? looks good !!! I like the many choices of chili...

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Jackson, it was started in KL leh...

durianberry said...

My favourite steamboat is the one I have at home :P

Jackson said...

is it??? sorry ha...hahaha.... when can explore new eatery place with me a?

New Kid on the Blog said...

durianberry: of course~la!! more choice~mah! right?

jackson: when ah?? whenever you're in Penang la or am in KL la.

Rasa Malaysia said...

I love Flame, tried it once the Mala flavor. By the way, have you tried Shanghai Ding before Queensbay? They are my sponsor so if you have a chance, take your friends and try it out and tell them that Rasa Malaysia sends you. :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Rasa M'sia!!!!!
This comment made my day! Thks for dropping by and dropping me a line.
Nope, hv not been to Shanghai Ding. Heard too many people telling me the their Xio Long Boa isn't that good.
As for the steamboat, will show you guys one of the good steamboat in Butterworth. :D