Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kapitan Kopitiam

After the long que to purchase the Smart Tag, we had our breakfast at about 10.45am. At that time, honestly, I don't feel like eating any breakfast like soft boil egg, sandwishes, and so on. But then, hubby insisted to try on this new outlet which is opposite the new Sunway Carnival Mall.

This outlet do serve breakfast and lunch. The decor of the outlet isn't that bad, it does look like any other Old Town outlet. I wonder why one had done such design the others will tend to follow.

This is their menu, they do serve breakfast like soft boil egg, egg toast, bread toast with cheese, nanyang coffee, white coffee, and other fruit juices too.

As for lunch, they also have nasi lemak (椰浆饭), tomyam noodles, pasta, etc.

That's one thing that I would like to highlight, they should serve the eggs and the toasted bread together instead of sending the bread to the customers first. Cuz, by the time they send us the egg, honestly, the toasted bread no longer nice to eat.

And, we both have waited for about 15 minutes for the egg. [sigh]

This is an extra bread that hubby had ordered while we were waiting for the eggs. It's actually a toasted bread with jam and cheese in between. This costs about RM2.20 per plate.

Before we could wait for the egg, I have drank half of my white coffee. So, you can imagine waiting time is kinda long....

If you ask me how do I rate this, honestly, I'll not give any rating, cuz, this shop has just opened for only a week. When we're there, we actually saw lots of flower bouquets lining up at the shop. So, it's kinda difficult to give our comment, the only thing that I think they should consider how to smoother their process, cuz, you shouldn't let your customer wait for the soft boil eggs and sending the toasted bread to them first.



jason said...

Ah, that's right. Maybe you should re-visit them probably one month later?

New Kid on the Blog said...

ok ok, ... listen to you, will go back again.