Saturday, March 8, 2008

The 1885, E&O Hotel

Almost all the fine dining restaurants in Penang I’ve been visited, except The 1885 from E&O Hotel.

I didn’t blog about it because at that time I don’t have a camera with me and I have not started to blog about food. So, I’m sure doing it if I have a chance to visit again.

The 1885 is E&O Hotel fine dining restaurant and the colonial decoration of its own style could bring you back to that era. I’ve heard a lot about this place, things like politicians in town like to host their honour guests to dine here, as they have private room and the place is quiet and cosy. It’s not only good for them, for lover birds too.

Apart from dinner which serves from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, they do serve English Afternoon Tea from 2.30pm to 5.00pm as well.

It was a special day that I brought my husband to The 1885 for dinner. The staff led us to a table for two where I could smell lilies’ blossom. It was so pleasant, and nice. Then they handed us the menu. Oh my, it is very expensive for a starter like Caesar Salad.

Anyway, since is hubby’s big day, ‘tak kira-la!’.
He ordered himself a Caesar Salad.

And, I’ve got myself a Wild Mushroom Soup. The soup was burning hot and it really taste good. But given a choice of 1885’s soup and Feringghi Grill of Rasa Sayang’s Tomato Soup, I guess I’ll op for the latter one.

Before they serve us the starter, they actually gave us a small basket with lots of variety of breads. I didn’t take any pictures of it, cuz, by the time I could snap any picture, hubby has started to enjoy those bread.

As for main course, he has got himself a pan grill salmon and I have something Fusion.
I have a pan grill cod fish, with a tempura prawn and green soba as a base. I wonder how could it be a match with a tempura prawn. Honestly, it wasn’t up to my expectation and I didn’t finish the soba also. When I first queried the waitress, she can’t even answer me what kind of dish is this. Whether it is a Fusion style or Western, so basically I was a bit disappointed.

As for the salmon that hubby ordered. Some how it’s much better than mine. It has a crispy skin and the salmon wasn’t over cooked that made the meat tender.

Overall the service was excellent, the food wasn’t up to expectation and it’s also a bit pricey. Given a choice, I guess I’ll go for Feringghi Grill, another place of food heaven.


JOjo said...

The mushroom soup looks yummy! Give me mushroom soup anytime =p
Happy Birthday to ur hubby!

ai wei said...

aiks aiks... fine dining restaurant always pricey. but once a while for the big occasion is still okay ya.

happy birthday to ur hubby

durianberry said...

The important thing is spending sweet time with your hubby.. right? ^_^ Wishing him belated birthday.

My parents had buffet at E&O Hotel once during weekend, and they had fresh seafood then and free flow of wines :)

daphne said...

Is that bread stick on the soup? Looks yum!

Jason said...

Wish your hubby Belated Birthday. The food might not be fantastic but it's the celebration that counts :)

Tummythoz said...

Oh, u just reminded me that I've taken pix of their interesting washrooms before. Was there 2 years back (I think) for their buffet. I did not do justice to the price as I am a wine intolerant. =(

wenching & esiong said...

Happy belated birthday to your husband! The presentation of the dish looks delicious, too bad it didn't taste as good as it looks. Hotel restaurants are well-known for expensive food! :) But of course, the ambience would be fantastic.

lingzie said...

oh i have been wanting to try out this place...especially the afternoon tea. but no chance yet.
the cod fish dish does sound a lil too complicated... so sorry to hear that you were quite disappointed with the food. i would expect nothing but excellent for the price they charge!

happy belated birthday to your hubby!

wmw said...

The wild mushroom soup looks lovely, I would go for that! Happy Birthday to your man ;o)

Cynthia said...

Hope and the hubby had a good time.

Sweet Jasmine said... r lucky to try out all the fine dining in Penang....i really cannot afford it...guess what...i'm lucky to have a son who has a taste for fine dining food and the crispy salmon in the pic...looks as good as what my son cook up recently for us....i have it in my blog...anyway you do pay for a nice romantic time with yr belated birthday wish to him.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Jacelyn Chew said...

my food blog is changed to again!
pls update it.
anyway, do drop by and link to my new food blog.

J2Kfm said...

E&O!! so much memories. We had our Faculty Nite over there in 2005. Such grandeur! the food was forgettable. But the ambience and the ball room was magnificient. Most expensive hotel in Pg?