Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Colonial Restaurant 雅品阁

One afternoon, we were on our hunt for food after decided to have fried dish course menu as our lunch. Well, where to as we were scratching our head to find a place and ended up at Colonial Restaurant at Armenian Street, diagonally opposite Edelweiss Café, the Swiss cuisine which I had published not long ago.

Colonial restaurant is also an old dilapidated building which had since been renovated and put on a new coat of paint. The owner of this restaurant also owned and managed Fisherman Grill in Sungai Ara, Hai Beng Coffee Shop and Lor Mee at Jones Road Shop and the Kuan Yim Theng Lor Mee stall at Goddess of Mercy Temple. The food served in the restaurant are of Hainanese style, they have ala carte and set menu. The choices are not many but are enough to have a good lunch.
We were not too sure what is the specialties food of this restaurant, we asked the waiter and he provided a few choices. We ordered Juhu Char served with lettuce and sambai, lobak and Kapitan Chicken curry and fried fish with curry paste dressing on top of the fish, rice cooked in coconut husk with pandan leave that make it a fragrance smell. We waited about 10 minutes before all the dish being served to us.

Finally when the dish arrived, we can savour from the kapitan chicken curry, the fried fish with curry paste, and the juhu char. It was deliciously cooked and the smell really made our empty stomach knocking.

Set menu are done entirely by the boss itself. Only a few helper were employed by the boss as the restaurant is still not known to the outside world yet due to its secluded place, not noticeable unless you pay attention while driving pass Armenian Street.

Here are some of the pictures which we had taken there... isn't it a typical olden days decorations and reminds you of those memories?

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Address & Contact Number
Colonial Restaurant 雅品阁
No. 35 Lebuh Amenian
10200 Penang
Tel: +604-261 4489


Precious Pea said...

This place looks so cozy.

what2see said...

There were so many dishes to choose from that I didn't order the lor bak and jui char during my visit...looks good.

squall said...

so miss penang lok bak ...

ling239 said...

the rice cooked in the coconut shell... that is something special ^_^

yammylicious said...

aww i love the idea of fill the rice with the coconut shell!! =)

Criz Lai said...

Wow.. nice ambience. I hope the food is as good as it looks. The food you have ordered looked like what there served in Hot Wok up in Tg Tokong too. Will pay a visit after I reduce some weight from my KL food expedition just last week. Haha :P

Jackson said...

Im so envy you la! can stay in such a wonderful food heaven - Penang! The love the decor there! The food looks good too

lingzie said...

i've been to this place few months back..but havent done a post yet!
the decor is really nice and cozy but we didnt really enjoy the food.maybe we didn't order their speciality dishes. we ordered their assam prawns. they used big prawns that were not very fresh. and that dish was quite expensive.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi PP, yes, it is.

Hi What2See, so, do you plan for the 2nd visit?

Hi Squall, you can have one, right?

Hi Ling239, I think this is the only one did that as far as I know.

Hi Yammilicious, welcome back!!!! Nice hor?? Since you're in M'sia, give it a try la!?

Hi Criz, of course, cuz, both are Nyonya food. In fact, Nyonya food and Hainan food are almost the same. Right?

Hi Jackson, eh, KL also the same la!! Even more ambience than Penang la!!! KL has Pick & Brew, Penang talak la!

Hi Lingzie, let me think... if am not mistaken Mama Nyonya in Abu Sitee Lane has better Assam Prawns. [wink]

jason said...

I lurve the ambiance, so much greenery!