Saturday, May 10, 2008

Confinement Food

Boar kidney (豬腰) stir fried with gingers and sesame oil is one of the confinement food for those under confinement treatment.

If one did not clean properly on those kidneys, that kind of urinate smell is horrible. I know whenever my mom did this for me, she will normally soak these kidneys into the salt water for a night and cut off its nerves and again use salt water wash it again and again.

Cut gingers into tiny slim slices, and mom says it has to be “old” ginger. Elderly said those gingers could eliminate whatever cold air in our body after labour, some said this dish could actually warm the stomach, and the womb as well.

Heat up sesame oil, and stir fry gingers till it fragrant. Add those kidneys into the wok and stir fry again, add dark soya sauce, salt to taste and not to forget half bowl of a normal rice bowl of brandy or XO (liquor). Reason for that is to have a good blood circulation.

If one likes ginger a lot, could add as much as possible. But many doctors would not encourage especially for those practise breast feed.
Second dish that mom did for me was long beans stir fry with black fungus and lean meat.

Whatever mommy did for me was basically will add a bit of liquor, she kept telling that could have better blood circulation.


durianberry said...

My mom made a ginger fried rice with sesame oil the other day, I love the smell of that combo a lot! I've had confinement food when my mom was pregnant with my sis, hehe. They're so tasty

Jackson said...

yoo....that's the type of food that i like too....hahaha

little inbox said...

I ate lots of old ginger, sesame oil too, but not with boar kidney. Just lean pork and chicken nia. For vegetables, just took kailan and choi sam.

squall said...

ginger and boar kidney is good for health...

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Durianberry, yes, I've had confinement food when my mom was having her confinement for my brother. Ginger fried rice is one of my favourite too.

Hi Jackson, is it???

Hi Little Inbox, I only took vegetable after 3 to 4 weeks later. Most of the time was kampong chicken and lean meat. And all of those will add on some liquor.

Hi Squall, never know boar kidney and ginger is good for health. I only know those are confinement food.