Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chai Leng Park 煮炒

I’ve been lazy to blog, perhaps I’ve got this ‘lazy bug’ in me.

Anyway, I’ve been even lazy scout around for food and review too. I wonder what’s wrong with me. Anyway, this is one of those post that lying around in my draft box for ages, guess it’s time to publish now.

Well, Chai Leng Park is a place where you can see lots of people, people are busy buying food from the market in the morning, or at night busy looking for food to fill up their stomach.

Whenever am home, if mom decided not to cook. We’ll just hop into any of the coffee shop that have one of those ‘Chu Char’ (煮炒). Nothing fantastic, but honestly it’s kind of convenient for those people that staying surrounding this area.
That night, we have one curry fish head. Nothing to shout about, it wasn’t spicy nor aromatic scented.
A plate of stir fry vegetables. Simple, yet full of ‘wok hei’ (鑊氣).
A plate of paddy frogs stirs fry with spring onion and gingers (薑蔥田雞). This is honestly thumbed up for this dish. It’s tasty, it’s good!!
And, a Guinness Stout Pork Ribs (黑啤排骨). Not many can make this dish as tasty as this. I’ve been trying many places that offer Guinness Stout ribs or chicken. But none of those places that could cook such a good one like this.
In fact, apart from the curry fish head, majority of the food that we’ve ordered for the night, isn’t that bad at all. As for the damage, honestly can’t recall… cuz, this was way some time ago.


JENCOOKS said...

The food looks yummy good and comes alive in the pics.

J2Kfm said...

paddy frogs! yummy ... so few outlets selling these delicacies nowadays.
mymum used to boil them in porridge when I was small.

Coketai said...

Chai Leng Park....a lot of memory for me, I used to have almost every day dinner in Chai Leng park when Dalit cinema still operate...many many year ago, I remember there was a stall selling fish ball rice noodle with steam chicken at the back lane. By it have been many many year ago( those was the year!!!). I miss this place, thanks for bring back the memory to me.


Criz Lai said...

I guessed too much of eating and the nice cold weather recently really made just anyone too "tired out" to blog. With the recent increase in food pricing, I hardly see many people visiting lavish restaurant anymore. Even some hawkers here are facing lesser patrons day by day.

Maybe you have not noticed the sharp increase in the economy rice shop. With the same amount you paid last two months, you will get only half the portion now.

wmw said...

I can't bring myself to eat frogs :(

Shreya said...

Amazing food!

Little Inbox said...

New kid, which coffee shop is this? Hubby and I just dropped by Chai Leng Park yesterday, but don't know what to eat. So, ended up just try out one of the shop eating steamed chicken rice with yao choy, and wantan soup. The shop which is same row with Lean Gaik Hokkien Mee. But I forgot about the name, cuz nothing special.
I would like to try the Guinness Stout Pork Ribs. Pls guide me for some info how to get there.

buzzingbee said...

ohhh...and I thought the "bug" only got into me recently. hahaha. I'm still trying to get rid of that bug!!

Go slow but don't lose steam..hopefully there's more post to read from you!! :)

lingzie said...

lol! seems like i've gotten the lazy to blog bug as well! perhaps what we need is a makan-makan session to re-ignite our love for blogging :) organizing one on 2 check my blog for details. hope you and your hubby can come :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Jencooks, welcome. Thks for the compliment.

Hi j2kfm, agreed with you. Hardly see any of these paddy frogs in the market now. Thus, mom also hardly cook this.

Hi Coketai, I still have a couple of posts on Chai Leng Park actually. Glad that it brings back some good memories for you.

Hi Criz, errr... I would say more of food price increase as well as the fuel. Thus, not many people eating out and that includes me. That's why lately, honestly am struggling to look for places to blog.

Hi WMW, why not?? Try la??!!

Hi Shreya, welcome!! Hope to see you more often, and thanks for the compliment.

Hi Little Inbox, this is actually a corner next to a clinic (Clinic Wong). Same row as Teo Chew Meng, and the Claypot shop. If you are using the road that is going to Lean Gaik, you just need to go straight, you'll see a Hong Leong bank on your right junction, drive few steps away, a junction on your left. Turn in, you can see the last shop of the same row of shop houses. Let me know do you need me to drop you a map?!

Hi Buzzingbee, probably I'll take your advise... let's go slow. :)

Hi Lingzie, let me check with my hubby. Will let you know. Ok?

Little Inbox said...

Thanks new kid. I got it!

CK Lam said...

The paddy frog sure is meaty. Cooking with spring onion & ginger is the best way to taste the sweetness of the meat.

Fortesfidelis said...

Are you refering to the old coffee shop at the far end of Chai Leng Park close to the restaurant famous for the curry bread? I remember trying the fish curry and it was good and cheap. However, it was quite spicy and as it was in a coffee shop, you will sweat a lot. All in good fun.

daphne said...

paddy frogs-that looks really interesting. I havent had frog legs in ages!