Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Cook Fried Rice

Sorry for not able to post anything, and also am taking this opportunity to thank some of the blogger friends that sending me their care and regards. Truly appreciate that.

I actually have been recovering well, apart from emotionally break down on and off. I guess we human being with flesh and blood gotta face some obstacles in life in order to be strong.

Things went on smoothly for the past one week, everyday steam fish and vegetables until I had diarrhea. Probably my stomach couldn’t take on any “fishy” anymore, thus, mom cooked me fried rice.

Since I can’t take any ginger, egg or sesame oil, whatever mom cooked for me maybe a bit bland and tasteless. Well, for a patient that had went thru an operation, couldn’t ask for more.

A simple fried rice it’s good enough for me.

Don’t you think so and don’t you agree with me??

Look at it, it looks bland, seriously it does. But I can tell you its absolutely delicious. A simple fried rice could actually made my day.

Mom cuts those Honey Roasted Pork (Char Siew) into cubes, and added long beans, chili and onions as well. Of course, garlic is always a must for any fried rice.

Though diarrhea doctor will not advise for any oily food, but I can’t take on ‘fishy’ anymore!!! So, who cares!! [smile]

Anyway, most of the fried rice will add eggs, but looked at mine, no egg, no sesame oil. So, even sick patient also can have it.


PenangTuaPui said...

i start to feel that your camera senses had increased.... the photo you shot had significant improve.

talk about food, sometime it is good to have balance diet rather than only fish fish and fish....

even you are sick, a balance diet is much more important.

CK Lam said...

Sometimes, the simplest food is the best...especially so when yours are homecooked by your mum.

wmw said...

Welcome back....:o)

Little Inbox said...

Got mom's home cooked food, sure won't complaint one. Not bad, still can consume fried rice. Cheers!

jason said...

Welcome back... :)

Criz Lai said...

Welcome back Little Inbox. We were just asking about you during the gathering. I hope you are getting healthier and stronger now.

Hey... is that a perch aka siakap flesh? It does not look codfish at all. Tell your Mum, she did cook a very healthy meal for you. Her fried rice looked nice :)

Allie said...

Happy to see a [smile] in your post.

Your mom fried rice look tasty. :-)

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

-_- I feel like eating your 1st pic! The fish looks so fresh!

tigerfish said...

Hope you get your appetite back gradually. :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi PenangTuaPui, I'll take it as a compliment. Thank you. Reason for having fish is because red meat could cause constipation and especially after operation, doctors would not want the patient to hurt their bowel and others internal organ by pushing (hope you understand what I mean).

Hi CK Lam, yup, absolutely right.

Hi WMW, Jason, thank you.

Hi Little Inbox, ok la... just a simple fried rice.

Hi Criz, Little Inbox??? Or typo error NKOTB?? :D
But anyway, thanks!!! I got to know from Lingzie & CK Lam that you guys did ask about me during the 2nd Aug gathering. Thanks for caring. Errr... can't remember was that siakap or cod... hahaha, too many fishes.

Hi Allie, well I have to say it's not a 100% recovering, especially emotionally. But, I would still have to carry on with my life. First step is to blog whatever I have eaten. :)

Hi Jeromefo, yes indeed.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Tigerfish, long time no see.... ya, I hope... :)

gill gill said...

Humans are always learning in every moment, every situation and every stages. I am sure you have experienced and reliased health and family is important now!...which money cannot buy. (the only way that money lost its value!...haha)

Is a blessing to have Mom's cooking!

buzzingbee said...

fried rice is really a comfort food (don't think of the oily part la)!!

Hope you are feeling and eating well again! :)