Saturday, October 11, 2008

Moms Kitchen, Tanjung Bungah

** Featured in The Star on October 26, 2008.

If you do follow my blog, you will realize I hardly patronize any Thai food restaurant. And today am going to write something about Thai Cuisine. Am not really a fan of Thai food, perhaps I’ve yet to try on an authentic Thai food thus far.

Anyway, the whole intention for today’s lunch was actually looking for Eclectic (formal 68 Kelawai) and wanted to try out after they have moved from Kelawai Road to Batu Ferringhi. All the way up there with lots of excitement and expectation, I was very disappointed as it only open for dinner.

I realized Lingzie had blogged about it, so, with that we headed to another place called Annabelle’s Place which Lingzie, Cariso, Food Paradise had reviewed too.

Again, another disappointment! They were not open today, however we notice they are actually closed from 10 October to 15 October, and will open again on 16 October.

With so much disappointment at that moment, what else can we go? I was like running out of idea where should I be heading to. Then hubby was suggesting why don’t we try the one that next to Annabelle’s Place, Mom's Kitchen instead of looking for food at that hour.

Well, with so much disappointment in me, I have no other alternative but to walk to Mom’s Kitchen. When I sat down, I realize this is a Thai food restaurant. I was like looking at hubby, are sure you wanna try this?

He happily ordered what he likes, of course Tom Yam is a must in Thai cuisine. Whoever patronize Thai food restaurant, they will have Tom Yam on their table. We had fish tom yam…the soup base is clear, not that spicy either until one can sweat.

The owner recommended their house specialty Pork Knuckles (豬蹄) with special chilli sauce.

Guess what, this is good. The sauce is well accommodating with the knuckles and you can actually have 2 bowl of rice just on that.
You can take a look at this picture. A picture can tell a thousand words, right?? [LOL]

Apart from the Pork Knuckles, he also recommended another dish, Stuffed Chicken Wings. The bones has been removed and stuffed with special ingredients such as mushroom, some herbs to bring the special taste and fried to perfection. They called it boneless chicken wings.

Since hubby has ordered all the meaty dishes, and I’ll have something green, a plate of Stir Fry Kailan with Deep Fry Pork Meat.

Food serving was fast and the portion of food was just nice for 2 persons.

A silver rice pot was served with steamed rice for their customers to fill up their rice bowl.

The place is quiet and pleasant. And also, this place doesn’t charge the 10% service fees! But it gotta pay by cash. Most important, the price is reasonable and cheap too. *grin*

Address & Contact Number
12A, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4
Tanjung Bungah
11200 Penang
Tel: 04-8900 787


Food Paradise said...

Saw this restaurant the other day when we went to Annabelle's place. I also don't know it is a Thai cuisine. lol Thanks for sharing!!

allenooi said...

thai food, i like! i like spicy food. every time go to thai restaurant, tomyam is a must. i think most of the thai restaurant will have that rice bowl. i like the thai dessert, with the red thing and nangka, i forgot the name! yummy! thai food will be in my list for my next station. hehehe.

CK Lam said...

I saw this place when I visited the chinese restaurant, Home Style.

The Pork Knuckle does looks good.

Christy said...

Definitely an interesting place to put in the Thai Food list in Penang.
But really, with the name of the restaurant, I would never have guess they serve Thai it's good that you have this accidental stumble-upon moment;)

J2Kfm said...

oh, so Annabelle's place is popular?
OK, my Pg food trip's gonna start ...REAL soon again. =P

thanks to all of you.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Food Paradise, no prob.

Hi Allenooi, heheeh... am not really a fan of Thai food. But this is good. :)

Hi CK, yes, the pork knucle is good!

Hi Christy, ya lor... never thought it would be a Thai Food place.

Hi j2kfm, you dont plan to wait till the 3rd blogger gathering in Dec 6?

CRIZ LAI said...

Allen! I want to go! Who's treating this time?? Haha! Well, I'm also a spicy food lover. I will drop there one day. :)

cariso said...

How much for the bill?

Steven Goh said...

Looks good, but dont know can survive how long? Last time there got lemongrass restaurant also KO already. Hopefully this is good 1.

mimid3vils said...

I prefer fried pork knuckle~~ Love the crunchy skin :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Criz, remember to share...

Hi Cariso, it's about RM51.50, cheap?

Hi Steven, good question! Not many outlet can survive nowadays!

Hi mimid3vils, Oh, that's another place have good deep fried pork knuckle. But, that gotta bring my mom along, she loves that!

jason said...

Luckily it's good!

Bavi said...

I think the Owner of Moms Kitchen concept was not to have a typical Thai Restaurant, where everything is Thai from the name to the music! His concept is more of a modern Thai Restaurant ;)

In case you're wondering, I am "the owner" that recommended the Pork Knuckles and Wings! hahaha Saw the article on Star today. Thanks for the positive comments :)

Arry Roo said...

This is definitely a nice place to have home cooked Thai food!!! Been there a few times and it always nver fail to give me and my friends surprises at all times!!! Give it a try and you'll crave for more ^_^

Anonymous said...

i tried this place a few times and the food is really good

Bec said...

Wau... you are on TheStar newspaper, never expected. Had lunch there before. Something different and unique. I like the food as it has it's own flavour with her simply creativity spices to blend out the taste.

Anonymous said...

Hi, am planning to drive down from KL to try out this Thai Cuisine as claimed by this blogger. I wanna try something different...

teabag said...

Guys, I have actually been there a few times.

I have learn a few things from my previous trips:
- the owner's mom is a Thai, thus called the "mom's kitchen".
- the pork knuckle is mom's secret recipe
- the pad thai is the best in penang (well, i am a big fan of pad thai)

SuptORa said...

Yeah, Mom's Kitchen isn’t any "typical Penang Thai food", it is an authentic Thai style restaurant (may be with a little Modern/Fusion blend but still...). Dishes are cooked with real Thai spices where you can only taste it in local authentic Thai food in Thailand.
This place is definitely my choice for Thai food, as you can’t find “Char Koay Teow” with Lime, Chili, Peanut and Sugar on your plate or Local Wet Market’s “Fish Cake” cook with Fish Sauce or “Asam Curry” with Tom Yam Paste.
1. The Restaurant’s decoration doesn’t look Thai at all, drive slowly and seek carefully.
2. The owner is good at recommending food but if you can’t see him at Restaurant, you can probably hear his voice coming from next two shop lots.
3. Try the Pumpkin desert ONLY IF you have STRONG WILL, because once you’ve tasted, you will beg for mooore!

Nate-n-Annie said...

Oh it all looks so good, especially the pork knuckle and the boneless stuffed chicken wings. I haven't had either in a really long time!