Traditional English Afternoon Tea, The 1885 E&O Hotel

If you notice some contractor workers or even carpenters in Penang, they will go for an afternoon break like 3pm. Hong Kong people will say it ‘Har Ng Char’ (下午茶) and have a toast (油多士) or a cup of tea with milk (奶茶).

And what has other been practising? What has British practised then? Have you heard of English Afternoon Tea?? I’ve heard a lot, and never have a chance to try it. Last weekend was a spontaneous decision to have Traditional English Afternoon Tea. Instead of baking scone, making sandwiches, I told hubby 1885 in E&O Hotel has such offer and it’s starting from 2.30pm to 5.00pm about RM38++ per pax.

1885 is a place where it has its cosy environment & atmosphere, a nice place for a small gathering with friends, a romantic place for a wedding proposal.

Anyway, hubby and I were just wanted to try out the Afternoon Tea in 1885, we both were just walked in without making any reservation. Upon entering the place, we already saw 2 tables of guests down there, and the waiter was nice and polite handed us the tea menu.

Since am not a tea lover, and I was being conservative, is best to have an Earl Gray Tea in case I don’t like the others which they are offering like Mango Taste Tea, Jasmine Tea, Peppermint Tea, Camomile Tea, etc. Where as hubby was having Camomile Tea, he finds it soothing and fragrant too.

The choice of finger food that they have is Butter Milk Scones and Fruit Scones with Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream.

The 2nd layer platter is assorted of sandwiches like Smoke Salmon, Tuna and Cucumber & Dill.

Follow by a plate of assorted cakes like carrot cakes, chocolate moist cakes, fruit cakes, cream puffs, chocolate cookies, and blueberry cakes.

Though everything is tiny and wee, it is kind of filling too.

The cup and saucer which they were serving was unique and nice. Some British senses which I see… it was a lovely afternoon that we both had spent.

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Food Promotions said…
Wow ..this looks great. will give it a try
mysimplefood said…
Hi! Been following yr blog. I just tagged you for a meme! Check out my blog and the posting.
Allie said…
The cake and scones make me drool. My tees is wet ler... *drool* *drool*
Nate-n-Annie said…
Earl Grey is my favourite tea as well.

RYC: I'm sorry, but shipping this Old Bay starter kit is quite expensive, so that's why we had to limit it to the continental U.S. But stay tuned; we have giveaways on our site often, and they aren't all limited to just the U.S. Thanks for reading, and I do hope you come back!
Duckie said…
i love having english afternoon tea ...
Hi Little Inbox, ya lor!! Nice hor?!

Hi Food Promotions, and share, ok?

Hi Mysimplefood, thanks, will do it and get back to you. :)

Hi Allie, hehehehehhe...

Hi Nate & Annie, ya I know. Truly understand too!! Hope you can consider those outside of US one of these days!! Glad you drop by! :)

Hi Duckie, go and give it a try. RM38++ only. Give yourself a treat!! :)
J2Kfm said…
E&O Hotel. still rmbr CrizLai posted something on high tea buffet at Sarkies @ E&O.

that one more worth the price I guess?
Finger sandwiches minus the crust! They're the best! And yes, they're all tiny tiny but really fill you up fast!
ck lam said…
Definitely a nice and quiet place for tea :)
Hi j2kfm, what Criz shared was Sunday Brunch. This is Traditional English Afternoon Tea. Less variety.

Hi 550ml jar of faith, Oooo... tell me about it! [wink]

Hi CK, yup, absolutely right!
~Christine~Leng said…
the settings looks decent :) I've not actually enjoyed an English tea session in a proper way.... haha. Guess I shud try since I'm here already ;P
wmw said…
I'm in the mood for love for scones that is! Hehehe...
very soothin n relaxing after tea hor?..wat a way to eat and then go to sleep..
cariso said…
The scones is too tempting! Hmm..How am I going to pursuade my friends to spend this much $ with me for a Tea uh? :)
Hi Christine, good to see you here. In fact, you shouldn't miss the afternoon tea since you're already there... enjoy it, friend!

Hi WMW, Oooo... you're in the mood for love, huh? ;P

Hi Joe, eh that will put on dont know how many donkey pounds la!! :D

Hi Cariso, check with your friends whoever has the Heritage membercard, that will be given some discounts too. The Heritage membership for E&O Hotel & Lone Pine Hotel.
worldwindows said…
E & O plus tea and throw in the scones with strawberry jam - a heavenly combination.
Jovi said…
I will be in Penang on 18 Jan ex Royal Caribbean, Legend of the Seas and wish to savour the English Tea and ambience at E&O. Do you think it's worth visiting after having English tea in lack-lustre Singapore and excellent tearooms in London and Hongkong and reading a not-so-kind review by an UK Expat. However, can still check out for myself.
Anonymous said…
Love the China. Is it Royal Doulton or what? You should include this info in future.Cammomile tea..mmm sound soothing