Friday, November 28, 2008

New Lane Hawker's Food

I think many people know Penang is famous for its hawker’s delight and New Lane is the place where it gathers all the favourites. Most of the tourists or visitors will definitely drop by this place for a plate of CKT or CCF. In case, you wonder what is CKT and CCF? Well, that’s Char Koay Teow & Chee Cheong Fun.

Not sure do you realize that a bowl of...

Piggy’s Intestines Porridge costs RM5,

a plate of CKT is costs RM4

and a plate of CCF is costs RM2.

I live in Penang, and I hardly come to this place for food, unless we wanted to smack something light and simple before our dinner.

I am not surprised; these prices were not increase over night but along the years and days. And it has been increased for almost 100% since I came few years ago.

While am writing this post, am actually thinking should I promote this place?? Yes for the sake of Penang, no for the sake of our wallet, cuz it’s way too expensive.

Anyway, here’s what we have had the other weekends. Enjoy!


Little Inbox said...

Tell you one thing, I never try any pig intestine porridge before, haha...Now hawker food's price keep on increase all the time!

ck lam said...

Prices might be slightly higher in this place but you can find almost every type of hawker food here.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha everything has gone up..and hawkers r very sensitive in anything that goes up..bcoz tats the reason they raise their prices too!

Duckie said...

i don't like the seller of this pig intestine porridge. very impatient and grumpy all the time!!!

Penang Tua Pui said...

pig intestine porridge become more yummy after adding more dust from the road... :P

la sam ciak.. la sam tua...

my pat to place last time... now no more... :P

Tummythoz said...

That would be my all time favourite CCF stall! Yummy pungent hae-kor.

worldwindows said...

Yummy crunchy intestines. Go so well with porridge! Since my first encounter with Haeko 20 years ago, I acquired the taste soon after. I must have it with my CCF in Penang!

squall said...

wow...i so miss the pork intestine porridge soft~~~

Allie said...

Agree that the prices at this place is slightly higher than the others.

There's one stall selling pancake which is my favourite.

ling239 said...

hahahaaaa... i like pig intestines too ~ ^_^

mimid3vils said...

Extra fried pig intestine pls~~~~ ^.^

cariso said...

I like to order the beef koay teow soup, used to cost RM6 or more?! PHEW!!!! Beh tong the price aje!

Jason Wong said...

New Lane, like Gurney Drive, it is a place for tourist only! The prices are a lot more expensive than others and the food is not that great either. The higher the price, the lower the food quality.

If you like the chee cheong chuk, then may be you would like to try the one at Cintra Street, just opposite the bak chang shop. But they only open in the afternoon, just for a few hours. And are closed on weekends.

Food For Tots said...

I luv going to this place. It is my favourite spot. Food price in Pg is nothing compared to KL & Spore. Quality is also better. Worth paying!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Little Inbox, hey just give it a try!!

Hi CK Lam, but dont you think it's increasing it too much??

Hi Joe, ya lor!!

Hi Duckie, grumpy?? He's more of 'sombong' that I see.

Hi PTP, wah... now we know where was your Pat To place lor.

Hi tummythoz, is that right?? Thought you will like Ipoh CCF?

Hi worldwindow, it's different from others CCF hor?? Penang one is with Hae Kor.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi Squall, hehehehe... miss leh??

Hi Allie, pancake?? Didn't notice, perhaps I was early that day.

Hi Ling239, think everybody likes it.

Hi mimid3vils, wow... looks like many of us like that hor??

Hi cariso, unfortunately we can't take beef... :(

Hi Jason, huh??? NO open on weekends ah??? Weekdays no time la!

Hi Food4Thots, but then Spore money is stronger than RM... so basically if you earn Sin$ and spend in Sin, is cheaper than earning RM spend in M'sia. :(